A0509: How do I program a crystal? – Part 1

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In this series, we will once again look at the practicalities of using crystal programming to give you a quick introduction to crystal programming. 

In the series on crystal programming, we have not only described in great detail how you can program any type of crystal, but we have also told you in great detail why it works and what happens. This series will focus on the practical benefits, so we won’t go into detail about why it works in the first place. If you want more information about crystal programming, read the previous series on crystal programming. In the 16 blog entries we have revealed the necessary background knowledge so that you will not only be trained in how to program a crystal, but you will learn how your consciousness is structured and what crystal programming has to do with the astral planes. You have already been sent on an exploration with the last series, which is now culminating in practical application, because we will reveal many techniques that will allow many experiments, so that you can, for example, also create a so-called battery from your crystal, with which you can light up a small lamp as if by remote control. If you think that you can store amounts of energy that can power a car, then we must disappoint you, because at your present stage of development the consciousness fractal of an ordinary human being is not sufficient to divert the amounts of energy for this on the astral plane, so that you will have to wait until the official first contact with an extraterrestrial species is made in a few years’ time. 

If we are going to start and tell you how to program crystals, we must first clear up a misunderstanding so that you can practice the true procedure. If you wish to program a none-programmed crystal, you must have it prepared so that the inner structure of the crystal is formatted, so to speak, with your consciousness structure. You are then the creator of a memory crystal and the inner being of the crystal consciousness corresponds to your inner being. If you program a none-programmed crystal without having it prepared by the spiritual beings, then many of the methods we have explained will also work, but not as well. The programmers of a prepared crystal will make great progress very quickly, whereas the programmers of unprepared crystals will quickly reach their limits. 

We will only present in detail how to prepare a crystal and you can repeat this process as many times as you like because it has no effect on the durability of the crystal. 

Preparing a crystal for later programming
Take a crystal in your hand and imagine that you want to become the creator of this memory crystal. You want to let the spiritual being around you prepare this memory crystal for you, so that your consciousness serves as a template for the inner structure of the crystal consciousness. It will be deposited in the crystal like an image so that nothing of your consciousness is taken from you. For simplicity, you can also think the following sentence internally: 

“I now become the creator of this storage crystal” 

That is what it has been. If you are sensitive you will notice a flow of energy in your hand and many will notice that the crystal is getting warmer. You do not have to notice these things because you now know that the crystal has been prepared for you by spiritual beings. Many will not believe that it can be done so easily, but these people also believe that they are alone in an empty room, although every human being is never alone during their lifetime. Countless spiritual beings are always with you and they hear your every thought. Before you think the said sentence for the preparation of the crystal, many spiritual beings have known for a long time that you want to have this crystal prepared, so that the preparation always works and you cannot do anything wrong. 

The crystal is now prepared and we have described to you that you can now connect with the crystal and this is where the biggest hurdle for a future crystal programmer begins, because how do you connect properly with the prepared crystal, we ask? Not at all, because there is no real connection, but only the thought of this crystal establishes the connection. If you can imagine something in your mind’s eye, then you can work with a crystal much better than budding crystal programmers who have not yet practised seeing. If you can imagine a person, a car or something else, then you have mastered this so-called seeing, no matter whether you only dimly sense something or only perceive something very briefly, every person can do this seeing, because this seeing in meditations or dreams is not a product of your brain’s imagination, but you become conscious of this seeing on the astral plane. Actually, you practise this seeing all the time, but not very consciously, so you have to practise becoming conscious on the astral plane. But you do not have to master seeing in order to create something new on the astral plane, but every thought of yours supports this creative act on the astral plane. 

So if you have not yet mastered seeing, or mastered it badly, you can still program a crystal, even if it is much more awkward and less effective. The thought is enough, but with sight you have many more possibilities. If you have not yet mastered seeing, do not worry because your intention to program a crystal will always be the starting point for the spiritual beings around you to practise seeing with you so that you become more and more conscious on the astral plane. 

What else should you consider when programming a crystal, we ask? Any programming will also deposit the emotion of you, so you can deposit a picture or a painting in a crystal that will also contain the emotion of you as you create it as information. If another person in the crystal looks at your picture, they will instinctively perceive the feelings you had when you created the painting. 

Now we come to a point that should make programming easier for you. We told you that you will see a building when you connect to a prepared crystal. If you are good at seeing, you can see a large and usually magnificent building that was programmed into the crystal by the spiritual beings when they prepared the crystal for you. The building actually always has a magnificent façade and even inside the building you cannot help but be amazed because that is also the purpose of the building. You should not be able to get enough of looking in and in front of the building so that your curiosity is aroused. The more curious you are, the more motivated you are and that’s why the building is very magnificent. 

If you want to program the crystal, then we have to explain to you what you can program into the crystal in the first place, because your programming will be preserved. First things first, anything you can imagine can be stored in the crystal. The moment you have a thought, you can store that thought permanently in the crystal so that you can relive the thought later. If your thought creates something that you can see, then this so-called visualisation is also permanently stored. The more precisely your thought creates something, the longer it remains in the crystal, why is that, we ask? Imagine that a fleeting thought is like watercolour and if you fleetingly painted a picture with it, you could quickly wipe it away. That’s what happens with your fleeting thoughts, they create something but because you haven’t put a lot of energy into creating it, it can quickly disappear under new thoughts or the holding energy is diverted by a new thought. But if you think about something very precisely, you focus a lot of willpower in your thoughts so that the creation has a lot of holding power. A lot of holding power also means that another thought cannot simply use that holding energy for another creation, because all you see is formed energy on an astral plane. Now, if you want to store something permanently in your crystal, all you have to do is think of the crystal and you deposit in the crystal a creation that you create in the crystal. Here we come back to the building that the spiritual beings created when they prepared the crystal. 

