A0546: Will humans and extraterrestrial beings live together peacefully on one planet in the future?

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When earthly humanity has made its official first contact, then many human extraterrestrial species will gradually pay their respects to earthly people to officially introduce themselves. Many of these species already live on earth, but not among the population, but as we have already told you, each species is allowed to set up an outpost on a celestial body, as long as it does not interfere with the development of the native species.

If a species wants to establish an outpost on a celestial body, then the solar council of the star system must always be asked so that this council decides, regardless of the native species on a celestial body, where the species may establish its outpost. Your earth is enriched by many extraterrestrial outposts, because many species want to experience the official first contact of the earthly people up close. You would also have some raw materials that would be interesting, but these could be mined by the alien species much more easily elsewhere than on earth. The earthly people are not informed of this because a native species that has your level of development has no say at all. If you ascend to an interstellar-traveling species after the official first contact with an intelligent alien species, then you will also have a say in your solar council. The council consists of many council members, so your vote does not have much to say.

Councils always make extremely fair decisions, because councils are designed in such a way that a compromise is always reached that provides a satisfactory result for all parties involved, so that everything in your universe is really decided by councils. After the official first contact, you will also come to this and hand your decisions over to the councils. We have dictated a detailed text about the councils to the writer, so all you have to do is look for this blog entry on the blog to understand the benefits council decisions can offer to you all. Let’s come back to the question asked at the beginning.

At some point you will all have the pleasure of meeting an alien, because we have not yet revealed a lot about the first contact, but if you now believe that they will live and work among you, then this is a wrong assumption. The very human-looking race, who will make the official first contact with you, will establish consulates on your planet, so that every country will always have such a consulate, which will be a point of contact not only for the governments, but also for the people. These consulates will also offer something else, which we will reveal in other blog entries. Suffice it to say, once the consulates have been set up, a lot of people will come to visit to have a chat with real aliens. The human species cannot be distinguished from you at all, but they are technologically and mentally very advanced, so that you actually want to know everything about these beings, including their society and culture. This species lives in a high culture and you earthly people do not. Regardless of which country you live in, you are not even close to a high culture because the legacy of the culture of the Anunnaki brings with it an extremely inhuman approach, so that we can say: Your current form of society is the most inhumane form in the entire universe among the human species. When you have made the first contact, you want to know how this species lives and how their society is structured. When you have experienced this, you absolutely want to take over this form of society and the citizens of the countries will start this transformation process and fuel it again and again, so that earthly humanity will take over the form of society of the human species from the Andromeda galaxy. This process will take many years to complete, but current readers will hear much of it. The earthly humanity will rise to a high culture through this transformation process and since usually high cultures, which represent an interstellar-traveling species, are always extremely peaceful. Therefore over the years, more and more extraterrestrial species will visit the earth, so that they pay their respects and also set up a kind of consulate on earth. The writer is a little taken aback because our formulations seem a bit unusual, but that makes sense, which we will reveal in later blog entries.

At first there will only be consulates inhabited by the species that first made contact with you. After two decades, this species will begin to mix with earthly people, so that in about 30 years it will be a common sight to see mixed couples. Earthly society will not open up to the extent that every alien species on the planet will live next to ordinary earthly people, as you are currently familiar with from your Hollywood films, but earthly humanity is the native race on earth and this will remain so. Many people in the Andromeda Galaxy will live and work here, but there will be so few beings among you that it will hardly matter.

When the first very human-looking races have paid their respects to earthly people after their first contact, then the appearance of the following races will look increasingly inhuman until human races pay their respects who hardly look like human beings, but are nevertheless human in nature. When the human races have introduced themselves, then the non-human races are also allowed to come to earth to pay their respects for their part. These will include the little gray grays, as well as reptoid and insect-like species. Do not confuse the appearance of a species with whether or not they behave humanly. There are now insect-like beings who act much more humanly than the most humane human ever did on earth. Appearance has absolutely no meaning as to whether a being is good-natured or not. If you, dear readers, still have problems with this, then you are still not ready to receive the official initial contact. This notion that a non-human species is oppressing, enslaved, and abusing you is absolutely faux-paced because appearance tells you nothing about the inner being of a species. When you decided as an incarnation in the spiritual world what kind of physical life you wanted, there was a physical life that all incarnations in the spiritual world feared most because it is the most inhuman life in the entire universe. It was not a life as a reptoid or insect-like being, but you have chosen the most inhuman living being for the purpose of growth and you have chosen life as an earthly human being. All living beings on all worlds are more human than man on earth. So why do you still believe your scary storytellers’ nonsense? They don’t know anything and therefore even spin crazy stories that are only supposed to stir up fear in the readership. It’s wrong, and if you really think about it, you know it too. If someone again serves you one of these fairy tales, then question their theses and you will find out very quickly that they do not last. Some facts have been used to make up crazy stories, nothing more.

After the official first contact, extraterrestrial beings will always be seen, but basically only in your media when the next species makes its attendance. The people of the Andromeda Galaxy will be seen sporadically, but it is rather rare, so that we can say: In the current outposts on Earth, very many human and non-human species live peacefully with you and that will not change in the future.

If you are one of those curious people who see no reason in the appearance of species not to communicate with them in a friendly manner, then after the official first contact you have many opportunities to belong to an exploration team on foreign planets, which can then report a lot of after their return. People who still think that non-human species belong to the so-called dark forces will certainly not belong to these exploration teams, because in the universe human and non-human species get along peacefully and also work together. Spider-like intelligent beings will not appear on earth for the time being, because everyone knows how much unfounded fear people have of these extremely human creatures, and the exploration teams will also not encounter any spider-like species. Contacts with these species are not made until many years later, so that these creatures represent the end of the species that will pay their respects. But the current readers will no longer see that.

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