A0522: Are there different timelines?

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No, but there is something similar that you can perceive that will fool you into thinking that something like timelines actually exist. If you can perceive a different timeline, then you have done much to experience a so-called timeline, but it is not what you currently assume. The writer exists exactly as he is now writing this text exactly once and the writer will not appear exactly once more on a planet in any other dimension. Your thoughts of countless parallel universes, in which you also exist and which multiply themselves every moment, are not real at all. There is such a thing as a second timeline, but it is something completely different, which we will first briefly introduce in order to then come to a mechanism that can make other timelines appear to you, although they can never exist in the way that you still assume them to be today. Let us now come to a real timeline that can only exist once. 

Time travel
Time travel into the past is actually possible and a time traveller would create his own timeline in the past, which we as spiritual beings can perceive. This has already happened, so there are many real timelines that exist in reality. But they are something completely different, which we will now explain. 

We have told you many times that every moment you experience is stored as information. We have also told you that all moments of all life forms are stored in the morphic field that you call the Akasha. You can then easily read that history in ways that you would not think possible at this time. If all your moments were stored with all your emotions and thoughts, then you could relive those moments as an observer, as if in a hologram. Even more, you could “enter” your past self and you could relive the moment within you. You hear your thoughts, you hear your spoken words and you see what you saw then. You can do even more because you can also change into the person who was also present at your moment and you could experience everything as the other person perceived that moment. You hear, see and feel what the other person experienced and you can hear the person’s thoughts because nothing is hidden from you. You would be able to understand why, for example, an argument escalated and much more because all this information is stored eternally in the morphic field. This information reflects everything that has happened in your Universe since the morphic field was activated for it. 

There are many universes and dimensions where exactly the same thing has been done. When we tell you in such detail of what has happened on Earth, we read that morphic field and we perceive a great deal in a human moment so that we can perceive what has happened with the Anunnaki on their homeworld and on Earth in a few moments from many perspectives. If the history of your universe is stored in each moment, then someone in that past could choose a time when the being itself also existed in the universe and it could not only look at what happened then, but the being could become existent in that past. If a being were to do this, then the being would disappear from the original timeline at the time it started the time travel and the being would use the information in the morphic field to create a new timeline that would only exist for the time traveller. No one outside the new timeline would perceive anything of this new timeline. However, when the being has disappeared from the original timeline, everyone from the first timeline knows who the being was, but it is then no longer present because it has moved as a whole into the new timeline. 

But the new timeline is technically a new universe and here the writer does not believe us because he does not understand where the consciousnesses come from that exist in the beings of the new timeline. You are spiritual beings and you currently inhabit this human body on earth, who then inhabits the bodies in the new timeline of the time traveller, the writer asks himself again and again and he now also suspects what we will answer? It is you, and we will now explain how this works by means of an example. 

When you drive a car, you think about many things on a long drive. When you do that, you split off a subconsciousness that thinks about those things. When you think about things, you are also driving the car. You have divided your consciousness resources so that you now have two subconsciousnesses that are doing different things. If you are both partial consciousnesses, then something must have changed or not, we ask? Yes, because both subconsciousnesses have less computational power with which to do things. You don’t really notice it, but you do. If you can share your consciousness, then surely in the new timeline there could be a partial consciousness of every living being, we ask? No, that doesn’t work at all because then all beings would think slower and slower, but something similar happens that ensures that all beings in the time traveller’s new timeline are also inhabited by a consciousness. 

Imagine that you have a balloon and in this balloon there are air molecules that fill the balloon. Now if you take a handful of these air molecules out of this balloon, it would hardly be noticeable in the balloon, but if you imagine that each air molecule in this balloon corresponds to a consciousness of yours, then in this analogy an air molecule also consists of a vast number of consciousness fractals. If your personality consciousness corresponds to an air molecule, then you can also imagine that the beings in the time traveller’s new timeline will simply receive another air molecule from the balloon that you are as a being. Thus, the beings in the time traveller’s timeline are inhabited by the consciousness that also inhabits the being in the original timeline, because all partial consciousnesses of yours are always you as beings, only that a larger partial consciousness comes to the same decision more quickly than a smaller partial consciousness of yours. 

