A0519: What is the so-called ectoplasm?

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We want to introduce to you today something that we have never addressed before. Some call it a manifestation and others claim it comes from an intermediate plane that is also richly populated. You usually call it ectoplasm and today we not only reveal what this so-called ectoplasm actually is, but we also tell you why you cannot perceive it under normal circumstances, because each of you is constantly emitting this ectoplasm in small amounts, but only under special circumstances can you perceive it. Now when we explain what this ectoplasm actually is, it will answer many questions that at this time you would classify as mystical. 

Ectoplasm is a substance that is secreted by your body. This so-called ectoplasm occurs in many variations in the physical body and your physicians do not yet know this substance because they have not yet understood how the body actually functions. Have you not wondered why this human body is capable of so many incredible things, we ask? No? Then you haven’t understood the body either, because every body is unique. Even twins differ in their bodies, so it can be said: Every human body is unique in your universe and there has never been an identical human body in your universe. Nor will there be a second human body in the future that has existed before. The body is unique and this has to do with the fact that the genes of the parents are unique, so that never again will a human body be formed from the same gene sequences. The writer is currently considering whether genes are the sole unique feature of a body and we say the following about it: The chances of pairs finding each other to create a new pair of genes together that have existed like this before are so low that we can say with ease that it will never happen. But the genes are actually not everything that makes a unique body, so there must be something else that also appears unique. 

When the body is born, it has already spent a long time in the womb and the mother gives the foetus a substance that is absorbed into the energetic body that belongs to the physical body. There is an energetic body that is associated with the bodily body and that is energetically connected with every single cell of the body. This energy body has special tasks because a lot of information is exchanged via this energy node. We will now go into more detail about this energy body so that you can deepen your knowledge of it. 

The seventh energy body
This energy body has chosen as its energy node an area that you like to attribute to the divine, but this is completely far-fetched, because you yourself are this so-called God and you yourself can be the creator of worlds. We do not want to leave this assertion without a short explanation and say the following: If you were a spiritual being before you incarnated, then you were already capable in the spiritual world of creating whole worlds and also of extinguishing them again. However, you yourselves have never committed yourselves to this task because you are working on other things, but each one of you is fundamentally capable of it. If you can be a god in principle, why do you now subordinate yourselves? Just because you have now chosen a human form for a certain time, we ask? No, you don’t have to submit to anyone because we are all the same, even though we appear formless at the moment, we are also spiritual beings just like you. So, your God does not exist and is more to be interpreted as wishful thinking because you yourselves still have not understood that we are all the same and if we are all the same, then only our wealth of experience differentiates us, but just because someone has a lot of experience, you would not worship that person or believe that that person cannot make mistakes, would you? No, you wouldn’t, so why do you think you are less than a spiritual being, we ask? You do not know? Then think about it hard. 

If you come to the conclusion that you do not need gods, then you have understood something that only a few people actually understand and live. Returning to the seventh energy body, you will also understand why some people actually believe they are connected to the Divine through the energy node on the top of your head. Consider what many individuals experience when they focus on this energy node. They report that they leave the body and ascend to the heavenly realm. We are not saying that this is wrong, but as is often the case, perceptions are not objectively reported, so there are many beliefs woven into these reports that give the perception an entirely different meaning. When someone “ascends” through this energy node, the person enters the energy body that we call the seventh energy body. When the person becomes conscious in this energy body, the consciousness is on an astral plane with this energy body, but the consciousness is first in a phase that we have not yet described in this way. Whenever you become more conscious on the astral plane in meditation or astral travel, you go through a phase of consciousness that goes from your energy node to your energy body to the astral plane. You are directly connected to your energy body, but your consciousnesses of the personality consciousness must first be released around the body and for this they use a tunnel that extends from the energy node through the energy body to the astral plane. When the consciousnesses have been relocated, they are freely present on the astral plane and are usually attracted to you by the partial consciousness there. Now, when you focus on the crown of your head and you practise mental ascension, you first pass through this tunnel until you become conscious on the astral plane. 

If you focus on the sixth energy node on the forehead, the ascension is similar, except that you become conscious on the superimposed sixth plane, which is more than the seventh astral plane. The sixth astral plane is a superposition of the other planes, containing more information than any one of the other astral planes has. If you now ascend through the seventh energy node, you become conscious on the seventh astral plane and you can become creative, so that each person creates his or her own seventh plane, because the seventh astral plane is reserved for the individual and consequently there are as many seventh astral planes as there are human beings. The physical body forms this astral plane because through this body you become God. You have heard correctly, you are the Creator whom you worship so fervently because you could work in your own astral plane as the Wingmaker do with your universe. The body is not just a vessel that you inhabit, but the body is a universe of its own that exists as long as the body exists. When you ascend through the seventh energy node, you descend to an astral plane that exists only for you and in which you can create anything you can imagine. What is the purpose of this plane, we ask? You are there to be who you have always been. If you create something there, then it has a high holding power and we also think that you can build a paradisiacal garden there that will never perish as long as you have this body. When you are in the spiritual world, you have no body and you can only create something that has no matter.

