A0393: How is information stored in crystals? – Part 16

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Crystals are really easy to use because everything is done by your consciousness and your so-called day-consciousness only perceives the result of it. We have told you a lot about how to use a crystal, but crystals are capable of so much more that we are now going to touch on a few more aspects of using memory crystals. We will not go into further details because firstly you are not ready mentally and technologically and secondly you first have to train the basic forms before you dare to try the methods to be presented. Only people who deal with it professionally will be able to do so. 

  1. Communication rooms: If you create communication rooms in a crystal and the crystal is passed on to another person, then the creator of the crystal could connect to the crystal over long distances so that the other person can connect to the crystal to communicate with the creator of the crystal in the communication room. Language obstacles would not be a problem because the communication of information is always universal, so that the consciousnesses can automatically decode this universal communication into their “language”. A wide variety of information can be exchanged at these meetings, so we can say: The communication via or through a memory crystal is much richer than the analog communication that you are currently using in a direct conversation. The creator of the storage crystal does not have to be far from such a crystal for a group to associate with a crystal to use this type of communication. Imagine a class with students who meet with the teacher in such a crystal for teaching purposes in a communication room. The lessons couldn’t be any different, because the students automatically decode the teacher’s learning content for their own purposes, so that such a lesson would be a huge asset to the school system. Future generations do not have to meet physically or online, but they meet mentally in a crystal that has already prepared everything for a teaching purpose, because you humans, like the masters, will create your own stages in a crystal to teach or entertain the visitors. We will reveal more and more about it over time, because this is a normal practice of cultures that have discovered the use of storage crystals for themselves. 
  2. People will find a lot of hope in the crystals because from a certain point in time the spiritual world is officially allowed to communicate with people via the crystals. What do we mean by that, we ask? Just as the high cultures used to be trained by the beings of the spiritual world, it will soon be possible again with you. If the official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial race has been made, then the earthly energy field is reshaped again because the earthly people have been pacified. After this official first contact, the so-called matrix will no longer exist and you humans will no longer have seven energy bodies, but only three, just like the earthly energy field then also has it. There will come a time when the masters and teachers will first make themselves noticeable to the people via this storage crystal, so that here, too, an official contact takes place between the masters and the person who is supervised by the masters. Once this contact has been established, many teaching units will take place in these communication rooms, in which different spiritual teachers appear again and again to teach the person or even whole groups. Mentally, you are not yet ready to appear directly and consciously on the astral levels of your earthly energy field, so that such communications will take place in the communication spaces of the storage crystals for a long time.
  3. There will be able and astute people among you who will manufacture storage crystals for specific purposes and as a mass product. If you laboriously program your crystal so that this crystal is useful for your purpose, these purposes are automatically programmed as an image into specific storage crystals, so that you can purchase ready- made storage crystals that contain, for example, 3D games or films. Teaching crystals are also a nice enrichment for you. There are no limits to your entertainment industry, so a lot will happen here too. Healing crystals will also be available, but nothing is easier than programming a healing crystal and filling it with healing energy so that future generations can do this themselves with ease. Storage crystals are created for every purpose and many computer-like devices are operated with crystals, whereby your digitized world is facing an elementary change.
  4. Energy crystals: Many will research how they can charge energy in a storage crystal so that this potential can be tapped again to operate your electrical machines. We are already saying that it is really easy and when the official first contact has taken place in a few years, you will also receive this knowledge directly from the extraterrestrial species that will make this very important first contact with you. We will also go into these energy stores so that this knowledge should not be entirely new to you. 
  5. Humans will load their dreams into these storage crystals. This process has to be described in more detail by us because you do not have the necessary prior knowledge about it, but we will take care of it over time. Now you are wondering why you should record your dreams because they are only dreams and we tell you there are innumerable clues hidden in every dream so that you can find them to collect. When you have gathered many of these pointers, you will begin to see the pointers from the Masters on how to better organize your life. We communicate directly with the writer. He has such a mental switch in his head that he can operate. When he does, we talk to him as you would talk to any other person. Even with this type of communication, we are absolutely forbidden from giving the clues, because the writer has to come up with it himself. Even when the time comes for people to have more direct contact with the spiritual world again, the clues are still conveyed through the dreams. That will not change anytime soon, so that a recording of the dream stages will be extremely helpful because the clues are always placed according to certain patterns that the people who philosophize about dream interpretations have still not understood correctly. 

In this series we have told you a lot about memory crystals, how every person can work with a memory crystal, we also gave an outlook on how future generations will integrate the way in which memory crystals can be used into their everyday life, but we want to reveal something that even the writer does not yet know. 

The beings in the storage crystal represent something else than just an image of your consciousness. The inner being in a crystal not only communicates with the creator of the memory crystal and a visitor, but intelligences that appear millennia ahead also use these crystals to see how the population develops on a planet, because through crystals they have their eyes everywhere can turn to. These beings do not live any physical life, but they are also not spiritual beings like us, so that these intelligences represent an intermediate being, who pay very close attention to the fact that the species in the universe also obey the general laws. 

When the official initial contact is made, you will officially mature into an interstellar species because you receive this technology. When the time comes, then you have to adhere to these laws, otherwise these intelligences step in to remind you of them. The Anunnaki have already made the acquaintance of these intelligences, so we tell you that you will obey these laws. These intelligences are also represented with their consciousness in all crystalline structures, so that they are represented everywhere with their consciousness, so to speak. 

When the first contact takes place, then these intelligences observe the earth and the processes very consciously, so that they are also represented more consciously in your storage crystals. You will perceive it that much happens to the crystals during the first contact that you cannot imagine at the moment. If a crystal has been processed into a storage crystal, it will appear very strange during the phase of the first contact, we don’t say how yet, because we don’t want to take this surprise away from you. These intelligences will turn their main focus away again after the official initial contact, but you will be watched more intensely by these intelligences, like any other species that can travel between the stars. The intelligences will only appear when earthly humanity begins to violate these laws. 

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