A0134: What happens when a soul joins the demon faction?

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Here we begin to explain what the demon faction stands for. Many beings disagree with how the factions angel and devil work in the universe. In addition, there is the fact that angels have the most members and therefore dictate everything that concerns decisions. By this we mean that they always have the most votes and can therefore always determine how something should happen. Many devils are similar to angels and we would say they differ only in a few points. That is why a third faction was founded to do something about it. This is the demon faction. Get rid of the superstition that there are devilish and angelic factions. These factions differ only in their general viewpoints, but not in their effect and exercise of the factions actions. However, the demons are an exception in their appearance and their approach. The reason for this is that this faction is actually supposed to be the opposite pole to the other factions. That is why demons are created when the soul joins the faction.

Angels and devils are given an identifier, the demon also receives this identifier, but other characteristics are added to the being that we want to explain:

  1. The being gains access to another source of energy. The angels and devils draw their strength from the divine spark. This is the direct connection to the Creator. The demon has another source and therefore does not have the divine spark.
  2. The demon is very impulsive and we would also say unpredictable. This was done in order not to give the angels and devils any advantage when trying to classify their opponents analytically. So everything can really happen when dealing with a demon. We also want to emphasize: that is why demons are no more terrible than angels and devils, but they are, so to speak, the salt in the soup that a dish can make tasty or hideous. Nothing can be planned by the other factions for a long time because it is never clear how the demons will ultimately act.
  3. A lot of what is said to be demons is completely wrong, and this also applies to the devil faction. We want to give a little explanation of beings:
    • The angels are beings who are always said to be good-natured. This is completely wrong, they are as good-natured as the devils and demons.
    • The devil is equated with Satan, with Satan being a separate being and the Devil a faction. They have nothing in common and should always be viewed separately. The devil is as “devilish” as the angel or the demon. We also say: A lot of things have been misunderstood on earth and a lot of things from the spiritual world have been deliberately misrepresented in order to make one faction better and the other faction worse. Most of what you read is absolute humbug. You as intelligent beings with the possibilities in your present time have the permission to understand it correctly now.
    • The demons were the worst hit out of all misinformation. Everything you know about demons is fundamentally wrong and we also say why. The angels and devils fear the demons because the demons actually fulfill their intended purpose and can put the other factions in their place. All other factions have never been able to do this, but the demons can. Always see it as a political discourse. No one of the faction members comes to harm, but there are violent clashes that could well fit into a reality show. We also say that demons often work across borders, which always causes horror for their opponents, but everything was planned that way. The demon as a faction was not created on a whim, but the creator wanted to break the one-sidedness with which the angels and devils determine destiny, and among other things has ensured that the demon faction exists. They are not a whim of nature, but rather conceived by the creator.
    • Other groups are addressed at times. Many also work on Earth for you, but first the mechanisms and motivations of the main factions have to be understood in order to delve deeper into the faction list.

So the demon was created at the behest of the Creator, and souls that join this faction usually have a grudge against the work of the devil and angel faction. If a soul decides to become a demon, just like with the other factions, it can still do so in the Creator’s lap or later, when it is actually born. The process of becoming a demon is different. The soul is again given an identifier for general identification, but the attributes that make up a demon are still incorporated, and it also has access to the energy source that gives a demon the power that the angels and devils have. There is a reason why they don’t have the divine spark. All beings with divine sparks always get along with each other straight away, this spark has a strong effect in these beings, which is why a devil and an angel can understand each other very well. Nobody who does not know the identification of beings would notice a difference. So that the demon can act as the opposite pole, it does not have this divine spark. Still, demons and angels could get along well. This either requires a common goal or the beings know and appreciate each other because they have known each other for a very long time. The demon is no worse than the angels and devils. When an angel meets a demon, it is inevitable that the two will quarrel. It is in the nature of things, but many beings are evolving and many beings have reached a point where they are above these things. When beings meet that could not be more different, it is the wisdom that determines whether these beings will quarrel. Many demons and other faction participants have already acquired this wisdom, so that they also hold positions in their factions that ensure that these beings can exchange ideas with one another sensibly. So if a demon with wisdom meets an angel with wisdom, the meeting is mostly harmonious and we would say that many of these beings do it that way, but there are also young beings, so to speak, who want to measure their powers too and then there is one Fight inevitable. These struggles are mostly not physical, but rather mental, but there are also scraps of flying when we want to use worldly language. Many demons are not always clear about what they are doing, this is due to their impulsiveness and we also think that the action often goes wrong and a lot has to be readjusted. But demons are also notorious because of their stubbornness, and convincing a demon of something requires stunning arguments, otherwise a demon cannot be convinced. Demons are always tried to convince in other ways, which usually does not work.

You see, the demon has its justification and we also have to say that the demons have fundamentally improved living together in the spiritual world, not for the other factions but not everyone belongs to these factions. We also want to say that everyone who has belonged to the demon fraction has taken a lot to work there, nothing is more difficult than becoming a member of the demon fraction and staying there. Many beings cannot bear this symbol and voluntarily switch to neutrality. By this we mean they become neutral beings that do not belong to any of the main factions. These beings know what it means to be a demon and feel the burden on their shoulders because nobody wants to be with a demon, there are other reasons that we will discuss later. It is not easy for demons, but they are also indispensable.

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