A0225: Are there creatures on Earth that did not originally develop on Earth?

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es, there are such creatures and many know them too. The octopus is such a creature. It became at home on the planet because certain alien beings wanted to eat this kind. The beings crossed their octopus with the earthly kind, so that the new specimen was created. We would say that the old and new species are similar in many traits, but there are differences not only genetically. The original species still exists and many people wonder how the octopus existed so quickly. Evolution can only be used to a limited extent on the octopus and, as with earthly humans, there are many evolutionary beings that should actually exist.

Another being is the dolphin. Many types of dolphins are native to the earth. One of these dolphin breeds is very different from the other breeds. This alien race is again a cross, but this time not for consumption, but for the dolphins, many experiments have been carried out because dolphins are an intelligent species that have more brains than you think. Like few species of whales, the dolphins are able to travel astrally. By that we mean the out of body experiences that some people experience on your planet. They are able to release their consciousness from the body and visit astral planes. The spiritual world has countless levels, we have already listed some, but there are so many sub-levels that all serve a purpose. On some of these levels there are astral creatures that you know as ordinary animals. The cat is one of them, but we would like to address the cat separately. Dolphins have developed this possibility for themselves. We have to emphasize that not all types of dolphins and whales are capable of this, but you haven’t even thought about why some whales were observed moving vertically next to each other in the water. They have made an astral journey.

The consciousness of these creatures is not comparable to the consciousness of humans, but it differs significantly from the spirit of an animal. Creatures with consciousness are usually ensouled. This does not always apply, but natural creatures that are conscious are ensouled. This type of dolphin and whale are not inspired by incarnations like you are, but there are many beings in the spiritual world who have different tasks. Many of these beings evolve so that at some point they can also be an incarnation. An incarnation can become an independent soul. These beings cannot, but they also evolve.

There are still several creatures that came to earth in this way, but we must strictly say that all creatures came to earth in this way. Much could develop evolutionarily, but in your “modern times” this process was accelerated again and again, so that there will always be a “missing link”. Then strange results should come out in the genetic analyzes.

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