A0042: What did people come across at the deepest hole on the Kola Peninsula?

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It should be noted that we are unable to hear the tape, but we can say something about what is happening.

  1. At the time of drilling, many foreign energies were there.
  2. Whenever the earth is penetrated, faults occur in the earth plate, which can degenerate into some unusual phenomena.
  3. When drilling began, something was pumped into the living earth that would have better stayed where it came from. As a result, not only did landslide-like erosions follow, but, particularly in the area of the drilling between the layers of the earth’s layers, many small layers of earth held up by despair broke out, which produces the thunder noise.
  4. When the scientists saw the results, they could not explain what happened there, and the superstitious locals used it to create their own version of what happened. That, roughly, is the summary of what happened there. Seems to be a little story that has grown into something enormous over time.
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