B023: What happened when the Anunnaki arrived on Earth? – Part 7

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When the Anunnaki began to reshape the existing cultures, many Anunnaki were busy devising the right form of society for that culture. Many Anunnaki in a legion are concerned only with deceiving the native race on a planet. We have already told you that the Anunnaki will trick a native race by pretending to be their gods. Since the native race will do anything in awe for the so-called gods and the Anunnaki are only interested in the gold reserves of the planet, it is always a matter of mining the native gold. If you take an ordinary gold bar, which you often see in your films, then the Anunnaki society can do a great deal with just one gold bar, which we have never described in this way. If a bar of gold is more valuable to an Anunnaki than it is to you humans today, then you simply do not know enough about what someone can do with just a bar of gold. We will come back to this subject, but we will tell you this: If you had the knowledge of the Anunnaki about gold and gold working, then wars would be fought just for your gold bars. You do not have the knowledge of it, nor are you technologically advanced enough to implement it. The Anunnaki adapted each advanced culture to the geographical conditions, because the environment in which a tribe lives will always have an effect on that culture, so that on the African continent different cultures arose than on the South American continent. The Mediterranean was special because 25000 years ago there were already many influential tribes there who could control their subordinate territory well. The people of the Mediterranean were very diverse, so the Anunnaki had great difficulty in supporting a large culture so that they could form an advanced civilisation from the dominant culture and shape it as they wished. When advanced civilisations arise, there is always a reason for it, because an advanced civilisation never forms on its own from existing civilisations. A high culture can only form if there is a model for it, so there had to be an even more distinctive high culture that was taken as a model for it. As was to be expected, this so-called model is the advanced civilisation of the Anunnaki. The high culture of the Anunnaki could only develop because the Anunnaki, as an underdeveloped species, were always influenced from outside. When the culture of the Anunnaki did not yet appear very developed, they were often visited by extraterrestrial species, which naturally had an influence on the native culture of the Anunnaki. When the Anunnaki culture formed into an advanced culture, it was an exciting time that all Anunnaki know from their stories. Knowing how they could rise to an advanced civilisation themselves, they use the knowledge to influence their occupied planets. So that the indigenous species also achieves this glorious progression, but only because the Anunnaki, as their gods, play a decisive role in this advanced civilisation. However, for a resident culture to rise to become an advanced civilisation of the Anunnaki, many conditions must be met.

  1. A resident culture must exert a great influence over the desired area.
  2. The culture must worship gods that the Anunnaki can also represent in some form.
  3. The members of the culture must reach a certain number so that this high culture can also expand quickly.
  4. Agricultural economy must be possible in this sphere of influence without having to be supported by technological achievements.
  5. The multiplication of the population must not be threatened by obstacles such as an inadequate environment.
  6. People must not be technologically developed. Any technological progress is an obstacle to the Anunnaki, so that they also only rule on planets that are technologically underdeveloped. Any technological advancement is a danger to the Anunnaki so they are meticulous about allowing society to develop, but anything that would simplify the work of humans has been suppressed.

The Anunnaki have fostered different tribes in the Mediterranean at different times, so that a federation of tribes later ruled the Mediterranean and this federation of tribes was developed into the high culture there by the Anunnaki.

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