When you, as a human being, create something on your own seventh astral plane, it is not only real, but it is made of matter that reacts in almost the same way as your present matter in your universe. When you create something on another astral plane, it is subtle matter that is not perceived by you at all. You are compressed subtle matter in your universe, which has so much density that you do not usually perceive the subtle world. But when you dwell in the seventh astral plane, you are in your body, so to speak, so that in your solid body you have dimensions which also appear to be solid, but which do not correspond with your perception. If you are present on the seventh astral plane within your physical body, then you can also create solid matter, which can then become existent. We say “can” because you can actually use the dimensions like a tunnel to transport something from the seventh astral plane in your body to your plane of existence and here we come back to the beginning of what we were saying. If someone creates something on the seventh astral plane, then this person can also, with a lot of practice, transport this matter to your material plane. The person acts with their body like a tunnel between these dimensions and so objects or other creations can appear, but they can never be a human life form. You are able to create a life form on this astral plane, but you cannot create human beings there because you do not have the consciousness or the knowledge of how to create such a thing. 

Let us now return to ectoplasm because it is real. When a person produces ectoplasm, this ectoplasm is a substance that the person has been secreting since birth and that the person has already received from the mother as a foetus. The body has many more components than you now realise and when we tell you that the mother passes something to her offspring in the breast milk that can be stored in components of a body, you are surely wondering what that is and what it can be used for. 

The mother goes through many emotional phases during pregnancy that release something in the mother’s body that also enters the womb of the child through many pathways. Among them is also something that, in combinations with other components, produces a substance that is stored in the child. If the expectant mother has a still birth, then this substance will have different properties than if it does not. The substance is stored in the body and then gradually released during life. This substance ensures that people will get along well if they have been exposed to similar birth characteristics, so that meetings can be led by people who are family-like. The writer does not believe us, but it is true. When persons come together who are from a different class, they will also have been exposed to different circumstances during pregnancy. There are couples who often fought during pregnancy and there will be couples where it was different. Pregnancy is predestined for how the family ties are to be judged and this has especially to do with the fact that the woman will make sure that suddenly everything seems different than it was before. Does the woman live in constant fear or is her bodily well-being protected? Children are born into these family bonds and they will inherit much of this family bond. 

When two people meet, these substances will determine whether they can smell each other well or whether the chemistry between the two people is right, to put it that way. We don’t say that this substance is decisive for two people to find each other, but the smell plays a decisive role in this and this substance is stored in a sub-area that is not corporeal, but which is tapped into again and again when it is necessary. If the store can be tapped unconsciously, then also consciously, even if the persons themselves cannot understand what they are actually doing. If a so-called medium produces ectoplasm, then this substance is tapped into, which then takes on a form depending on what the person is thinking about. This substance is like subtle matter that is actually hardly noticed because it is only released in small quantities. If the person consciously accesses it, then he or she will also be able to mobilise larger quantities, which then takes on a form, because everything is always created by a consciousness. 

The ectoplasm is a substance that was transferred from the mother to the child before birth and which reflects the family ties in which the child will grow up. This substance can be tapped to form into a shape that is scooped by the person’s consciousness. 

When physical objects are transported by persons to the material plane, the person has accessed the seventh astral plane, which is uniquely existent within the corporeal body, through the seventh energy node. Created objects on the seventh astral plane are composed of matter that can be transported to your material plane through the tunnel of the seventh energy node. This plane is to be considered as a unique dimension that each human body has. When this dimensional transfer takes place, then through the physical body this dimensional bridge is created so that everything created can be transferred through this dimensional bridge. 

When you, as an earthly species, have reached a certain level of development, then you will be able to create something with your thoughts on the material plane, similar to the process described, out of nothing. However, this will still take a long time, because until then your body will make some evolutionary leaps, which we can already recognise as a future body form in your energy field. 

Question: Extraterrestrial beings who can manifest objects create them in another dimension and then transfer them to this plane?
Yes, but they not only have a future body that you will also develop, but they also have a consciousness that can create precise creations that will then also exist in exactly the same way on your plane. Because the actual body arose from your plane, the plane that is attributed to the seventh astral plane is also a material plane as you know it, so that everything manifests there as you also perceive it on your plane. We still have much to explain until this process can be plausibly understood. 

Question: Is it easier to access and work on the seventh astral plane than on the other planes?
No, we would say that if you cannot visualise properly then you will not enjoy visiting this plane, but if you can visualise then you will have the opportunity to create worlds that behave exactly like your world and life forms will act as you know them. While a created world in a crystal is like looking at a modern picture book, this world on the seventh astral plane, which is attributed to your body, would be absolutely real, so that a lion actually eats meat, unless you think the lion should be a vegetarian. You are a real creator there, as you look upon your creator, because the Wingmaker have devised this complex universe for you. You are God because through your body you are able to create real creations just as you know it from your world. Everything you create there has your density ratio and the life forms are real life forms, because these creations also have mass consciousness, just like your life forms on Earth, only that these worlds exist in your body and every human body has its own dimension, because every human body is unique. You have always been God, you can now be the God on the seventh astral plane and after your death you become a God again, because the synonym for God actually describes a spiritual being that can give rise to worlds, with real life forms. You as a human being are able to do this, but you did not know it until now, so what do you do with this knowledge now, we ask? 

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