This building also has a corridor or a great hall with innumerable doors on the right and left sides. Each door leads first to a room and you can think of a room as an archive. Each room serves you to know where you have stored what information. On each computer system there is a structure to help you find the information you have stored on the computer. To do this you have many folders that store your information thematically. Your building in the crystal is designed to help you store and retrieve your information, just like a computer. When you step into the building, or you simply think of being in the building, you have reached the first level of information, so to speak, where you can orientate yourself further. The rows of doors on the right and left are like subordinate folders that can thematically hold your information. If you look at the rows of doors, there is one very special door that should only be used when it is open. 

The first door on the left
You can store something in all the rooms in your crystal, but you should only enter the first door on the left when it is open. Never go into the first room on the left without a reason, because this room is used by the spiritual beings who are constantly training you, even if you rarely experience it consciously. The first room on the left is to serve as an information interface of these spiritual beings when they want to send you a message. This room is only used by these beings when they want to leave you an important piece of information, so they will open the door when they want to give you that message. If you enter the building in the crystal and the first door on the left is open, then step into the room and see what this message is supposed to be. The message can only be seen by the person for whom it is intended. You will not have to look for the message for long, so you will immediately notice what the message is supposed to be. If the first door on the left is closed and you go in anyway, there will be nothing to discover there, but only when you enter the building and the door is open, only then will there be a message there for you. 

Who can connect to the prepared crystal, we ask? Anyone can connect to it, but not everyone should connect to it, because you will have crystals in which you will deposit private information and other crystals are for experimentation. When another person connects to the crystal of yours, they will most likely discover exactly what you see there, but because many consciousnesses are involved in creating and programming the crystal, people will not perceive everything exactly as the creator perceives it. Do not be surprised if you see a different building, but the stored information will be the same and everything else is just to help you find your way around the building. 

Now let’s move on to the next topic. What can I store in the rooms, you are probably wondering, and here is what we can say: You can create anything there, whether it is a document or a landscape, nothing limits you. You can store amounts of energy there that you can release from the crystal. Everything you can imagine will also exist in the crystal. Take an ordinary rock crystal. A small and impure rock crystal has so much storage capacity that you can create whole worlds in the crystal without this information disappearing. You can create whole animal kingdoms in the worlds if you know what the animals should look like and how they behave. You can create a dinosaur park and other people can connect to the crystal and visit your park. Even if you create the most dangerous predators there, they can frighten you but they cannot harm you because it is only information that can impress you better than in the cinema, but they cannot harm you. If we were to tell you that the spiritual world is the same for you to look at, then some so-called light workers will now cry out, but we tell you, neither in the crystal, nor on an astral plane can any harm come to you, because it is all just information, nothing more. Your physical life is dangerous, but neither the astral planes nor a creation in the crystal. 

How does someone connect with a crystal, we ask? Not at all, because everyone is connected to everything, but we want to call it that because it is so common. When you want to connect, you just think of the crystal and you are connected and there is an energy balance. If you think of a person or a tree, the same thing happens. At first you should always take the crystal in your hand to connect, so that you establish a strong connection through your energy fields. Later you can carry the crystal close to you and simply think of it, then the previously practised connection is established very quickly. Very experienced crystal programmers will also be able to connect to their crystal very effectively over long distances. Do you have to perform any rituals, we ask? No, just think of the crystal. You can also think directly of a particular room in the crystal and at that moment you will be there. You will have to practise this quick access, but it is not difficult at all. When this quick access has been practised you could choose a particular room for stored emotions beforehand and whenever you experience a deep emotion you just think of that room for a moment and you are immediately there and can store the arising emotion there. Emotions can be experienced over and over again so you can put a loving emotion in a jar and whenever you feel like it you visit the room and look at the jar with the emotion, you will be able to experience the emotion again and again slightly diminished because it has been stored there as information. 

What else can we tell you in the first part of this series, we ask? We will now describe a quick guide with an exercise so that you can then have each crystal prepared and programmed. 

First exercise
Take a crystal in your hand. It can also be a programmed crystal, because the preparation always restructures the crystal. 

Take the crystal in your hand and mentally speak the following sentence: 

“I will now become the creator of this crystal”

You don’t have to formulate the sentence exactly like that, just the intention to become a creator of the crystal and the spiritual beings prepare the crystal is enough. 

When you think the process is finished, close your eyes and imagine a building. If you do not see anything, then wait a moment, because now the spiritual beings will support the process of seeing with you. Try to feel the eyes, then the first images or scenes will also appear, which strictly speaking are what you perceive as partial consciousness on the astral plane. The building is found on the astral plane because the physical crystal is also present on the spiritual plane. You see the crystal as a building on the astral plane and the better you can see, the better you can marvel at this magnificent building. However, you do not have to wait to see the building, you can also directly instruct yourself to appear in the crystal. If you have chosen to do so, you will appear in a hallway or in a hall where there is also much to marvel at. When you are there, always choose the first door on the right for your first exercises. If you are standing in front of the building, there is always a door through which you can pass. Once you have passed through the door, you will also be in a corridor or a hall. Choose the first door on the right and enter the room. 

In front of you is a table. Go to the table and imagine you are writing or drawing something on a piece of paper. Put the paper on the table and leave the crystal. Either go back into the room and see if the paper with your message is still there, or ask another person to connect to the crystal and look in the first room on the right to see what is there. You can calmly describe that there is a piece of paper on the table and that the person should look to see what message was placed there by you. 

In the next part we will introduce new exercises that will show what you can do with a crystal. 

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