A0023: Is there a planet called Eregon?

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Many eventful events have happened on this planet, which we will now briefly address.

  1. Many civilizations have their origins there from their social form.
  2. The resources needed to distribute these forms of society have been created not only on this planet, but also by their sun, which, as we will explain, is unique in nature.

The nature of this sun is important because its core components contain an incomparable wealth of the following materials: magnesium, terranium, sulfates in their original forms, crystalline proteins that can only appear there and, last but not least, the most important property in human history , the [atomic nucloids] with all kinds of associated offered materials for exostellar travel possibilities. Here we are not talking about those offered materials that you know on Earth, but offered materials that flow through the entire galaxies like a grid network and are of particular interest for the interstellar space travel of every race. It currently appears to you as a fanciful idea, but is real and unique in its nature. One day you will find out and then, like the races on Eregon, take space travel to a truly new dimension.

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