A0515: How do I program a crystal? – Part 7

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When you create an energy package because you want to strengthen a certain frequency pattern, you must also be clear about what that frequency pattern actually is. By this we mean the following: Each of you readers has certain characteristics that distinguish a person. One person seems to be very shy and another person is very extroverted in his or her actions, so we will now give you a little digression into these peculiarities so that you can better assess yourselves. 

We will start with the characteristic of shyness. Do you even know why some people are shy and others are not, we ask? No? Well, then we will use shyness to describe the attitudes of people, because people are attuned when they exist on earth. There are certain types of people and we have described these types of people in detail in a series on this, so we will only touch on them briefly here. When you incarnate on Earth, the human being is preset so that the human personality is a little different from the personality of the incarnation. If you are overly introverted as an incarnation, then the human personality is set to be a little more extroverted. You now know the frequency patterns that represent human behaviour and we also said that these frequency patterns are built on a basic frequency that corresponds to the inner being of the incarnation. When you receive this basic frequency as a human consciousness, you will be exactly as you are as an incarnation in the spiritual world. However, because you want to experience something new, some adjustments will be made to the fundamental frequency so that your shyness, which you lived in the spiritual world, does not dominate your human behaviour. Therefore, the fundamental frequency is adjusted in some frequency patterns. 

When you move back into the spiritual world, your frequency patterns will override the fundamental frequency of the previous incarnation because your frequency patterns are strengthened during the physical life to such an extent that the fundamental frequency of the previous incarnation cannot help but take over the new frequency patterns of the human personality. Every spiritual being can recognise this frequency spectrum in other spiritual beings and if a spiritual being has lived a life as a human being on earth, then these frequency patterns will be so unique that every spiritual being can feel these beings from a distance who have lived a human life on earth. You will then have frequency patterns at your disposal that can hardly be experienced in the spiritual world. If you have lived a single human life, no matter how successful it was, then you will have frequency patterns that can in no way be developed in the spiritual world. If you really want to live another human life, then hardly anything will change in these frequency patterns, because no matter how you are adjusted for the next human life, you will hardly be able in a second life to positively influence the frequency patterns of the incarnation, so that it is also absolutely nonsensical to live another human life. You will hardly learn anything because a single human life offers everything that you cannot experience in the spiritual world. Let us return to the actual subject. 

If the human being is disguised, it is only because the human being wants to strengthen a frequency pattern that the incarnation has not developed far. If an incarnation is introverted, it will be somewhat extroverted, so that it will continue to strengthen this frequency pattern in human life. If the human being has extroverted parts in him, he will behave differently in many situations than if the incarnation had to master this situation. If the incarnation is very stubborn, then it wants to become more relaxed in human life, therefore the incarnation will cause its human consciousness to become more relaxed. If an incarnation has a frequency pattern that is very pronounced, then it will hardly be possible to adjust it as a human consciousness with its counterpart, so that an incarnation with a pronounced frequency pattern in this area can hardly be adjusted. Someone who is shy can be disguised much better in an open interaction than someone who has developed his stubbornness as an incarnation to such an extent that serenity can hardly stand against it. These people will also adopt these dominant frequency patterns as human beings and the earth is predestined to influence these dominant frequency patterns. If a person has a very dominant frequency pattern that can be evaluated negatively, then based on the dominance, tasks are also chosen for the person that can influence this frequency pattern, so that the positive counterpart of the dominant frequency pattern is strengthened more and more. If this is carried out on one, these persons have a lot to cope with, because they will constantly encounter obstacles that require them to strengthen the counterpart of the dominant frequency pattern. 

If an incarnation is only shy, then this is not a negative characteristic, but the incarnation simply wants to be more open as a human being, therefore the frequency of openness is strengthened in the fundamental frequency, because a frequency pattern cannot be weakened either. Therefore, the human personality is just as shy as the incarnation was before, but the frequency pattern of openness has been strengthened, so that from the outside, the human being no longer seems so shy. If an incarnation is more extroverted, then the frequency pattern of reticence is strengthened and the human person is much more shy than the incarnation would be. 

If your entire personality is made up of frequency patterns, in what else does a person’s frequency spectrum differ from the previous incarnation, you may ask? In very few characteristics. The person on Earth can also be seen as the previous incarnation, with relevant frequency patterns always slightly misaligned. However, an incarnation has a much broader frequency spectrum than the person on earth, so that many frequency patterns still linger there that you as humans do not know at all. If you die and awaken as the new incarnation of you in the spiritual world, all the parts of the old incarnation that were left behind will be absorbed into you, so that you will not only receive all the memories back, but also frequency patterns that you as human beings do not know at all. You will be in the spiritual world exactly the person who last lived on earth, but you will adapt a little because you will receive frequency patterns that you did not know before as a human being. You will pursue your fields of activity as the person from Earth in the spiritual world, but there will also be a great difference to your life on Earth, because you no longer have the human body. 

The human body is a separate being and we have often explained why. This being has also brought frequency patterns into your life that you no longer have after death and we also tell you why this is so.