This would now clarify how it is possible for a time traveller to create a new timeline. Now what does this have to do with all these parallel timelines you are always talking about, we ask? Nothing, because time travel into the past is very rarely done because it has no added value at all, but that timeline only exists for the time traveller and if the time traveller lives in the new timeline then little will change, so you will understand that this is not a goal for a society to send a person into a completely new timeline if society gets no added value from it. What happens when the time traveller dies in the new timeline, we ask? Nothing, the timelines will have diverged so much that they can no longer be merged. Different incarnations will incarnate in the new beings of the two timelines, so that they behave like two similar universes, which, however, diverge more and more from each other the more time passes. 

Question: If my partial consciousnesses exist quasi parallel in two timelines, then I could mentally switch to the other timeline or not?
No, that is indeed not possible and we will also explain why it is not possible at all. If your incarnational consciousness is split so that one subconsciousness becomes conscious in the other timeline of the time traveller, then your subconsciousnesses have no direct connection with each other. The incarnation consciousness that currently dwells in the incarnation cube in the spiritual world is detached from your total consciousness in the spiritual world for the time of incarnation. You exist as an exceedingly large total consciousness in the spiritual world, but you have assumed a state that does not easily allow you to continue to operate in the spiritual world as you did before. When you rest, so to speak, with a partial consciousness in the incarnation cube, there is still a greater consciousness of yours that also rests in a place that we have never addressed before, but the partial consciousness has no connection with the other consciousnesses for the time of incarnation. It is the same in the other direction, so that a time traveller ensures that a partial consciousness of yours is duplicated into the consciousness fractals of the new partial consciousness so that the consciousness becomes existent for the new timeline. However, these two subconsciousnesses have no connection with each other, so they cannot become conscious in the other subconsciousness. 

Question: If I were to develop completely opposite personalities in two timelines as a human being, what happens to these two opposite personalities after human life?
These two partial consciousnesses will enter into a symbiosis with each other and we also say quite clearly that the person would hardly change, no matter what happens to him in the other timeline. You all correspond to a certain type of human being and you will always develop in this direction because it is, so to speak, predetermined. The writer is thinking of cruel criminals and mass murderers. That these persons have not been disguised in such a way that they develop such a deviant personality should be clear to you, so that we will say that felonies and mass murderers are an aberration that can arise through many wrong ways of life, but that happens very rarely. The partial consciousnesses will hardly differ, so that in terms of consciousness the incarnation will correspond to the human being from both time lines, which hardly differ. The increase in power after death is greater than with only one time line, but not very much, because both partial consciousnesses will have mastered pretty much the same virtues, so that the increase in power is only calculated for one virtue mastered. The incarnations that have experienced something like this can tell twice as much afterwards and they always find a hearing in the spiritual world, because it actually doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it is always for an entire universe. 

Let us now come to the point that makes you believe that there are several time lines that you can travel. 

The unreal timelines
Then what are these timelines that are perceived by some people, we ask? They are memories of something that could have happened and which, as a possibility, did not happen. These unreal timelines are to be evaluated like a preview and we explain this principle at the present. 

When you read these lines of text now, you will store these moments of reading in your inner universes. Your inner universes will be transferred and stored in the morphic field one by one over time as you sleep. If you are reading now, then these moments of you are constantly being stored in your inner universes, but something else is happening that we have mentioned before. You are not only producing a new moment for the inner universes, but you are also preparing new moments, because before the moment is over, the moment has already been thought of by your consciousness. 

Imagine a situation where you have exactly two possibilities to decide something. The decisive moment is then already present and exactly twice, because the two possibilities resulted in two new moments being brought forth. When the person has decided on one option, the moment is completed with the final details and stored in the person’s inner universes. What happens to the second moment, we ask? Energy is never lost, so this moment does not disappear either, but is also stored. This moment enters the inner universes just like the other moment, but as an alternative reality. If we tell you now that the alternative moments are also stored, then all the alternative moments ever created are also stored in the morphic field. But how can a person now experience a period of time in a so-called unreal timeline, when it is always only alternative moments that are stored and which, the further apart they are, are no longer connected without gaps, we ask? Quite simply, a person who descends into a fake timeline will fill the gaps between moments with what is important to the person. The consciousness will project its own ideas into those gaps, creating a coherent timeline that may make less or more sense. 

If there are those among you who think they can dive into timelines, ask them if they can conscientiously comprehend whether these so-called timelines have really made sense. We would think that they have experienced curious situations, but nothing more. Your so-called timelines are not real and do not make sense to the observer because they are a series of possibilities of your reality that are completed by consciousness. 

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