A0133: Who are these black-clad men who often appear in lucid dreams or astral journeys?

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These beings watch you and make sure that people who want to do great nonsense on the astral plane are prevented from doing so. They’re not necessarily interested in a conversation, just watching what you’re doing there. If you do nonsense, these beings intervene to put you in your place. Some people spot them, but most people don’t care what they look like, so they don’t see these guards. Why do they wear black clothes you might ask? This has to do with the fact that their appearance should give people the impression that these beings are serious. The people should not be scared, but should be a little intimidated. This helps most of the time, so that the people distance themselves from their nonsense and behave on the astral level. If they were to appear as ghosts or in any form, the people could be so shocked that they may never again visit the astral plane. Everyone can be there, only the beings have to behave. Some don’t and push their limits, but in general it can be said that the guards have everything under control.

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