A0542: Why can an intervention in the brain bring about a change in personality?

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If man accomplishes his thinking tasks through his consciousness, because consciousness is you as a person, what is the brain responsible for, we ask? The brain ensures that all sensory data is received, processed and transmitted. If the brain, like a biological motor, transfers all data back and forth between the consciousness and the bodily body, then the consciousness does not reside in the brain, but the consciousness interfaces with the brain and uses it to transfer certain data. Your brain is a biological mass that has many peculiarities that we will now describe. If the consciousness of you only uses the brain, where could it be located, you might ask? We will also explore this question because it is also part of the question itself. 

If the brain is just a biological mass that interfaces between your so-called mind and body, why do people make such a fuss about it, we wonder? Because the brain is an organ that, in fact, medicine still does not fully understand. Scientists actually claim that your personality is created in your brain and that is why children do not yet have a brain as an adult has. If a person’s genius is supposed to be found in the convolutions of the brain, why do all brains look almost the same, we ask? Because a brain works like an engine and all people get the same engine. We do not say that all brains are alike to the extent that they have the same capabilities, so to speak, but the basic brain can be assumed to be the same. A human being will develop further in the course of his life and this further development can be seen in certain areas of the brain. Like a muscle, certain abilities of the brain can be trained, but it is not that people are born with superior abilities because certain areas in the brain are trained differently, but rather a person’s consciousness uses different areas of the brain differently, so that a person’s consciousness is responsible for addressing the brain interface differently. If a person did not feel curiosity, then many interfaces in the brain would not be used at all. What happens to a muscle that you no longer use much for some unknown reason, we ask? The muscle will decline because the human body was designed to use all the raw materials in a body as effectively as possible. If a muscle has lost its raison d’être because it is hardly used any more, then the proteins in the muscle mass will be used for something else. If the muscle no longer appears as large as before, then something has changed in the circumstances of life and the body notices such situations quite quickly, so that many pheromones are released so that the physical being becomes aware that a change in life situation has occurred. The body starts shifting resources around and now guess where the proteins from the muscle go, we ask? Right, towards the brain and what does the brain do with these proteins, we ask? It promotes the formation of new “brain connections”. These “brain links” will ensure that the connection to the person’s consciousness is strengthened. If a change in life situation has caused muscle mass to recede, the body believes the person will now rest and the time of great realisation has arrived. This sounds strange to you, but this is how your body actually works. 

Author: The term “brain connections” does not say exactly what they mean by it, but I could not receive the term clearly. 

In old age you will be less and less physically active and since every human being is incessantly occupied with something, a person will think about many things in old age because he also has the time for it. People who have physically very pronounced muscle groups will think about very many profound things in old age because the body has actually been set up to think that young strong people have to do a lot of physical work and hardly have time to think about profound things, whereas not so strong people could think a lot in their younger years so that they also do not need the proteins from the muscle masses in old age. Whereas a change in personality is more noticeable in strong people when they get older, it is rather the other way round with not so strong people, because the personality could already be formed in younger years. When you fast, it is similar. When people go on a long fast and their muscle mass is reduced, the body automatically thinks that the person now has time to think about many profound things and the proteins from the muscle groups are used to strengthen the connection of the consciousness so that the personality can also think more effectively about important things. The body does not count how old you are and whether a period is dawning in which the person can think a lot, but certain processes that are triggered in the body start such a change in consciousness, as in this example. 

If the proteins from the muscles trigger such a strengthening of the connection, could you possibly trigger it in another way, we ask? No, unless you are fasting, but there are no artificial preparations that trigger such a process, because the whole system is much more complicated than you might think. When a person receives more and more proteins for his brain through this process, many things can change in his personality, because some abilities are unlocked that previously had a miserable existence. When you wake up in the morning and you are more aware of your position in society, then it is a gain in knowledge that you have gained because the motor of your brain has suddenly unlocked special abilities. If you, as consciousness, are at home somewhere, why do you actually need a biological motor in order to gain knowledge, we ask? We spiritual beings are incorporeal because our consciousness is free to do whatever it wants. If you are spiritual beings just as we are, why do you need a brain to think? Think about this question very carefully and maybe you will figure it out for yourself. For all those who would like to be served the answer, we must first explain something so that you can understand the answer at all, and all diligent readers of this blog will surely have the assumption that it must have something to do with the partial consciousnesses of the human being. 

The consciousness of the human being consists of several partial consciousnesses. These partial consciousnesses arise from the incarnation that you are in the spiritual world. These partial consciousnesses are constantly thinking about things and almost none of these partial consciousnesses need a biological mass for this, which you call a brain. But one part of a partial consciousness is different, this part knows nothing of the incarnation and this part also has no memories of life as an incarnation, because by definition this part of a partial consciousness is artificial in nature. For the sake of simplicity, let us say today that this part of a partial consciousness came into being at birth. This part of a partial consciousness is called by us the personality consciousness of a human being and that is you as a person. This personality consciousness had only a small amount of consciousness fractals in the beginning, but the older you become, the more the number of consciousness fractals increases and you develop a personality that develops and strengthens more and more. As the human being receives more fractals of consciousness, because the artificial personality consciousness keeps growing, the human being receives these fractals of consciousness from the actual incarnation. 

