A0062: For what reason do the spiritually created beings show themselves?

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These beings are again a peculiarity of the creators. These beings are mentally created beings that are only meant to serve one purpose: To expand the power of the creator and to serve him eternally. Such a being is neither good nor evil. It does not even know these terms. It is only an energetic bubble that is supposed to serve the creator and therefore it has to fill itself with energy in order to be able to cope with the tasks. Whenever such a being is created, very few creators are aware of the consequences. This being will eternally eke out its existence when the creator no longer exists in its original form. Like a dog looking for its master, the being is looking for its creator. It will never find him and is eternally condemned to this search. Creating an elemental being is no easy task. Very few creators take the time to go through all the possibilities, so that as a rule the elemental creature ends up looking for a way out on its own and wanders around without knowing what purpose it is supposed to serve. It should be noted that these elementals have no soul and will never see the kingdom of heaven. They will wander eternally through the cosmos. Do you really want to be responsible for that? We hope not.

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