A0400: What is a Déjà-vu?

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A Déjà-vu is actually an imagination that a person perceives when he experiences something known, because a dejavu always occurs when the consciousness links the known with the current situation. When a person experiences a situation that is surprisingly familiar to them, the following has happened in the person’s consciousness. 

  1. Man perceives a situation through the eyes. The image information is sent from the body to the consciousness. Because the transfer of the seen situation takes some time, the consciousness will begin to complete the situation with possibilities so that the received information only has to adapt what has been seen. This procedure is used to efficiently expand the information received, so that the next moment experienced is already prefabricated, so to speak. There is always an outlook into the future, which is always what feels like a moment. 
  2. The new image information arrives. The consciousness begins to process the previously preconfigured moment with the actual moment. Usually only a few things have to be adjusted so that after a short “time” the lived moment is ready for the general consciousness. The frequency packet is sent and all other subconsciousnesses receive the information from the body consciousness, which is represented in the overall consciousness. In other words: The frequency package arrives at the main energy node of the solar plexus in the body consciousness and the body consciousness starts the preview of the coming moment based on the last received moment. The processed moment is again sent to the other subconsciousness as a frequency packet. 
  3. If the preview was so precise that the moment experienced is actually exactly the moment that the body consciousness had foreseen on the basis of the last processed moment, then the actual moment no longer has to be integrated, so that the foreseen moment is much faster via the main energy node of the solar plexus is sent and the information arrives much faster in the so-called day-consciousness, so that you actually already know in advance what is going to happen and you call this premonition Déjà-vu. 
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