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Hello everyone,

I’m sure you’re wondering what I’ve been doing all this time when there haven’t been any new entries on the blog. I’ll tell you.

Actually, I wanted to take a break at the end of last year, but as so often happens, things turned out differently than I thought.

First I took all the blog entries and corrected them myself. Then I had the glorious idea that I could offer the information in the Anunnaki blog in a printed book. So I started to put the information into a manuscript, with a preface and an epilogue.

Along the way, I also wanted to update the website, so that today you can see a completely new website. But this also had the consequence that I had to transfer over 1700 blog entries to the new website.

Next it occurred to me that you, as readers of the Akasha interviews, could still ask questions about the Anunnaki in order to increase the variety of information. No sooner said than done, another 20 questions were included as blog entries.

As I was busy with the manuscript for the book of the Anunnaki anyway, it was obvious to create manuscripts for the general questions as well, in order to offer this information as books as well. For this purpose, forewords were again prepared.

Since all the books will be self-published, I chose Amazon for this. It took some time until I was ready to put the books there and to create reasonably reasonable covers. The picture accompanying this blog entry gives you an idea of the amount of information and thus the work involved. I don’t do it all on my own, but it is nevertheless very time-consuming, even though I have now received professional help for the German editing.

Before I have new questions answered from the spiritual world, I want to finish the books first so that I can devote myself to the interviews again without being forced. However, this will take some time, so I don’t expect to start the interviews before autumn 2023. You will have to be patient until then, but it will be worth the wait because I already have a long list of exciting questions (A0801-A1000).

One more request to the readers of the Akashic Interviews
If there are people among you who would like to support the Akashic Interviews, you can do so now.

I am still looking for support for the English translations, to correct the translated blog entries. The reason for this is that I have the entries translated automatically by DeepL and evaluate them with my basic English knowledge. Especially at the beginning of the Akasha Interviews I did not attach much importance to this, so the translations are questionable 😉

When the blog entries have now received the German proofreading, I will have each blog entry translated again into English by DeepL. I would then need a person to translate the blog entries into English. I would then need a person who is fluent in German and English and who can correct the English translations (semi)professionally.

If there is such a person among you and if this person has the time and motivation to correct the translated blog entries one after the other, I would be pleased if this person would contact me. You can reach me at any time via the contact form.

Other foreign languages
Should someone be fluent in another language and think that the Akasha interviews could also be translated into another foreign language, the same applies as for the English translation. I can’t promise that I can translate all languages with DeepL, but it would be worth a try.

As you can see from the picture, this is not a job you can do in a weekend, so you should really have the time and motivation to tackle the project. I support all of this as much as I can, so you are not alone in facing this if you are thinking of offering to help.

Kind regards

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