A0142: How can you win the jackpot in the lottery?

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Not at all, nobody will develop or think of anything that will influence the course of the balls in the globe. Some people may be lucky and some may have a system, but no one knows beforehand what numbers will appear on the balls. People can also have premonitions, but this is extremely rare. For most people, it’s wasted money. the writer has spent a lot on it in his life, but has never been successful. The odds are very small and we note that some people who win should win and no, we would never predict the numbers for the next draw. This is something that we are not interested in at all and the writer has to grin violently right now. Save the money and prefer to do something useful with it. In any case, you have some of it. We emphasize again very clearly: Some people should win, but not everyone. Those who are supposed to win a large amount are negligible in relation to the number of winners of large amounts.

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