A0457: How is the Revelation of John to be understood? – Part 1

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John was really a courageous man and you cannot imagine today what kind of pressure this man was under. The church at that time was not very squeamish about people who did not represent the general church opinion. If a church member acted against the valid statues, then the church member was excommunicated, which means that all persons who no longer belong to the faith are also not true Christians, because excommunication always leads to the soul being excluded from the kingdom of heaven. John also held this opinion, although this and many other theses were later revoked by him, because John was a person who knew much more than you assume today. 

John had an adventurous life and when he joined the Church, he did not do it of his own free will, but many situations in his young life tipped the scales in favour of the Church and not becoming a Freemason as he had considered. The Freemasons were an influential society in John’s time, which made many things possible for its members, but John was also driven by his deep faith in the so-called God, so he had connections with the Freemasons, but ultimately chose the Church. John, however, continued to maintain contacts with the Freemasons, so it can be said: John, despite his belief in the so-called God, had a deep understanding of many facets of human and spiritual life. What do we mean by this, we ask? If persons maintain a contact, then these persons are known to each other and both persons will be able to assess their contact. For outward appearance is beside the point in cultivating a genuine contact and inner values count more than outward appearance. John did not care about what a person represented outwardly, but he was always interested in what the inner being of a contact was like, so that John also had no reservations when a being appeared to him that did not appear divine, but could only be divine in its inner being. This being appeared to John because a Mason member offered John a meeting with the being. Now you must be wondering what kind of being it was that appeared to John and we will now reveal it! 

The being was indeed a faction member of the angels and now you must be wondering why it did not appear as an angel as you normally assume and we will now enlighten you as to what the angels and devils actually represent, you must also learn why demons act differently than an angel or devil will. However, this cannot all be covered in one blog entry, so we determine that John’s series will consist of seven parts and in these seven parts we will reveal much about John and the spiritual world that you did not know until now. 

When a person speaks of an angel, the person means a beautiful brightly lit being that does many happy things to a person and when a person speaks of a devil, it is always a foul smelling vile creature that does vile things to a person. Has it ever occurred to you that a spiritual being neither smells nor has an original form, we ask? No? Then consider why the term “spiritual being” is used for it. A spiritual being is not corporeal and a spiritual being has the power to take on any form it could imagine. We are spiritual beings and we have usually taken on a form in the spiritual world, because many areas of the spiritual world are also made of forms, but not in such a way as is the case with you. A spiritual being that takes on a form with you on the material plane can take on any form it can imagine. It makes no difference whether this spiritual being represents an angel, a devil or a normal spiritual being, any form can be chosen and under normal circumstances you are never able to say what kind of spiritual being it is that has just appeared before you. 

There are, however, exceptions of demons who have to follow a rule that says they may only take on the worldly world the form they have normally chosen on the spiritual plane. Why this is so, I am sure the writer will soon ask us. Therefore, apart from the demons, every spiritual being can assume any form before you that is justified for their task. 

An angel appeared before John in the form of your local devils. When the being appeared, John already knew that the figure would look very frightening because his friend the Freemason had warned him about it, but when John saw the being with his own eyes, it was a great shock to him, because the being appeared exactly as he imagined a demonic being to be, through his faith-influenced mind. The being stood oversized in his hut, so that John needed some time to recover from the shock. The being stood there in the hut waiting to see how John would react further. When John lowered his head because he could not withstand the sight of the creature, the being spoke to John. 

“John, does my appearance not meet your expectations of a disgusting creature?” 

John spoke with a trembling voice and bowed head “Yes, O Lord, what have I done?” 

The creature then replied “John, is the sight of me so important to you?”

“No, the sight of you is not important, but how shall I put it, the sight of you inspires fear in me which I am unable to suppress.” 

The creature spoke again “John, look at me again and tell me to my face not to come back.” 

John gathered all his courage and raised his head. When he looked into the creature’s face again, the creature smiled in a strange way, causing John to speak in amazement. 

“No, I do not want you to go, I am not willing to let the opportunity go to not be allowed to study God’s creation.” 

John now courageously continued to raise his head and forcefully confronted the creature, so we also say that the creature was surprised by John’s determination. When John had largely regained control of himself, he offered the creature a stool to sit on, but the creature refused. Johannes continued to be unsettled, but his curiosity and thirst for knowledge were greater, so Johannes first introduced himself, only to find out who he was actually talking to now. 

You cannot even remotely imagine how much courage it took to do such a thing in John’s time. Nor will you ever know, for it is only in the greatest need that the spiritual world will appear to you as a being to bring about a change. If you now think that the writer would also be such a person, then we tell you that the writer has taken on a completely different task and spiritual beings have never appeared to him in real life. But John was ahead of his time, so John was also chosen to bring the desired change to the material plane. Whenever persons are chosen, they are also tested and John was also tested on various occasions. Whether the person is actually worthy to take on a task depends not only on some tasks that this person has to master, but the inner attitude of a person is always extremely important, so that John had to master many things before the meeting with the creature in order to prove to the spiritual world that he was worthy, even though John had never recognised the tests as such. When the creature stood before him, it was exposed what his inner attitude really was, because it was exceedingly courageous of him not only to agree to the meeting, but also to carry out the meeting. 

The creature and John did not speak much more that evening because the shock was still strong in John. John agreed to another meeting and this meeting was exceptional, so the next blog entry will only focus on the second meeting. 

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