A0622: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 9

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The construction of Atlantis was not very sacrificial, because a city-state cannot be compared to a modern city, which is why Atlantis as a capital was more like a small village. We can already say that not all Lemurians who wanted to stay on Earth settled there immediately, but at first there were many small outposts near the present Giza, where the surviving Lemurians built makeshift huts to get a foothold in the first place. The Lemurians spent about 8 months partly on the large spaceships and then returned to the surface in batches. In the first months Chamuel and his inner circle had a lot to do to let the concept of Atlantis emerge. Many Lemurians were shocked at first after the fall of Lemuria and they needed some time on the large spaceships of the reptoid species to plan their new beginning and also to realise that much will change now. No matter which group a Lemurian joined, it would definitely mean a big upheaval for their daily life. When the spaceships left for Alpha Centauri with the remaining Lemurians, the planning for the new Lemuria had long since begun and much was being done by Chamuel and his followers to ensure that the new Lemuria could come into being. The Lemurians knew beforehand very well where the locations of the Earth’s energy nodes were and they also knew the positions of the other very potent energy flows because they had been exploring these areas on Earth for a very long time. When Chamuel chose what is now Giza as the site of Atlantis, the decision was made quite quickly because even 1.5 million years ago the climate around Giza had more to offer than the South American continent where the third energy node of the Earth was found. At each of the energy nodes there was also a small Lemurian outpost, so that the small outpost in what is now Giza experienced its renaissance. The Lemurians in what is now Giza knew very well what was happening to Lemuria and they had a constant connection with the surviving Lemurians on the spaceships of the reptoid species, which is why they were prepared when the first Lemurians landed on Earth to found the first city-state of New Lemuria in Giza. Because New Lemuria was now called Atlantis, this first city-state was also given the name Atlantis. The writer lives near a city that is equal in area to a medium-sized European city, and this city has over 200,000 inhabitants. Atlantis had about the same dimensions but much fewer inhabitants and this is not because there were not enough New Lemurians, but because of the fact that a city-state is self-sufficient, able to grow and produce within the boundaries of its state everything that the inhabitants of the city-state need for survival. Everything that the population needed was grown in the gardens, and you can certainly imagine that if 16,000 Lemurians live in a city, they will also grow everything that these inhabitants need without having to restrain themselves, so that they need a certain amount of floor space for this, which will be rather more generous than is mathematically necessary. When Lemurians felt hungry, they harvested from their own gardens or there was a collection point where produce could be picked up. Canteens as you know them did not exist until later, when more and more technological advances were made, but they still cannot be equated with your technology. Commune would be the best description for what was lived in such a city-state, so that there were always Lemurians doing something in the communes to provide a service for the general public of Lemurians. The services of the Lemurians still existed in Atlantis, so this tradition was practised until the end. Chamuel gave the first instructions to the Lemurians who had gathered at Giza and he demanded absolute obedience, because everything that now began would go down in the history of Atlantis. The Lemurians first built a sewage system that seemed gigantic in its scale and all the workers in Atlantis only now understood what enormous dimensions Atlantis would have. Even shortly before the fall of Lemuria, there were cities on the continent of Lemuria that had many magnificent buildings, but Atlantis was much bigger in comparison, which is why we could also say: The cities on Lemuria seem like small village communities compared to a city-state like Atlantis produced. In the centre around the energy node of the earth, many large buildings were planned, but at first they were not built. All inhabitants needed a suitable dwelling, which had a drainage system and many wells where fresh water could be obtained. If you imagine a medieval village, it is quite close to that, although the water systems were much more sophisticated. 

Question: Why didn’t the Lemurians adopt the technology of the reptoid species?
Because the Lemurians are very stubborn about their identity. We already said in the series on Lemuria that the Original Anunnaki experienced a societal split in which a traditional group of the Original Anunnaki left the Anunnaki homeworld to start over on Earth. The Original Anunnaki had not yet genetically evolved into the artificial beings that today’s Anunnaki are, so the traditionalists of the Original Anunnaki fled this change and established their traditions in such a way that they would never become what they foresaw their race would become. They did not want to become the Anunnaki of today and they knew very well that the changes in their traditions would always end in such an aberration. We wouldn’t confirm it that way, but this stubbornness has ultimately made the Lemurians who they are today and almost entirely without having to develop complex machinery. Over the centuries, technology has also come to Atlantis, but they started very traditionally and that also meant that the achievements of the reptoid species did not receive much interest from the New Lemurians. The Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system opened up more to the technology of the extraterrestrial species, which also led quite quickly to them being accepted into the community of interstellar-travelling species. 

