A0158: What is the actual shape of the earth?

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The shape is round and we don’t understand why some people think it could have a different shape. Everything in space will always clump together and never into a disc. If there is more and more material on these lumps, the attraction will always generate a round shape. The bigger the more the “lump” is like a ball. This is always the case with your natural laws, we are not aware of any exception that enables a different form in your natural laws. Yes, your earth is a sphere and it has some cavities where intelligent beings live, but also hollow, as some people imagine, the earth is also not. Don’t waste your time on these theories that don’t last. Even if there are beings in the cavities that are ahead of you in all of them, these cavities never have their own sun. Technology can make a lot possible, but it doesn’t need a mini sun floating on the cave ceiling.

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