A0523: What exactly is dissociation?

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If we are going to explain to you in detail what dissociation is and what happens, then we will also have to explain what people will perceive during dissociation, because this can be very exciting for people. We will also present an exercise on how you can induce a dissociation. Not everything is exactly as you have thought it is, so with our knowledge you should be able to induce dissociation and understand what it is and what you can perceive. 

Dissociation is a mental act that every person can practice, but not every person should actually try it, because you will be introduced to information that most people will not understand at all. What do we mean by that, we ask? Imagine you are watching an exciting film. In one scene of the film, it is revealed that a main character is an alien who can be unmasked through special glasses. The suspense builds as the hero of the film, for the first time, puts on these glasses for unmasking alien beings and to his amazement, he spots one of these alien beings among his followers. If the film goes on like all blockbuster films do with you, the hero of the film unmasks many alien beings and ends up saving the world. So far so good. You have certainly seen something like this before. Of course, the film has many exciting moments where the hero of the film is confronted with these evil alien beings and often this confrontation ends with a dead alien being. Even when the arguably alien beings are unmasked, they will always deny that they are alien beings. No matter what they will present, the glasses do not lie, because through them everyone can see what is really hidden behind the façade of reality. 

Now you will certainly start to wonder, because most readers know that looking through such glasses does not lift the curtain, but that you can only see through it a little better. If all astral planes are always only a reflection of thoughts, what can you really see through such glasses, we ask you? 

We have told you that the Earth is enclosed in what is called a matrix, which is an energy field, because only life forms create an energy field around themselves. Every thought you have affects your energy field around your body. We have also told you in detail that the planet Earth at this time consists of exactly seven energy bodies, which everyone understands to be the astral planes. These astral planes encompass your planet, but it is not the spiritual world, because at present you exist on the plane of matter. When you meditate, dream or take an astral journey, a portion of your personality consciousness becomes conscious on one of these astral planes. When you consciously visit the astral planes, you will visit the sixth astral plane because your sixth subconsciousness resides there. 

You have heard correctly. You yourselves are made up of seven energy bodies, just like the planet Earth. Each energy body is home to a subconsciousness of yours, and since the seven energy bodies of human beings are closely intertwined with the seven energy bodies of the Earth, all your subconsciousnesses will be travelling on the astral planes of the Earth. The sixth astral plane is special and we say why. When you undertake something and you think about it, you will do it with a portion of the sixth subconsciousness of yours, which we call the personality consciousness. This personality consciousness is present on the sixth astral plane and since a consciousness is made up of many fractals of consciousness, you will be present with these fractals of consciousness on the sixth astral plane. Each astral plane is simultaneously around your body, so they are like layers of reality that you are constantly passing through. The sixth astral plane is also such a layer, which you are constantly passing through with your body. 

Since your personality consciousness resides on the sixth layer, when you are awake you automatically attract the fractals of consciousness on the sixth astral plane around your physical body. The personality consciousness with all its consciousness fractals is accumulated tightly around your body and when many consciousness fractals have been attracted, you become conscious with this personality consciousness in the physical body. The fractals of consciousness are gathered, so to speak, in your aura and not in your body, but all the fractals of consciousness are mentally entangled, so that the eighth subconsciousness, which belongs to your body and which is not you as a spiritual being, is mentally entangled with you as a spiritual consciousness for the time of incarnation. You are conscious around the body and you clothe that body with your energy bodies. That is why you do not have to separate from your body during an astral journey, because technically you have never been in the body, but you have many interfaces with this body so you assume you are in this body. We have talked about this in many blog posts and how it relates to what we call the matrix. 

Now, if you had a pair of glasses that would make these astral planes of your earth visible, what do you think you would see there, we ask? Nothing exciting, some persons would suppose, and the true astral travellers would claim that there is everything to see there, but what is true, we ask? Every astral traveller will always stumble upon curious places that he cannot easily explain.

The astral planes in a nutshell
There is the mundane plane, which actually corresponds to an astral plane, but since it seems to be so solid, we will not go into it further. 

