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Hello all,

Today the new website of Akasha-Interview officially went online.

I have been running the previous website almost unchanged for over three years now and it was simply time to do something new. So I got professional help and here and now and in the future you can marvel at this help in the form of the new website. I myself am quite surprised by what Mr Sterz has conjured up: https://sterzdesign.de

The website is not quite finished yet, but so far everything has been implemented very nicely. Therefore, there will be some small changes in the near future. A bigger change is the multilingualism, which has not been implemented yet, but it will come.

If you are wondering about the new logo, you can read a description of it on the “About me” – page, which is quite extensive and worth reading.

  • There I not only describe who I am,
  • but there is also information about this blog to read there. I had the information about this blog written directly by my spiritual counterpart.

In the area of books, videos and downloads, there are currently only placeholders. The first book of Akasha-Interviews is still a long time coming. I am in the final stages for the book so it won’t be long either. What all will be shown as videos I don’t know yet, but I was told that this area will be richly filled later.

We have provided a way for you to comment on the blog entries. To do this, you have to register on the website, which already works. Only after you have logged in will the available comments be displayed under the blog articles. If you register and do not receive a confirmation email within half an hour, just write to me and I will activate your account.

If you want to point out a mistake or something similar, you can either write to me as usual via the e-mail on the website or use the contact form that you can access via the website.

Kind regards


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