The personality consciousness assimilates the consciousness fractals of the incarnation, so that this process is not easily reversible. When the personality consciousness assimilates the consciousness fractals of the incarnation, then the human being becomes more and more like the incarnation that once incarnated into the physical body. But the actual incarnation also becomes more and more the personality of the human being, because more and more fractals of consciousness of the incarnation are assimilated. When the human being matures into an incarnation and the incarnation takes over more and more aspects of the human being’s being, then at some point they have reached a point where it is no longer possible to distinguish whether the incarnation is now even more the being of the incarnation or has taken over more of the human being. When this point has been reached, there is equality between the essence of the human being and the essence of the incarnation. After that the tide turns, because the incarnation becomes more and more like the human being in terms of its essence, and this is usually also the time when the human being stops the great physical efforts and thinks more and more about profound things. You can accelerate this process by repeatedly going through periods of fasting. You will learn a lot about yourself and the environment, because the incarnation in you already knows all these things. An incarnation, unlike a human being, is exceedingly clever, so that every incarnation already knows everything about a physical life before it incarnates and only has to experience it. This wisdom rises in you during these processes and you gain many insights that confirm this maturing process. 

Let us now explain why the artificial personality consciousness of man cannot think on its own without the biological mass of the brain. Let us assume that you consist of exactly ten fractals of consciousness, which you are now as a person. Ten fractals of consciousness also form your speed of thinking about tasks. If you use only five of your ten consciousness fractals for a thinking task, then you are only half as fast in solving the task. When solving the thinking task, you use five consciousness fractals in the same way as you use your ten consciousness fractals, but you only have half the computational power, so it takes you twice the time to get the same result. If you were discussing a subject with another person, the ten fractals would make you think quickly and you would have a normal conversation. If you used only five fractals of consciousness for the same conversation, you would have the same conversation in twice the time. You would not argue any differently than you would with ten consciousness fractals, but you are very slow at it. Your interlocutor will immediately notice this and think there is something wrong with the person. What does all this have to do with the actual question, we ask? Everything, because every person has a personality that evolves over time. This personality expresses itself through the artificial personality consciousness, which grows more and more during your life, because the personality consciousness assimilates more and more consciousness fractals of the incarnation. Each consciousness fractal of the personality consciousness is you as a person, but each individual consciousness fractal can only think very slowly. 

The body consciousness, which belongs to the body and which has entered into symbiosis with the total consciousness during the bodily life, has sovereignty over the fractals of consciousness of the personality consciousness, that it decides to detach the fractals of consciousness from the body when the body realises that the person is asleep, and the body consciousness puts the fractals of consciousness back on and gathers the fractals of consciousness around the body when the person awakens. When the consciousness fractals are detached from the body, they have hardly any possibility to stay together to let you become conscious with their computational power. When you are not asleep, your consciousness fractals are gathered around the body and together they have a high computational power to make you conscious in the body. But a single fractal of consciousness of yours is so slow that it can hardly do anything by itself. Spiritual beings do not have this problem because we have full control over all our consciousness fractals so we can attract many or few around us to think more and more consciously with a lot of thought power. We can also split up so that we can create two very potent partial consciousnesses and consciously do two different things in different places at the same time. But the personality consciousness of a human being cannot do this because the personality consciousness with its fractals of consciousness is bound to the biological mass that you call the human brain. 

As you become more and more conscious, as you assimilate new fractals of consciousness from your incarnation, the new fractals of consciousness of your personality consciousness must also be connected to this biological mass, so that new areas of your brain must always be connected to the new fractals of consciousness. You increase your number of consciousness fractals, which then of course have to be connected to the brain, so that your abilities, which you keep receiving, only exist when you have developed further. Then more and more partial consciousnesses of incarnation will willingly surrender their consciousness fractals so that the personality consciousness can assimilate them. The body consciousness will connect these assimilated consciousness fractals to new areas of the brain, which will make you think faster and which will also unlock special abilities that your brain is pretending to have. 

If a person does not want to evolve, then the partial consciousnesses will also resist giving up their consciousness fractals, so that the time may never be reached when it can no longer be determined whether the incarnation is still the original incarnation in terms of essence or whether it is more the person. Many incarnations will not give up all the fractals of consciousness, so that the incarnation does not come forth completely in the person, but they must give up a certain number so that the person appears in the spiritual world as the person from Earth and is not the previous incarnation, which behaves a little like the person from Earth. 

You see, the brain is really only the interface with consciousness and when that interface is manipulated, the person thinks more slowly, which is often misunderstood because it is thought to be a personality change. If a person is operated on the brain, the personality will never change because the personality does not reside in the brain but in the fractals of consciousness of the personality consciousness. These fractals of consciousness are at the quantum level. The quanta do not exist there because they do not exist at all, but we and all people on earth are represented there among others. 

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