B008: Who are the Anunnaki? – Part 8

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The Anunnaki are very particular when it comes to their family planning. We have already mentioned that the women of the Anunnaki do not often get pregnant and this is because the family is allowed to be a set size. There is only one child for every two parents because the Anunnaki can live to a very old age, so this type of family planning does not stand out negatively at the moment. If the Anunnaki are involved in warfare, there will always be loss of life, so the Anunnaki will always try to conduct all warfare in such a way that the least loss of life can be expected. If the Anunnaki foresee great losses, it is no problem for the Anunnaki society to give up and withdraw. We must briefly address the fact that the Anunnaki are no longer a human race, and their reproductive process is different than you can now imagine. We will describe it in more detail. The Anunnaki are very concerned that their numbers are always constant, so when lives are lost, the numbers must be restored. Generally, an Anunnaki woman will only bear a child once. If losses are suffered, the women who have not yet given birth must first provide for the next offspring. This has often caused turmoil in the past, because Anunnaki women also want to decide for themselves when they want to bear a child. Society is structured in such a way that everything possible is done to keep the number of Anunnaki constant. When an Anunnaki is born, an Anunnaki has died beforehand, and since Anunnaki live a very long time, new children are not often born to the Anunnaki. They are terrified of death, but they are also terrified of giving birth to a child because this actually does not happen often. That is why a pregnant Anunnaki is also an absolute rarity and very many women will accompany the pregnant woman during the pregnancy so that they lose the fear of a possible pregnancy when they will one day carry a child. Many only learn in the process what it means to be pregnant in the first place. Once the child has been born, it finds itself among a multitude of so-called aunties who raise the child with the parents until the child reaches an age that makes the parents want to undertake further upbringing alone. The father will keep a very low profile for the first while, because Anunnaki men know even less about young children than many of these so-called aunts. Once an Anunnaki couple has found each other, they will live together for a very long time. The swapping of partners that you usually do on Earth is not common to the Anunnaki and we would say couples stay together for a very long time. There is not that passion amongst the Anunnaki as there is amongst you humans, so you are constantly changing and having different mates throughout a human lifetime. The Anunnaki do not practice that. They strive to give their mate what you would call affection, but nothing more. Anunnaki do not like to be alone so couples will always be found. They do not know same-sex love, though Anunnaki men are also impotent. The women witness their affection among themselves, but you would call it caressing. When a couple has found each other, they can put their names on a list, so to speak, so that they can produce a child. The process of procreation is very complex and has nothing at all to do with conventional sex as you practise it, it is purely artificial and we will describe it in detail. When an Anunnaki dies there will be a certain selection process where the next parents are chosen. The order of the list is not important, but the lineage of the future parents is of central importance, as Anunnaki cannot simply interbreed. Many peculiarities of this species mean that certain Anunnaki are not allowed to produce a child together. We will describe this topic in more detail in the next part.

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