  1. The first astral plane of the Earth: This plane has much to do with bodies that express emotions. When you travel this astral plane, you will meet many partial consciousnesses of human beings that act very emotionally, because the first energy body represents the emotions of human beings. If you are very angry, then a volcano, so to speak, is bubbling around you on the first astral plane of the earth, because the partial consciousness in the first energy body has been given the task of developing your emotions. You heard correctly, it is to learn to experience emotions. That is its task and since this consciousness is you, it will also transmit these emotions to you so that the person as a total consciousness can experience emotions. A spiritual being has feelings, but only in a human life can feelings become great emotions and the first partial consciousness on the first astral plane of the earth is responsible for this. 
  2. The second astral plane of the Earth: through this energy body you can radiate frequencies that are perceived unconsciously by other beings. If you visit this plane on an astral journey, you will be able to see much that is animalistic there, because the second partial consciousness of yours develops these abilities there. It learns there to radiate outwards something that you need as a human being. A woman will learn to emit frequencies that signal a possible willingness to receive. Men will receive these frequencies and they will hardly be able to resist them. Men are able to radiate their masculinity in this way or they learn to develop frequencies that attract disciples because the person is becoming a so-called guru. These frequencies are extremely powerful, so that a journey there seems as if you were in an animal kingdom where it only matters who can dominate others through their developed frequencies. 
  3. The third astral plane of the Earth: This plane is reserved for many partial consciousnesses, because each energy body has an energy node, which you also call a chakra. If these energy nodes were superimposed, you would have an information tunnel through all the astral planes of you and the earth. The third energy node is such a tunnel because all the energy nodes of all the energy bodies are connected through this third energy node, so the main energy node of the solar plexus is the gateway to all the astral planes. When you focus on the solar plexus energy node in meditations, you will always feel jerky movements there, which indicates that you are travelling with your consciousness to something that you can choose to be the gateway there. We will describe the solar plexus energy node in more detail in another blog entry. The third astral plane is flooded with information because the subconsciousness there is constantly busy regulating the flow of information. If the information level does not suit you, then rather visit the next astral level where you can experience much more. 
  4. The fourth astral plane of the Earth: This plane is assigned to the heart and in a figurative sense this is also correct, because on this astral plane your traumas are processed. Whenever you as a person experience something overwhelming, the subconsciousness on the fourth level of you will ensure that the experience is never forgotten, so that all the negative and overwhelming experiences are stored there, which in the course of life will be made conscious again by the fourth subconsciousness, so that you can better process the experience later. The situations experienced will always ensure that they are categorised and some will cause such strong emotions that the person does not seem to be able to process the situation at the time, so they are waiting in the fourth energy body to surface one day. When they surface and you unconditionally accept what has happened, then the trauma can be resolved. If you go to this astral plane, you will find a lot of grief and suffering that people are still trying to process. This plane is oppressive and oppressive to you when you travel to it. 
  5. The fifth astral plane of Earth: Whenever you want to express something linguistically or through gestures, the partial consciousness of the fifth energy body of yours comes into play. On the fifth astral plane of Earth, these subconsciousnesses will learn how to articulate well with you. If bodily expression plays a major role in your society, then your subconsciousness will also train in gestures. When you travel this astral plane of Earth, you will experience loud discussions so that there is something threatening about the whole scene and many consciousnesses are, so to speak, shouting at each other all the time because they want to train the skills. The writer is thinking about how this is all connected because you are actually training the way of arguing with your personality consciousness and we tell you that this is true, but the fifth energy body with its subconsciousness will already be training in advance so that a heated discussion will not make you lose your temper straight away. 
  6. The sixth astral plane of the Earth: This astral plane is a superposition of all the other astral planes, so that everything that can be seen on the astral planes comes together there, which is why this astral plane is also richly populated. When you dream, meditate or start an astral journey, you become conscious on that plane because that is where your personality consciousness resides. When you close your eyes and you start what is called visualising, what do you think happens, we ask? You don’t know? Then let us briefly summarise the knowledge we have gained from this blog entry. You are present on this plane with a partial consciousness. One part of this partial consciousness is the personality consciousness. In the waking state, the personality consciousness is contracted around your bodily body and you become conscious “in” the body, because all astral planes are to be interpreted as layers around you and you are thus constantly passing through all astral planes. If the consciousness fractals of your personality consciousness correspond to only a portion of your sixth subconsciousness, then the remaining sixth subconsciousness is also present on the astral plane. When you close your eyes, you become conscious in the other subconsciousness on the sixth astral plane of the Earth and as consciousness fractals of your personality consciousness are released around your body, they migrate to the other subconsciousness of you so that with more and more consciousness fractals migrating, you become more and more conscious in the sixth subconsciousness of you on the sixth astral plane. Fantasy does not exist, but you perceive this astral plane and you can begin to create something there or you marvel at what else there is to see on the sixth astral plane. This happens when you meditate, when you sleep and on an astral journey. We also say that when you meditate or sleep, you appear on the meditation or dream stage, on the sixth astral plane. These are delineated realms where we will allow you to experience much and where we will train and teach you. This sixth astral plane really has a lot to offer and many partial consciousnesses of people do many things there. Among other things, they create the environment on this plane, because the subconsciousnesses constantly perceive all that you do on the worldly plane, so that these impressions in the sixth astral plane lead to the subconsciousnesses recreating your worldly world there through their creative power. But it is only an image of the worldly world and not the original, so that much there looks similar to the original but is often incomplete. The more people marvel at something on the worldly plane, the more accurate the image on the sixth astral plane of the earth. 
  7. The seventh astral plane of the Earth: Have you ever wanted to materialise something on the worldly plane? Make something appear, so to speak, like a magician, we ask? Yes? Have you also wondered how extraterrestrial beings create something out of nothing, even though they don’t seem to use any equipment to do so? Then we want to tell you. Every astral plane is subtle, so the mundane plane seems much denser. On the mundane plane you cannot usually create anything by your power of thought either, because all things on the mundane plane are endowed with great holding power. But if there were a plane that also had density but was not endowed with such great holding power, then a thought of yours could cause you to redirect quantities of energy so that you could create something quickly and easily, just as on the subtle plane. This plane exists for you humans because the seventh energy body is an astral plane that has your worldly density, but it does not have such great holding power, so that a journey on the seventh astral plane would be like a journey into your worldly world, where you can not only create houses and landscapes, but you are able to create real living beings that act like real plants or animals and that also have to breathe and eat. If you create a predator there through a thought, then this being exists and also has to eat something, because you would usually create it that way. However, this astral plane is not inhabited by the partial consciousnesses of other human beings, but every human being has this astral plane in his human body, so that what is created there also only exists as long as the human body exists. You cannot create other human beings there, but you can be the being there that you have always been. You are creators, or if you like, you are God, and on the seventh astral plane you can live out again that which you cannot be on the worldly plane. If you manifest a stone there, it is a real stone and if you practise a lot, you can move that stone from the seventh astral plane to the mundane plane. If you can do that, then you are holding a stone in your hand that you have created as a creator being on the seventh astral plane. One thought is enough to create this stone, but you must practise transferring it to the worldly plane many times until it finally works. 

