A0157: What are dreams? – Part 3

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When people dream, they experience the same things again and again. It is often related to the fact that their masters and teachers want to tell them something, but they should decode it themselves so that the learning effect is increased. But the masters can just as well create a “stage” on which the person can let off steam. By this we mean the following: Whenever the dreamer creates his dream himself, the masters want the person to have fun with it. If you have the so-called lucid dreams, it’s only because the masters want you to have fun. You hand over responsibility for the “stage” to the dreamer. When the dreamer realizes that he is dreaming, the masters wanted it that way. Often people have such a dream and very few can remember it. If you want to remember, you only have to wish it, then the masters will attach particular importance to the fact that the dreamer can still remember it when he wakes up. If the dreamer wants to travel, one thought is enough and the consciousness travels to this place. The dreamer travels with part of his consciousness and not with the astral body. The consciousness has the possibility to travel through the inner universes of the dreamer and we say the following: The consciousness of a person is able to experience all moments in the inner universes and also the moments of other people that are also at that moment were present. Instead of traveling through the spiritual world, you can also think of a certain experienced moment and relive it. You can then also want another person to play the moment for you. This can help you understand the other person’s point of view, because then you will experience the other person’s moment. You see, a lot is possible and we would like to go into more detail on the dream interpretation in the next part.

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