A0009: Will we be able to travel through time at some point or has it already happened?

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Long ago, the forefathers wanted to travel through the ages to complete the imperfect. In doing so, because other things were incomplete, they were doomed to the following:

  1. Condition-dissolving demands from those present here.
  2. Purpose not in the rate discussed purpose.
  3. Taking stock of past toneless social powers.
  4. Other unforeseen circumstances that led to the death of people who particularly tried to benefit from the new timeline.
  5. And lastly, those who wanted to change the time, but had to watch through the time dilation how the new timeline would continue without it.

Don’t think you can travel through time without breaking the noticeable circumstances of your promise. You will never be able to change the time in your favor, everything has a price that always means death for everyone, because a journey through time always means a journey from life to death. Who wants to live forever, enjoy what you have, you will see the end early enough, because this period of time in relation to your eternal existence is to be considered small. If there has been time travel, you have been spared from it, only the time traveler creates his new time.

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