A0409: Why is Moldavite on Earth at all?

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Moldavite not only has a crystalline structure, but Moldavite has so much energy stored in it that Moldavite is one of the most powerful materials you can use naturally. We had already explained in a blog entry that orgonites were designed to store the stress energies of geological activity and then release them over a long period of time. It is similar with the Moldavite, except that this crystalline structure is only formed by catastrophic conditions, so that this material absorbs the amounts of energy when it is formed, which it then releases again over a very long period of time. When meteors strike the earth, this crystalline material is created from the rocks, which fuse into each other through the tremendous impact. The energy of the impact is absorbed and the moldavite is created. We deliberately say that the moldavite consists of crystalline structures because we do not count the moldavite as a classical crystal. Crystals grow, this is not the case with the Moldavite, so Moldavite has some properties that we want to explain to you briefly, because hardly any person really knows what to do with a Moldavite.
The Moldavite houses a huge amount of an energy form that can be compared to orgone energy, except that a Moldavite has much more potential of this energy form stored. When a sensitive person holds a moldavite in their hand, they will immediately feel this energy potential. The stored energy is released from the material very slowly, so you might think that this energy will never run out, but even a moldavite will have released its energy one day.
If you have a discharged moldavite that seems to no longer have its energy, you could put that moldavite in water and the water would change. What do we mean by that, we ask? The water atoms are negatively charged, the moldavite has an excess charge of positive atoms, so there is an exchange of electrons flowing from the moldavite to the water. When the moldavite has been in the water for some time, the water will taste different and we tell you the following: The exchange of electrons has changed many things in the water that you find difficult to understand today, but this water is very good for your body, so we advise each person to let a moldavite rest overnight in a filled drinking vessel with your water, so that you can only benefit from this water. Many of your minor ailments will pass away and even major ailments will be cured because your body is constantly unbalanced and this homogenised water can rectify many things in your body balance. You only have to find a partially discharged Moldavite and it will work.
How do you recognise a discharged Moldavite, we ask? Hold the moldavite up to a television set, if the moldavite interferes with the transmission, then the moldavite is still charged, if you do not notice any interference, then the moldavite is far discharged. If you do not find any discharged moldavites, then you can also do it with any other crystal, but a discharged moldavite achieves the greatest effects.
Moldavite has one more peculiarity that we would like to address. Have you ever wondered what else a crystal can do other than store energy? Yes, have you ever thought that a crystal could glow? No? Then you should try it with a moldavite. Put a moldavite in a freezer and take it out at night, you will then notice a slight glow in the dark, which has to do with the inner structure of the moldavite. When the moldavite glows, it seems to glow, but actually something else is happening, which we will explain in detail another time.

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