The capital of Atlantis did not have much to offer at first, nor was a fence erected at first, but since the area was already inhabited by modern humans at that time, the Atlantians had seen no other way to protect themselves from the tribes of modern humans than to erect a fence, which over time became more and more imposing to look at. The first priority was to build the settlement of Atlantis exactly according to the construction plan of Chamuel and his inner circle. The construction plan of Atlantis foresaw several evolutionary development steps and first the sewage system was built. Since Lemurians can really do everything with a crystal, each household was absolutely autonomous and only had to be supported by the community for fresh water and sewage. If each household is, so to speak, its own cosmos, in which each Lemurian can do whatever he wanted to do, what was the actual task of a city-state, we ask? A city-state was supposed to guarantee the survival of its inhabitants, just as it was supposed to promote the exploration of all things. If Lemurians did not have to worry about their survival any more, they had only one goal and that always concerned the accumulation of new knowledge, gained in quite different ways. Lemurians loved to discover things and when they discovered something, they also wanted this knowledge to be shared by other beings. That is why Lemurians were explorers who accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and who shared this knowledge with every being who was also inquisitive, but Atlantis made a difference here in how the knowledge can be gained. If before in Lemuria every Lemurian could research subjects as he pleased, in Atlantis research was regulated so that catastrophes, like the fall of Lemuria, could not happen again. The city-state supervised the activities of the inhabitants, so to speak, and at first many Atlantians did not like this, but this will be discussed later. Atlantis was founded as a small village, but it was laid out in the way that the blueprint of a city-state envisages. The borders of Atlantis were open at first and got bigger and bigger fences as time went on. The village was expanded more and more as new Atlantians arrived in Atlantis. The previously constructed sewage system limited the size of Atlantis and when the border was reached quite quickly, a new city-state was founded not far from Atlantis. The large buildings that can be seen centrally in a city-state are then gradually erected by the inhabitants of the city-state, because all the New Lemurians were keen to do research on something that was of burning interest to them. That’s why you can think of the central buildings as a scientific facility where the New Lemurians could conduct their experiments under supervision. Atlantians, however, not only did research in the central buildings of Atlantis, but as the capital of New Lemuria, they also had to take on many administrative tasks. When the morning dawned in a city-state, many Lemurians set out to get to the centrally located research buildings to research new knowledge with their fellow scientists. The dwellings around the central buildings were not too far away, so the Atlantians in Atlantis did not have to walk long to get there. The fields were laid out on the outer borders of Atlantis, which ensured that the Atlantians always had enough food. Everything such a city-state needs is available within its borders, so many services had to do with guaranteeing this supply for the inhabitants. No one was forced into a service, but every Lemurian participates in it, this has not changed in Atlantis. The closed ecosystem offers many advantages and we say with fervour: The vast majority of Lemurians loved this carefree life because no Lemurian ever had to worry. This was also adopted in Atlantis so that all Lemurians could do what they felt like doing and that mostly had to do with research. Many potent crystals were deposited around Atlantis so that every Atlantian was actually constantly connected to conglomerates of consciousnesses. Each crystal has a crystal consciousness and each crystal can be programmed and that crystal consciousness will change. All the potent crystals in a city-state guaranteed the inhabitants were constantly connected. Through this procedure the inhabitants were able to perform many wondrous things that you have not even considered today. We will go into this in great detail so that you can see the benefits. Now we will reveal something else that should be of great interest. Each city-state has a master crystal that holds a great deal of power because it stores much of the research and daily experiences of the city-state’s inhabitants. Usually, these main crystals were also very pure and large, although we do not want to take size as the main argument for the crystals’ potent behaviour. These main crystals were mostly deposited where the strongest energy beam flows into the earth. If we have already told you that the Great Pyramid of Giza stands exactly on an energy node of the Earth, then the main crystal of Atlantis, which found its place there when Atlantis was built, is also located there. The main crystal is still there today, but not in the place where the Atlantians placed it at that time. This main crystal has survived time and is located underneath the Great Pyramid of Giza. If this main crystal is found, then you will have access to all the knowledge of Atlantis and more than that, every inhabitant has deposited their experiences there every day, because it was only natural for a Lemurian to do such a thing. We have explained in the series on programming crystals exactly why this is possible in the first place. One day when you come across this main crystal of Atlantis, your official first contact with an intelligent alien species will have long since been made and you will have easy access to the crystals that were used in your past. You will then compare our revelations with the information in the crystals, and you will be amazed at how close to the truth we have reported, because every person perceives a situation differently. We know exactly what happened and why something happened, so our revelations best reflect reality. In the next blog entry we will talk a little more about the building of Atlantis, and then we will talk about the life of the New Lemurians, because this everyday life was also subject to a change that we would like to discuss in detail, so that in a few years after the official first contact you can make comparisons with it, when your society experiences a transformation that every human on Earth is driving on his or her own authority, and that will ensure that you rise to an advanced civilisation, so that you can leave all the suffering of the present time behind you. At present you are experiencing hard cuts in your private lives, but they will soon improve, because most of those responsible today are still acting too cautiously, which is actually not necessary. When the present time is soon over, the process of official first contact will begin shortly thereafter, which will dwarf anything you could ever imagine.

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