A0292: Can side effects of vaccination be neutralized?

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No, the side effects will always occur, but you can help the body to better process the vaccine ingredients. The writer hardly knows anything about these things, so we now have to rewrite a lot because the correct terms do not appear in the writer’s vocabulary.
When a person is vaccinated, the active ingredient of the vaccination always contains substances that are supposed to attack the human body so that the organism develops these so-called antibodies. Millennia ago, people hardly had any problems with e.g. Allergies because the air and nature were very clean. As people lived more and more in metropolitan areas, allergies also started because the air and nature became contaminated. When industrialization began, allergies were pervasive because your environment was very polluted, but what are these allergies anyway? If an area in your environment is overpopulated, nature will find ways to cope with this overpopulation. Natural selection is one way, another way is displacement. If the beings that have overpopulated an area are not reduced by natural selection, then they will be expelled. Allergies help reduce overpopulation. A body experiences a lot of information through its environment and when it is time to leave a certain area, many bodies will perceive it because the location or the area so dictates it. Nature in the figurative sense transmits the so-called overpopulation as information to the residents and the body of the residents receives this information. The body processes this information and expresses the result of this information as your so- called allergies. If a person has received an allergy that is of purely natural origin, then all they have to do is leave the area of overpopulation and settle where there is no overpopulation.
The situation is different with allergies that are unknowingly triggered by the substances administered by your doctors. Your medications alleviate certain symptoms, but they almost always have side effects that are not noticeable because the previous symptoms are more severe in their effects, but if a person has to take a lot of medication over a long period of time, these side effects become established and a so-called Allergy because the body incorrectly assumes that the resident lives in an overpopulated area. You can desensitize the body, but let yourself be told that this will alleviate the symptoms, but that will never eliminate the allergy, so you have to leave the overpopulated area or you have to eat very consciously and only eat very well-grown products. We mean products that are free from dirt. If you eat well in the sense of: You only eat “organically” grown food, then you will be able to overcome the allergy, but we also say that “organically” grown products are never processed industrially and you can not find them in the gardens of overpopulated areas.

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