Now we have explained to you that on Earth you are constantly surrounded by these astral planes, and that each astral plane has a task on which the subconsciousnesses of you there train for their task. Now, if you had a pair of glasses that at one time revealed one astral plane and at another time another astral plane, what big eyes do you think you would make if you knew nothing about what that meant. 

If you were to dissociate, then you will detach your consciousness fractals around your body and depending on which energy body you consciously or unconsciously focus on, these consciousness fractals will move to the astral plane whose energy body you have focused on. When you arrive at that astral plane with that fractal of consciousness, you become conscious in the subconsciousness of you that resides there. When you become conscious in the second energy body, you will perceive the astral plane there, just as your second subconsciousness perceives this plane. When you travel to the fourth astral plane there, you will perceive the traumas of the persons. If you do not pay attention to all this because you do not know anything about these things and you try to dissociate, then you could get a completely wrong idea of what is there. 

If the hero of the story in our blockbuster quoted at the beginning had known what he could really see there, then the outcome of the story would certainly have been completely different. It would then no longer be so exciting and no one wants to see that, so the assumption that the characters must be extraterrestrial beings is much more entertaining. If a story is entertaining, then it will be gladly accepted. Let’s just hope that everyone will also understand that the blockbuster is only a fictional story and does not reflect reality. But if we will now explain to you how you can easily dissociate, then you too could possibly see extraterrestrial beings travelling on the astral planes because the official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species is imminent in a few years. Let us hope that the astral travellers do not see these extraterrestrial beings as invaders, because that would be an exciting story to hear, but we must already disappoint you, because we have already explained in detail in many blog entries why you will experience this first contact before the end of this decade and what all this has to do with the so-called matrix. 

An exercise in dissociation
If you can imagine something, then you are conscious of an astral plane and you change with your personality into the respective partial consciousness on the respective astral plane. If you are very conscious, because you can imagine something very well in your mind, so to speak, then you have managed to dissociate very many fractals of consciousness from your bodily body, so that you are more conscious in the other partial consciousness than if you could dissociate only a few fractals of consciousness. So the trick is to find a mechanism to release many fractals of consciousness from your body. When you have found this mechanism, then you only have to know which astral plane of your earth you want to travel. So, initiate the release of the consciousness fractals and at the same time think of an energy body that inhabits an astral plane of the Earth. We suggest that you take the sixth astral plane of the earth, because on the one hand you can experience a lot there and on the other hand you do not only perceive the task of the partial consciousnesses there, which can have really disturbing effects on an astral traveller. You have read correctly, a dissociation will also always lead to you consciously travelling to this astral plane, so that we can also choose the term astral travel. Everyone will perceive an astral journey differently and this has to do especially with how many consciousness fractals you have been able to dissolve, so that the dissolving of many consciousness fractals will lead to an impressive astral journey, whereas the dissolving of a few consciousness fractals will lead to something where you can only see something dimly, as if through a curtain. 

Let us now return to the exercise. Take a little time and concentrate on your forehead. Try to feel a point on your forehead that could be in the middle of your forehead. If you have difficulty, take a finger and gently massage this point in the middle of the forehead again and again. There is the sixth energy node and if you try hard and with your full attention to feel this point, then at some point you will also concentrate on your eyeballs so that you try to feel the point on the forehead and your eyeballs. Eventually there will be a feeling of pressure in that area so you know that you have focused your full attention on those points. 

You now have all your consciousness fractals focused on these areas. As we have said that your consciousness is gathered around your body, technically you will also gather these consciousness fractals in the area of your face, so you imagine that you are these gathered consciousness fractals on your face. Because you have been concentrating on your eyeballs all along, you will be assisting the seeing of the astral planes. Accept this information for now, we will come back to it later in other blog posts. Now that you are seeing something in your mind’s eye, imagine that you are seeing your face. You don’t have to be so fixated on seeing a real face of yours, because you never see the real world when you dissociate, but only the created world as an image on the respective astral plane. Now you practise several looking positions around the head and with time you can move more and more away from your physical body on the astral plane, because the astral planes exist like layers in the worldly world. The better you practise this, the better you will de facto experience astral travel from the moment. 

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