A0010: What is the Bermuda Triangle?

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The Bermuda Triangle are current dimensional gates that lead to other worlds under water. With these dimensional gates, the earth’s gravitational relationships are restructured. In the case of newly proven gamma rays of high elasticity, the fluctuations in the chambers of the incinerator furnace activate the rays that serve as gamma outbreaks that emerge and flow into the dimension gate, particularly in cardiac fibrillation, to be recognized in cardiac fibrillation. Ships that are present in the area of the dimensional gates are carried into other dimensions by the high eddies of the gamma fluctuations that occur. The passengers present are unprotected at this transport and after a brief moment of fear they have the feeling of unlimited freedom, which then leads to their happiness in a new life, but death is not far either. When the dimension gate in the direction of […] infinite width offers a special challenge with a minimal head start in technology. Hold your breath when you travel, otherwise there will be traumatic experiences that nobody has ever wanted.

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