If you are a spiritual being, you have no gender. You are not neutral, you tend to have a masculine or feminine appearance, but you are not assigned to a gender. That is why spiritual beings do not reproduce, but a spiritual being creates a new incarnation. So if there is no procreation in the spiritual world in the true sense, then this aspect only has something to do with physical life. A spiritual being also knows neither hunger nor thirst, therefore these are also aspects of a physical life. Spiritual beings can be in a bad mood, but they do not know something like depression. Spiritual beings also do not know physical pain, nor do they know fears as you constantly experience them. All these aspects can only be experienced with a body, so your body brings all these frequency patterns with it and when you die, these frequency patterns are not transferred into the spiritual being, so the passion and fears will disappear. 

If you indulge in sex, alcohol or wealth, you will only feel that way on earth as long as you are attached to your body, because all those aspects are frequency patterns that you take from the body for physical life. So if you start to live abstemiously, you will not be rewarded because this frequency pattern does not exist in the spiritual world. If you start to limit your alcohol consumption because the body suffers from it, then you will not be rewarded for mastering that virtue either. So we can go on and on because these frequency patterns do not exist in the spiritual world. Now you must be wondering why you should master these virtues at all, and here we will now explain to you what these virtues are all about. 

What is a virtue, you must first ask? If we now set up the basic thesis that virtues do not exist, then you will at first shake your head in wonder, but if you then give our explanations a chance, then you will also recognise the true nature of virtues, because hardly any virtue is taken over into the spiritual world as a frequency pattern. 

A virtue is to be mastered, you say again and again, but you do not say exactly why this virtue is to be mastered, because the virtues basically do not reflect humanity, even if it is not quite correct. Take a virtue and find the humanity behind it. Take the virtue of abstinence. What per se is human about it, we ask? Nothing, because someone who lives an abstinent life is no more human than someone who likes to cuddle and have sex. But why is this a virtue for which you get power if you master it, when you do not have this frequency pattern in the spiritual world at all, we ask? Because a virtue strengthens your willpower, nothing more. 

The human body has many frequency patterns that ensure the advancement of a species and this includes reproduction. If the body keeps strengthening this frequency pattern because the body wants to ensure that the species is maintained, then you are basically forced to live out the reproductive instinct. But if for some reason you refuse to give in to this drive, then you are strengthening your willpower because you are constantly fighting against the frequency pattern of procreation. This is the case with every virtue, or do you think that if you fight gluttony and master this virtue, you will have gained some advantage by going to the spiritual world where there is no hunger and no thirst, we ask? No, but virtues will only strengthen your willpower, so that willpower is a frequency pattern that is transferred to the spiritual world and for every virtue mastered you automatically receive more power from the universe, but not because you renounce procreation, but because you have strengthened your willpower, that is all there is to it. The body has been given frequency patterns that will enable you to master many virtues during your bodily life and thereby strengthen your willpower, so that for the strengthening of willpower alone you will receive immense amounts of power. One virtue mastered can increase the ultimate increase in power tenfold, but only if you have mastered that virtue permanently. 

Let us now return to the forms of energy.

  1. The energy that makes people more human: If we want to talk about the energy form of humanity, then we will have to briefly explain what constitutes humanity and what this energy form can achieve in this. When a being acts humanly, it not only looks at what effects its actions have on itself, but also on its environment. When a being is less human, it tries to achieve the best possible result for itself with every action. If it becomes more human, it looks at whether its action also has the best possible effect on the beings present. If it becomes even more human, then its own demands are subordinate to the demands desired by the beings present. If the being appears exceedingly human, then it wants to favour more and more beings through its actions, but because this is hardly possible without reducing its own needs to such an extent that the being itself is not thereby strongly disadvantaged, beings can only live out a certain humanity depending on their level of development. Someone who tragically sacrifices himself for the betterment of other beings is therefore not necessarily very human, but rather blind to the circumstances. You humans cannot at present cross a certain line of humanity without harming yourselves, so that someone who sacrifices himself for a seemingly very human cause hardly seems more human, because his egoism is satisfied, but it is not a human act in the true sense. When you use the energy of humanity, you strengthen many frequency patterns that make egoism appear weaker, so that the person acts less egoistically. 
  2. The energy of fertility: What do we mean by saying that there is a form of energy that increases potency, we ask? We explained at the beginning that the reproductive instinct corresponds to a frequency pattern that the body forms. Now, if you classify potency as a reproductive drive, then you are thinking far too short, so that reproduction is represented by many frequency patterns, and if you use this form of energy, then women and men become more fertile, but that does not mean that the reproductive drive is strengthened to the point that you hardly want to leave your bedchamber. Therefore, from now on we will call the energy for increasing potency the energy of fertility. The potency of the man or the woman is always focused on fertility, so that potent women radiate many frequency patterns via their second energy node that can stimulate the man, but also men radiate a kind of dominance via their second energy body that can stimulate a woman so that her frequency patterns for fertility are strengthened. Thus the frequency patterns of fertility in both persons stimulate each other so that they perform the act of procreation full of passion. If the woman or the man is not stimulated, then most women do not become pregnant, unless the woman’s reproductive instinct has stimulated the woman’s fertility to the point where the egg can also be fertilised. The act of procreation is much more complex than you now imagine, so we will return to this in due course. 
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