A0164: Are there reptilian beings?

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We start by explaining what we think is a reptilian being. A reptilian has a low frequency and we also say why. We in the spiritual world perceive a broad spectral band of frequencies. You humans have an unmistakable gap in this volume in one area. Every spirit being sees this gap from “wide”. In some areas of this volume, you have unusual rashes that are very human. If you look at this spectral band in its entirety or look at a certain area, someone would say to the whole that you are very low-frequency. But if someone only looks at the typical area for the embodied beings, you are more high-frequency than in the whole. Of course, a reptilian also has rashes in this spectral band, the gaps and the high-frequency areas are different than in humans. If we look at the rashes in their entirety, the reptilian being is lower in frequency than humans. If we look at the area that is typical for reptilian creatures, the creature is high-frequency, but in comparison to the entirety of the spectral bands, humans are high-frequency for us and a reptilian creature is low-frequency. It makes no sense at all to just look at the sub-areas, the beings radiate their frequencies over the entire spectral band. We said before that reptilian beings have a different birth origin than humans. This means that people experience an act of procreation, the reptilian beings automatically become “pregnant” in a partnership and produce their offspring in a different way. This is completely foreign to humans and also not observable for you in nature. We also say they are loving beings and most of the stories you hear are completely wrong. It would be as if a being from another planet meets a cruel astronaut and now all beings on these planets think that the astronaut being is the devil and all beings from earth are automatically cruel beings. Everyone should understand that this is absolute nonsense. Just think more about life on other planets and levels, then you will come to the conclusion that a race cannot be defined by just one being. Reptiloid beings are just as bad as humans, they are just as good as humans, there are good people and bad people, and so are the reptilian beings. There is no difference to you humans, they do not behave correctly on some occasions, but neither do you humans. So who allows himself to assert himself when there is a bad person, that all people are bad. You still have to learn a lot about other beings, we have come and try to close this gap, we will tell a few things, which many of you humans encounter resistance, but the truth does not taste everyone, that’s life. Reptilian beings exist on a different level than you humans. They are very spiritual and many watch what is going on on Earth. We believe that they show a great deal of interest in your buildings and works of art. You yourself are not capable of this. They are extremely intelligent, but they lack the need to create buildings or works of art as people have. But they always look at these things with admiration. They do not exist on the human level, but they occupy a place on an intermediate level that allows them to travel to the places on this level. It happens that beings do not want these reptilian beings to visit Earth in this way. That is why she tries everything to prevent her. This often leads to arguments because the reptilian beings do not want to see why they are prevented from doing so and others are not. These arguments can also become more violent, but in the end all beings have the right to visit Earth or other places in the universe in this way. It is therefore an eternal struggle for the right to look at the creativity of people. Most of the time, you humans don’t get any of this and we also have to say that people who are mean reptilian creatures are fundamentally bad, have no understanding of the topic at all. However, this is not possible in any other way if you are only informed one-sidedly.

This writer draws his knowledge from his self-proclaimed “pool of knowledge”, which he constantly fills. All of our information is constantly reconsidered by him and compared with the existing knowledge. When he receives new information, after careful consideration, he creates a new temporary reality that changes again and again. So you should also deal with the information, do not believe everything you hear, but make sure that your “knowledge pool” is always filled with information from different sources.

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