A0511: How do I program a crystal? – Part 3

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If you can store forms of energy in vessels, how can you store information in a crystal that is difficult to interpret visually. By this we mean, among other things, information that has been read. If we tell you that you write what you read in a book in the crystal, then this process would be very cumbersome, so today we will introduce you to a method that enables you to store whole books directly as information in a crystal as you read. 

When you look at information, it always has a certain form. If you read, the information will be in the form of writing. If you hear something, it will be received through your ears and transformed into a frequency packet that reflects a moment of what was said. So if you have information that is hard to distinguish visually, you must do the following: Take an archive, like a large library. You are not limited to the size of the room, so you can create a library of information. When you have connected with the crystal, think of a library of information. You don’t have to have any idea at all of what it should look like, you just have to think that you want to visit the information library now. The thought is clear, so you immediately appear in a room that looks like a large library. Where exactly this information library is, that is, behind which door in your crystal, is not at all relevant, for you will only have to entertain the thought of visiting this information library and you are there. 

If you have had the crystal prepared by a spiritual being, then it has a special crystal consciousness that can work particularly effectively with the creator. When you are in this information library, imagine a dialogue that you are thinking in your mind. This dialogue will somehow become visually apparent, like an emotion, so that you can archive this energy package. You can use labelled jars or you can open an imaginary filing cabinet and take out a file. This file is labelled by you and you form the thought that this information fits in there. This information is then represented by this file so that you can archive all information that is not visually clear in such a space-saving and effective way. Everything that you perceive with your physical eyes you can also archive in this way. We will now give examples of how you can archive information from the material plane in a memory crystal. 

Third exercise
Connect to the crystal and think of the information library. You do not have to be in this library, but we assume you have arrived there. 

Become aware of a special moment that you bring forth from your memory, you will see something, maybe you will hear something, but especially you will feel something because each of your memories has something to do with feelings. When the memory is over, you will see something in front of you that contains this information of your memory. The form can be many and varied, but if you look at this information more closely, you will experience the memory again. 

Now you put this form into a jar or a file and you think of a meaningful name for it. Now you go to a storage place in this great and magnificent library and put the information there. 

When you enter this information library another time, the information will be found exactly where you left it before. 

Fourth exercise
You are reading a book and you find certain passages in the book particularly important, so you decide to archive this information. 

When you plan something in your life, have you ever observed yourself during this planning, we ask? No? Then let us tell you briefly what you actually do when planning a future action. 

Attention, brace yourselves, here comes the planning.
You think, as you do in real life, about how to implement this planning. You play out a scene in your mind’s eye that reflects exactly what you intend to do. The action you want to do is already contained within you as a package of feelings and now you play it over and over again in your mind’s eye. There is no difference at all between consciously creating something in a crystal and planning something, except that you do the planning without the crystal. When you connect to the crystal and plan something, that planning will reappear before you as a form that reflects that future action. Isn’t that simple? 

Now when you read a book, you are basically planning something, so you actually only have to read the book with one part of you and at the same time be connected to the crystal with the other part. Then your reading will appear before you as a piece of information. If you want to archive a short passage, you can think of archive types like index cards or a flow chart that will contain the information. The crystal awareness of you will be very effective in presenting your new information very well so that you can see the text or memory image on the chosen archive type. 

You will also always archive more information than just the visual component, because an information package of yours always contains all sensory data. If you systematically sort this information thematically like a true archivist, you will always be able to find it again quickly. 

The Crystal Consciousness
We would like to say a few words about crystal consciousness so that you know what it is and how you can work together better and better. 

Every crystal has always had a consciousness because everything is energy and every energy package has a consciousness. Every stone and every plant has a consciousness, as does every other life form, but there is a very big difference between the consciousness of a crystal or a life form. The life forms differ again in the form of their consciousnesses. Your consciousness is particularly large and you reflect your actions so that you recognise inhuman behaviour and develop yourselves further. For this you have the so-called spark of life, which promotes humanity in every being that carries this so-called spark of life. Animals do not have this spark of life, so they will not develop more and more humanly. No animal life form has ever evolved into a human being, but the Wingmaker have used the blueprint of the human species to create the human species from a native human-like species. The human species automatically has this spark of life and all animal or plant life forms do not have the spark of life so they never become human either. Any intelligent alien life form, no matter how grotesque it may seem to you, will always become more human if it has this so-called spark of life. 

A crystal has no spark of life, so a crystal consciousness will never be human, no matter how much fun you have with the crystal. A crystal consciousness is in a state of rigidity most of the time because it only reacts when another consciousness is present. A crystal consciousness is like a program in a computer, but this crystal consciousness is much more effective than any program in a computer could ever be. If the crystal consciousness only reacts to what another consciousness instructs this crystal consciousness to do, then this is never a life form in the true sense. 

But if you have this crystal prepared, then this crystal consciousness is restructured with the consciousness structure of the creator so that it is like a non-living copy of your inner being that works particularly well and harmoniously with the consciousness of the creator. If you have such a crystal consciousness in your crystal, over time you will work better and better with this crystal consciousness because you are very much alike. If you work very much with this crystal, then this crystal will radiate your inner being outwards more and more, so that many people will instinctively assume that you are present, when only the crystal is present and you are somewhere else. 

In the previous series on crystals we have explained these connections in detail, so we will not announce further explanations in this series on crystal consciousness. 

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