A0025: Are vaccinations good or bad for us?

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It should be noted which vaccinations you have in mind. Tetanus is extremely useful and should also be carried out by you. The other vaccinations, especially for toddlers, we classify as questionable and advise you against it, as far as the child’s well-being permits. The vaccinations never work exactly as predicted and many side effects can negate the respective healing success. Whenever possible, refrain from doing so and try more preventive measures such as taking antibacterial products. Here you can also be sure that everything you plan to do will come about with this medicine. For example, take [sun grass (sunflower seeds)] sun-dried grass. This grated and through a sieve with plenty of liquid results in an almost pure antibacterial paste for rubbing in irritated skins. It should also be noted that the sage must be protected from rot by heating it slightly. Many pharmacists will know the procedure and can help with the manufacture. Let it be said that nature has all kinds of medicines ready for humans. You just have to study its composition and usage to achieve tremendous success in this area. Try it yourself and be surprised how easy it is.

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