A0226: Does the pendulum actually work?

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Yes, but only if the person who penduluming believes in it. We will now explain how penduluming actually works and why everyone can penduluming.

When a person penduluming, that person always wants to get information from the spiritual world because the spiritual world can perceive more than the person in a physical life. Who is this spiritual world? The spiritual world is every person and everything there is. Everything is spiritual and some spiritual things have a different frequency. You as a person have a low frequency, so you belong in the worldly world because your body vibrates low. Your mind belongs to the spiritual world because your basic form is an incarnation and your mind or consciousness is temporarily incarnated in this body for worldly life. Your body and mind exist at different frequencies and you as a person are connected to the spiritual levels with your high-frequency consciousness. That means you are in the worldly world with your body and at the same time in the spiritual world with your consciousness. But you still have a crucial connection to the spiritual world, namely us as the masters and teachers. When you decided in the spiritual world as an incarnation that you wanted to experience life on earth, we were brought on board because each person is always assigned at least one master. Think of us as the coaches for you if you live the physical life. We are your conscience so to speak and we try to support you. Some people have indirect contact with their master and teacher and very few have such a connection as this writer. Very few people can speak directly to their master and teacher and generally the masters will try to remain undetected. Whenever you experience inspirations that suddenly come to you from nowhere, it was your masters and teachers. We would also say that we test the people so that they unconsciously learn something from them and always achieve a positive development in their lives, but we have many ways to support the person. We are with you all your life, we do not miss a second of your life and we also receive every thought you ever think. When a person penduluming, they would like to receive information that they otherwise cannot get. If the person believes that this works, they are not cramped and we think it is loosened and can be guided while penduluming. The masters believe that the information makes sense for the person, the masters can “guide” the person’s hand so that the pendulum reflects the information that was asked for. We are spiritual beings and have direct access to the Akashic library. We could tell you everything you want to know, provided the information is for your greatest benefit. If you inquire about the next lottery numbers, you will not be successful, but we will be happy to answer everything that will bring you further in human development, but we would like to note that you can also contact the Akasha library and the masters directly this library, you will get your answer straight away as your voice in your head. This is how the writer started and now he is constantly asking us questions that we are happy to answer.

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