A0502: What can we do to ensure that initial contact is initiated as soon as possible?

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So that the first contact can start earlier than expected, humanity as a collective would have to want it that way, then the first contact would not only start earlier with the first signs, but would also be over much faster. If you as humanity started to speak openly about extraterrestrial life in your media from tomorrow, then all viewers would also talk about it, because the people of the earth are aligned with their mass media.

So if you all follow discussions in the media about this extraterrestrial life at the same time, in a sober way, all viewers will be able to talk to each other about it in a sober way and then something happens that we have already mentioned earlier. If very many people think the same thought at the same time, then the subconsciousnesses on the sixth astral plane will create something that will be absorbed into human memory because you have created this new form together with your subconsciousnesses on the astral plane at the same time. Because so many partial consciousnesses were involved in creation, this creation has a great holding power, as a lot of energy was diverted into this creation. Your creation then lasts for a very long time. You will have created something on the astral level through your open discourse about intelligent extraterrestrial life that we will now explain to you.

If you have understood what is happening in a collective creation on the sixth astral level of your earthly energy field, then you will also understand how important human consciousness is. Because the human consciousness can not only be viewed as a human memory, but this consciousness also ensures that all people on earth experience a certain feeling in certain situations and these special feelings will reflect your level of development. The extraterrestrial species can look out in human consciousness to see how this collective level of development is progressing and if they can recognize in it that you have reached a certain level, then the official first contact is made and at the same time very many so-called diplomats of the extraterrestrial species are in front of the government buildings land. When the extraterrestrial species has officially presented itself to all governments at the same time, then the first contact with earthly humanity is considered to have taken place and the life of all people on earth will change again and this change will go back into human consciousness as a collective experience, like you have already saved many collective experiences there beforehand.

Before these so-called diplomats make the official first contact with every government on earth at the same time, they were around the earth for a long time, so that years before this official first contact many gigantic spaceships can be seen in the firmament and that from every busy place on earth. For years these gigantic spaceships will remain where everyone can see them, but no contact will be made with any government because no government knows what the appearance of these spaceships actually means. But since these spaceships remain extremely present in the firmament without anything really happening, mankind has a few years to address this precisely. Your global messages will mainly deal with these alien spaceships and hardly any other everyday occurrences. Who cares about something that would still cause a global sensation today if gigantic spaceships of a strange kind endure in the firmament?

At the sight of these spaceships, everyone will immediately recognize that these gigantic spaceships cannot come from Earth and the media and politicians will not be able to avoid this topic, because not only can everyone watch at least one of these spaceships, but people will only have one topic of conversation: “Who are these extraterrestrials and what do they want on earth?” This topic will dominate all media for some years and all people will discuss it every day. If all people have the same topic of conversation at the same time and continuously, then their partial consciousnesses on the sixth astral level on the earthly energy field will form forms that are provided with such strong holding power that these forms will last for a very long time. The astral forms in human consciousness also have the opposite effect, which is now coming to fruition. If all people are present with their partial consciousnesses on the sixth astral level, then these partial consciousnesses will also perceive the forms for what they are.

When a person thinks about something, not only does the personality consciousness think about it, but all subconsciousnesses think along with it, and since the other subconsciousnesses are pursuing a task, they also have different opinions on the topic. The ego consciousness will evaluate a topic differently than the personality consciousness. If the opinions of the other partial consciousnesses are added, then people will often have quasi different opinions on a topic and the personality consciousness tries to determine where it should tend to. If a skeptic sees the spaceships and still thinks that these sightings must be hallucinations or holograms, then the personality consciousness will think about it very concentrated and all other subconsciousnesses of the skeptic will also think about it. But since the partial consciousnesses on the sixth astral level perceive the forms that a very large proportion of humanity have formed because they have dealt collectively with the question of intelligent extraterrestrial species, the partial consciousnesses of the skeptic will, so to speak, also represent this opinion and if so the skeptic now thinks about the subject, all partial consciousnesses of the skeptic will think that there must be extraterrestrial intelligent life forms. From a certain point in time, the personality consciousness can no longer decide otherwise and will recognize that there must be intelligent extraterrestrial species and that these gigantic phenomena in the firmament are actually gigantic spaceships that are controlled by such an extraterrestrial species.

So before the day of the official first contact is reached, all skeptics will be convinced by human consciousness that it must actually be an extraterrestrial species that controls these gigantic spaceships. Until this day, the frequency pattern for the recognition of intelligent extraterrestrial life forms in the human consciousness will be closely observed in order to determine the right time so that the day can be announced when spaceships will land at the same time all over the world with all governments around the world make official first contact with an intelligent alien species. Until then, even the greatest skeptic will be convinced of it, because he simply cannot help it.

When the first signs of the imminent first contact appear, many of you are already prepared for it, because you have carefully studied the texts from us on this first contact on the writer’s blog. In the blog entries about the first contact, we have described the course of the upcoming first contact in detail and when you have read it, then you not only know what is still going to happen, but you will then be able to accelerate this process because you will then be able to explain in a calm way to all other people what all this means. With your support, the process will be accelerated up to the day of the official first contact, because mankind will receive the correct explanations from you at the sight of the huge spaceships. All horror story tellers will disrupt this process, but they will be brought back to the ground quite quickly because you can show that all these events were already described a few years earlier on the writer’s blog.

It will all start before the end of this decade, because it started a long time ago. The writer will often ask us about it and we will provide you with information with which you can take the wind out of the sails of every skeptic, because you then have extensive knowledge, against which a skeptic has nothing to counter and if the partial consciousnesses long enough having a say in the discussion, even the skeptic will come to the conclusion that all the events are real and that it must be the official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species.

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