A0760: What exactly is schizophrenia?

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Schizophrenics suffer from a behavioural disorder and the cause is found in the brain. We have already told you in previous entries that the cerebral cortex can be responsible for atypical behaviour patterns occurring because the brain as a whole is your control unit. As in a modern car, there are many sensors in the human body and since the driver of the modern car is not supposed to monitor innumerable parameters of the sensors while driving, there is, so to speak, a control unit in the car where all the sensor information arrives to be evaluated, adjusted and forwarded so that only the most important information reaches the driver of the car. The brain is the control unit for the biological body and many sensors in the body are constantly reporting their status, so the sensor signals arrive in the brain, are analysed, processed and passed on, just like a control unit in a modern car. You, with your personality consciousness, are the driver of your biological vehicle and you always receive the pre-processed information and only to the extent that driving your biological vehicle just allows you to. The best car does most things by itself and distracts the driver as little as possible with details that should not be relevant at all for the time being. If the driver of the biological body does not have to worry about knowing the biological body in all its facets in order to then steer it, then the driver of the biological body can concentrate on its environment. Every body is such a biological vehicle and the brain is the control centre where all sensor information arrives, is pre-processed and passed on. The brain is the focal point of all information and the brain controls many things in the background that the human being can only rarely influence. If the human being could influence these signals and thus the information they contain, then the human being intervenes in the control algorithm that is carried out in the brain. You dear readers are the personality consciousness that steers your biological body, because you are hardly concerned with the detailed information, but drive the biological vehicle around in your material world. You react to your environment because the brain processes the sensor data of your body for your personality consciousness and you have been given interfaces that let you direct the body on your world. You are not actually here, you are directing this biological body from another level and you experience this environment of yours only as signals through your body sensors. You are, so to speak, the spirit that directs matter and your brain helps you to better direct this complicated biological body in your earthly environment. If you are not actually on your world, but are operating the body from a distance, so to speak, then where are you, we ask? Strictly speaking, you are with your consciousness in an incarnational cube in the spiritual world. We told you that All That Is is all that you can ever experience and a not small part of All That Is is the spiritual world. A very small area in the spiritual world houses the plane of matter and on this quite small plane are present all the universes that exist. In a universe there is a small galaxy and in this small galaxy there is a star system with many celestial bodies. On one of these celestial bodies there is a human being and that human being is you. But not really, because the universe houses many astral planes and on these planes partial consciousnesses from the incarnation cube are linked, so that these partial consciousnesses are directly connected with the subtle partial consciousnesses on the earthly-astral planes through the so-called tunnel of light. You are in the spiritual world, but you have received a direct connection to the earthly-astral levels in your universe. You are somewhere else with your consciousness and yet you think you are this human body reading these lines. If you know that you are not this body, but an immortal consciousness, then you immediately lack the fear of death and you are no longer a person who allows yourself to be directed by other persons who think they have to stir up the fear of death in you in order to be able to manipulate you. You only steer this body and you receive feedback from your worldly world through the body signals, but your consciousness is elsewhere. On an earthly-astral level is also your personality consciousness, which has been linked, so to speak, from the consciousness in the incarnation cube directly to the earthly-astral level. The earthly-astral planes occupy the same three-dimensional space as your worldly world, so that the partial consciousnesses envelop your body as subtle clouds. If your biological body is enveloped by your subtle subconsciousnesses, then all biological bodies are enveloped by subtle clouds of consciousness, so that you are always surrounded by numerous consciousnesses that think sometimes slower and sometimes faster. If you could hear the other consciousnesses thinking away, you would never be able to rest, because hardly any consciousness would not think, for then it would have nothing to do, so that boredom is most feared by all consciousnesses. If you were a medium, then you would be able to listen to certain consciousnesses talking, and if you are a medium who constantly seeks contact with the spiritual world, then the spiritual world talks to you just as you have a conversation with your own kind. If the medium asks something, then he can receive the answer to the question in many different ways. Mostly the own inner voice is perceived, but other sounding voices can also be perceived. Pictures or whole scenes can appear before the mind’s eye to clarify something. Often mediums will not only perceive the inner voice, but they will get a sense of the answer, so they receive the information as a little flash of thought and get a strong sense of what the answer must be. When mediums cultivate these strong connections into the spiritual world, they have experienced many things beforehand that should prepare them for the activity of a medium. When the medium is ready, then the medium receives information on the basis of his character development with which he can work. But the spiritual world also works with the medium, because in every transmission there is always information woven into it that is meant to train the medium. A medium is prepared for his activity as a medium so that there is a reason behind it and that is the ignorance of the human being. You as a human consciousness consist of many sub-consciousnesses and only one consciousness in this conglomerate controls the interactions and that is the sixth sub-consciousness of the incarnation. This subconsciousness has the task of supervising all the other subconsciousnesses of the incarnation and the sixth subconsciousness is, so to speak, the switching and controlling unit of the human consciousness. If the sixth subconsciousness knows all the other subconsciousnesses under its control, then also the personality consciousness that you represent. When a medium starts to take an interest in the spiritual world, then at first only the partial consciousnesses of the incarnation will talk to the aspiring medium, because these partial consciousnesses know the personality consciousness best. The personality consciousness is put to the test because not every person has what it takes to become a real medium. The predisposition can be seen beforehand and if it is decided to test the personality consciousness, then these tests are carried out, no matter how tragic it may seem to the personality consciousness. If the personality consciousness has consciously or unconsciously decided that it wants to do something like this, then the tests can start before, during and also after the first contact into the spiritual world. The longer a medium is tested, the greater the torment the medium has to endure, because this determines what kind of information is finally transmitted. If a medium has had it easy, the information will be helpful but not very significant, so that the depth of the revelations also always reflects the amount of agony. To start all this, the brain of the aspiring medium is transformed so that it can establish a direct connection. When the brain has been transformed, the spiritual world can be better perceived by the medium, whereby the remaining partial consciousnesses must pay very close attention to what they transmit to the personality consciousness, because the transmission of revelations is like a choreography that must be precisely coordinated in terms of time and content so that the right information can rise in the human consciousness at the right time, because all spiritual beings handle it in exactly the same way. Now imagine a person who experiences this transformation of the brain although he is not at all interested in the spiritual world. This person has an inflammation of the frontal lobe, which causes areas of the brain to be affected that are also responsible for perceiving the astral planes better. This person sees and hears things that are real, but since the person neither knows who is saying this nor in what context, he will develop a psychosis in the long run. The psychotic person can no longer determine what is real and what is not, and since all kinds of fragments of conversations from the earthly-astral planes rise up unfiltered in the human consciousness, the person gets involved in these strange thoughts. He will use the information he receives in the way his psychosis is designed and this represents a huge problem that must not be remedied by the partial consciousnesses of the incarnation. There are treatment successes and if the psychotic person would understand where the voices come from, then this person could also be cured.

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