A0772: How can a crystal be stimulated to glow? – Part 2

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If you now know that photons of light do not exist and that stimulated fractals of consciousness at the quantum level can produce a so-called weather glow that can be perceived by you in your visible light spectrum in the mundane world, then all you need now are instructions on how best to program a cut rock crystal so that this so-called weather glow around your crystal causes light reflections in the crystal to look as if the crystal seems to glow from within. But before we do the programming in detail, you need to know something about your visible light so that your experiments can also lead to beautiful light reflections, which will then cause much delight as a colourful play of light around your crystal. When light illuminates something, something will happen that will lead to an impression of colour. Imagine a red flower and imagine the light shining on this red flower. The light is reflected and hits your retina in your eye where the shape and colour is determined so that you can recognise the red flower as what it represents or not? No, your knowledge so far is incomplete and we will briefly explain how you can recognise this flower at all and why you think it contains red colour. What is red and what is green, we ask? Red is a frequency that describes to you what the colour red is supposed to look like, it is exactly the same with all other colours. There is a spectrum of colour that you can perceive and this spectrum of colour is divided into wavelengths that emit certain colours. Red colour emits a different wavelength than the colour yellow or black. Yes, black is also a colour that emits a wavelength, otherwise you would not know that the colour black exists. If an object has a colour, then this object will emit wavelengths of the colour to be emitted, because you can somehow perceive this colour. The colour purple is a mixture of blue and red, how can there be a wavelength for that, we ask? Colour pigments will emit wavelengths depending on the colour, which together create the colour purple, but this colour impression can vary depending on how the distribution of the colour pigments blue and red is arranged. So if you can perceive a mixture of different wavelengths as a different colour from the original colours, a programmed crystal could produce not only white light, but any colour scheme you can think of, because you only need to know which wavelengths your light colour should consist of, so you could also produce black light, which sounds illogical at first. You only need to know which complementary colours make up your coloured light and the composition can then be emitted in the crystal as pulse waves, so you can make a crystal shine in all colour combinations. When you program a luminous crystal, the frequency of the pulse waves will be important in determining what colour the crystal should shine and the power of a pulse wave will cause the shine to become more and more intense. At first you will only be able to make your crystal glow slightly, and only with time will you be able to use larger and larger amounts of energy for your experiments, so that the glow becomes more and more intense. When you see the red flower, your eye will be able to classify all the objects in the field of vision and the colour will also be recognised, because a colour is not a reflection of light in the true sense, but colour emits radiation of its own accord, which is emitted in a certain wavelength. However, you can only see the colour when the object is irradiated with light and this has the following reason. When a gravitational wave is created in a sun, it has as much potential as the particle of matter that emitted that gravitational bubble. The gravitational wave travels through the solid body of the sun, so that many gravitational waves of the sun meet and harmonise because they originate from the same object. The potential is increased more and more and when the gravitational bubble reaches the surface of the Sun, it will take the shining of the plasma particle with it, so that the quake that this plasma particle has created on the quantum level is taken over by the gravitational bubble, so that the quake on the quantum level rides on the gravitational wave. The plasma particle that has lost its glow at the surface of the sun is automatically degraded so that it is now a particle that has less potential and therefore weighs less. The gravitational bubble has taken over the potential of the plasma particle through the entrainment of the shining and has been enriched again. The quake at the quantum level that caused the shine to appear in the universe will now spread further and further because the gravitational wave is advancing, but the quake becomes less and less as the gravitational bubble moves away from the Sun. Now this gravitational bubble, which carries the quake in tow on the quantum level, hits the red flower, from our example. The quake always leads to a glow that you can generally only perceive in interaction with something else. The red flower has always emitted the wavelengths of its colour spectrum since its existence, but you humans cannot perceive this. The tremor of the gravitational wave is transmitted to the red flower and the emitting wavelengths of the red colour are now stimulated to shine brighter than before, because the tremor always generates potential on the quantum level, which in your world is equivalent to a so-called weather glow. The potential of the gravitational bubble is transferred because the quake at the quantum level now enriches the red colour of the flower and the now much more potent wavelengths of red colour are radiated in all directions. Why then does someone see a shadow behind an illuminated object, we ask? Because the complementary colours now create the impression of spatial depth. A shadow is not the absence of light, but a shadow is formed from the emitting colour of the illuminated object and the background colour, which then leads to complementary colours. The shadow is thus a complementary colour, so that a shadow can only form wherever there is light. The colour black is special and will be discussed separately one day. Now how can you program a crystal to shine, we ask? Quite simply! Make sure that there is a quake at the quantum level near the crystal so that the neighbouring and non-entangled fractals of consciousness at the quantum level take over the quake and then channel the excess energy back to your world as a glow. How do you do this, we ask?

  • It is best to take a rock crystal, polished or uncut, and have it prepared by a spiritual being.
  • Go into the secret cellar vault and have vessels filled with dark energy again, just as much as you need for your experiments. The spiritual being knows what you are planning and will make sure that there is enough dark energy available.
  • Imagine vessels into which you fill the form of energy that constitutes you.
    “Dear crystal consciousness, fill the vessels with my existential energy, for this you may use the dark energy. Thank you” 

When you have done this, there are usually several vessels there, because now the spiritual being present is also supporting you so that you can carry out your experiments. You do not know how much dark energy you need, nor the amount of energy you have to use for the impulses, so you only get a feeling for it with the number of experiments you do. 

  • You are now finished in the secret cellar vault, so you can go to the first room on the right, for example, where you usually do your other experiments. Go into the room and instruct that all older programs in that room be deleted. The intention alone should be enough. When you are ready, again imagine an hourglass on the table in front of you and instruct the crystal consciousness to run through this hourglass once when the time for half a period of your visible light has expired. You further instruct that the crystal consciousness may use the dark energy to turn the hourglass each time the sand in the hourglass trickles through. 

Now you have done your first part so that the crystal consciousness will forever turn the hourglass even when you are not present in the crystal with your consciousness. Now it is a matter of generating the impulse wave that is to be emitted each time the hourglass runs out. You need to know that you must generate the glow around the crystal very close to its surface so that the glow from the surroundings can also be reflected from the surface of the crystal. You are generating impulse waves that appear to be nothing more than a small energetic hemisphere and as hemispheres in your space also have propagation, the impulse wave in your crystal may also have propagation. Whenever the momentum wave of the energetic hemisphere passes the outer boundary of the surface of your crystal, it must be stopped. If the pulse blast is just outside your crystal, then the fractals of consciousness near your crystal will be enticed to vibrate at the quantum level and the energy generated will shine near the surface of the crystal, which can be seen as a reflection of light in the crystal. 

  • Instruct the crystal consciousness that – when the hourglass has run through – the crystal consciousness should check in the cellar vault to see if the vessels are still fully filled with your existential energy. If not, the crystal consciousness may use the dark energy to fill these vessels. But if the vessels are full, then the crystal consciousness may again use the dark energy to empty the vessels in one go, but only so much that the resulting impulse bubble should only reach so far that it is only a millimetre above the narrowest part of your crystal. This should be enough to get your crystal to glow.

All subsequent experiments are based on this principle, which seems to be well known to you already, but we will later introduce concepts on how you can make crystal programming more and more efficient, as you are still receiving a lot of support from the spiritual beings at the moment, as your knowledge and skills still need to be developed. For those of you who not only want to try crystal programming, but really understand why it can work, we will give you much help, as crystal programming will be all the rage in a few years time, as your abilities will also increase with the start of official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species within you, so that in a short time you will be able to do much that you still have to work hard for today.

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