A0708: Why is Japan special? – Part 9

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If someone thinks another person wants to do them harm because they fear they will be worse off if the other person has the opportunity to get ahead of that person, then that person is held captive by their own belief system. When people act like this, people only have their own advantage in mind. If a person always directs his life in such a way that he himself is never worse off than other people with whom the person has contact, then these people live in constant fear of being cheated. People who have aligned their lives in this way can hardly be relaxed because they are afraid of being shortchanged everywhere. If you feel this way every day, you have a big problem because you are missing something crucial. What could that be, we ask? The serenity that allows you to act in a much more relaxed way. If it does not seem important to you that you always get the cheapest prices when you want to buy something, then you will pay a little more, but you, as a relaxed person, will have much more time of life that you can use wisely because you will not waste it with any suspicions or with crazy trains of thought that always deal with the issue that you constantly have to think about. Again and again, the not serene person weighs up the so-called deal, whereas a serene person only thinks about whether the goods themselves are worth the price. The serene person does not constantly think about how to get a better price, but if in his opinion the goods are worth the price, then he can pay it without worry. When the goods have been bought, a serene person hardly thinks about the purchase. A person who only looks for his advantage everywhere also constantly thinks about whether he has also gained the advantage, this will take up a lot of life time and only when he is of the opinion that he has achieved a grandiose deal, only then is he also happy, but even then many thoughts only revolve around the purchase. You see, serenity is so very important to you and there are so many different situations where you lose your serenity, whether it is something to do with an advantage or something else, you are always afraid of losing something and that is where you need to start if you want to build your serenity. If you have nothing, you have nothing to lose. But if you have something to lose and you still want to develop your serenity, then make sure that what you can lose is no longer of such great importance to you. If your car is beautiful, but no longer a status symbol for you, then you will not waste so many thoughts on your car, or if you buy a car, then it is no longer so important whether you can get hold of it a little cheaper somewhere. You buy it and use it, but you hardly give it a second thought. The thoughts of people who have a lot to lose revolve only around that and they can hardly think about anything else, which can be seen by the fact that their topics revolve only around that and are usually revealed in a negative context. When people often speak negatively about their experiences, it is usually because they fear being disadvantaged, whereas serene people often speak positively about their experiences and in a way that is always encouraging, unlike non-serene people. What does all this have to do with the Wanderers who taught the people of Edo many arts 70,000 years ago, we ask? The villagers of Edo gained great wealth because the village became the main hub for goods in Japan and the whole village gained a high social status as a result and they accumulated great wealth, therefore the Wanderers also made sure that the villagers used their wealth for something that let other people get an advantage. The people of Edo parted with their wealth and they did it willingly because although it was good to be wealthy, it also brought many disadvantages because they now had a lot to lose. But if they gave away their wealth, then they also did not have to fear much that other people would seek their advantage in getting hold of that wealth, more so, if the other people are also wealthy because the people of Edo divided their wealth, then they also did not have to fear that other people would seek their wealth. It was a win-win situation and the Wanderers did a lot to ensure that this concept of wealth sharing was not only understood but also practiced. Because the Wanderers stayed in Edo for a long time, they were able to teach many things that presented the concept of wealth distribution in such a way that all residents saw it as fair and practiced it that way. When the people of Edo did something to support someone or a group of people outside Edo, they did not travel to other villages, but the concept of wealth sharing was passed on to other villages through the traders as information, so that many people from different villages came to Edo to ask an Edo resident to support them. The people of Edo had it explained to them exactly what this foreign person wanted to do with their support and only if the foreign person’s suggestion made sense, only then was the person or group supported by the people of Edo. The sense was ensured by the fact that the Wanderers first checked the supplicants to see whether they wanted to keep their word or whether they were imposters. Quite quickly, however, the people of Edo were also able to determine whether they were dealing with a righteous person. If impostors arrived, they were quickly unmasked and escorted out of the village. If petitioners were unsuccessful because their idea did not seem promising, these rejected persons were very disappointed and because they had so hoped to share in Edo’s fortune, they also lost a lot as a result, so many villages were turned away with their ideas, which in these villages not only made them feel unfairly treated, but they felt they had been cheated because they did not share in the fortune. Resistance to Edo was at an all-time high in these rejected villages, so that the villagers were inciting each other because everyone felt that they had been cheated. It was also not long before this resistance found a target group against which to direct its wrath. The embodied spirits were the mischief that did not want these villages to share in the prosperity because they ordered the Edo villagers how to deal with the prosperity. The embodied spirits are actually people possessed by an evil spirit, that is why they have the unusual appearance. That was their opinion, and they spread this assumption in many villages that had not yet been able to benefit from the prosperity of Edo. So it came to pass that these villages were of the opinion that they had to rid the village of Edo of the possessed people so that the disaster in Edo could not spread. We say even now that this resistance produced a large force that moved towards Edo. The force did not go undetected, so news of this force soon reached Edo. The Wanderers were not surprised because they had already foreseen this action. They did not train the bachelors to defend the village for nothing, so that over time Edo became more and more like a great fortress. Nevertheless, a force that moved against Edo should not be underestimated, so the Wanderers revealed some tricks that you can compare with small flying bombs today. This enabled them not only to fight the attackers at a long distance, but also to inflict great damage on the attackers, which the attackers did not expect in this way. If they had the element of surprise on their side, then the attackers could be so shocked that they gave up discouraged and ran away. We are already saying that these aerial bombs were never used, but if the force had gone on the attack, then many aerial bombs would have been shot down, which would have claimed many lives. It didn’t happen that way, and that too was to the credit of the Wanderers, because the Wanderers suspected that this would not be the last force to appear at the gates of Edo unless the rumour of the possessed people could be impressively cleared up, so that the next part is about how the Wanderers were able to make it imposingly clear before the eyes of a foreign force that they, the embodied spirits, are also who they claimed to be. If you are bored by now because you were expecting a big battle, wait for the next blog entry because we will tell you something you have never heard before.

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