A0517: What kind of beings are viruses?

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What is a being, we ask? When we have clarified what the characteristics of a being are, then we can also clarify what a virus is and what these viruses are actually responsible for, because viruses represent something completely different, which you are currently misinterpreting. When you understand what a virus actually does, you will be amazed. Today we are going to tell you something that no human being on Earth has yet understood, and if there is a virologist among you, he or she is welcome to talk to us so that these misunderstandings about viruses can finally come to an end. 

What makes a being
If we want to talk about what viruses actually represent, let’s first clarify what a being is by definition. A human being is a complex being and so is a horse. Is a flower a complex being, we ask? No, because a flower cannot react to its environment the way a human or a horse could. If a flower is not a being by definition, what is it, we ask? The flower is a life form and a flower also has a consciousness, but not in the way a horse or a human being has. Therefore, the flower is a life form, but not a being in the true sense. Take an insect, what kind of being is an insect, we ask? An insect is also a life form, but not a being in the proper sense. A bird? A bird is not a life form because a bird can develop something like a personality and here we have also hit the nail on the head. By definition, a being has a personality, which makes that being unique among its kind. Who decides whether a life form is unique or not, we ask? You do, because you observe these life forms and if you come to the conclusion that a species develops something like personality, then a life form becomes a being. But if you are bad at analysing your observations, then there could actually be life forms lingering among you that are actually a being but that you have not yet recognised as beings. If we reveal to you that such beings do indeed dwell among you, then you must think that the scientists have made a mistake. If we were to tell you how many mistakes the scientists have actually made, you would not believe us, but we can determine exactly whether a life form has a personality or not, on the one hand it has to do with the frequency spectrum of the individual and on the other hand how great the consciousness of the life form is. 

We once said that every single fractal of consciousness of yours is you as a being and every fractal of consciousness will be different from the fractals of consciousness of all other humans because you are unique. Every life form has a consciousness and every life form has a consciousness fractal that is different amongst species. If the fractal of consciousness of an individual of a species is different from the other individuals of the same species, then by definition it is unique and a being in the true sense. All biological life forms have a unique fractal of consciousness, so that a tree, a flower, an ant and a strain of virus is a being, because all beings have some kind of personality within them, which can be seen in the fractal of consciousness of each being. 

If we were to tell you that each vire has a personality, you would not believe it because most of you would not give a flower a unique personality. But why is that, we ask? Because flowers do not communicate in a way that is recognisable to you, so you can never know their personality. If you understood what information plants exchange with each other, you would be terrified to set foot in your garden because you don’t want to hurt anyone there. But as is often the case, it’s not as tragic as it sounds, so we can reassure you. If flowers have a personality, what about even lower life forms, we ask? Every cell in your body has a personality by definition and so do you. What do we mean by that, we ask? When we look at you, you are not a single personality, but you are made up of several personalities, each with their own opinion on a subject. If you detach a subconsciousness from your personality consciousness because you are thinking about something while driving, then per se this detached subconsciousness has no particular task, but if we look at your ego consciousness, then this subconsciousness very much has a task and it will also proceed differently for it when there is something to decide. Therefore, the human being consists of multiple personalities, but they act as if there is only one overall personality. If you were to observe all your thoughts carefully, you would discover at least some opinions of yours that do not come from the personality consciousness. If you are a multiple personality, are you by definition multiple beings, we ask? No, because your scientists have not yet understood all this and when the day comes that this knowledge is common knowledge, then they will also have to redefine the definition of a being because it is clearly not coherent.

The origin of viruses
Let us now come to viruses and we are already saying that a virus strain has a distinct personality and a virus strain has a delicate task to fulfil, which you still have not understood because you are all exceedingly selfish when we look at humanity as a whole. Each of you always has only his own good in mind, but very few people think about the big picture and only your form of society is responsible for that, which seems so inhuman that you are also inhuman. If the form of society gave each individual enough time to think about all these things that move the world, man would not appear so inhuman. If you respected nature and therefore every life, you would soon realise that the planet with all its life forms is to be interpreted as a gigantic organism. If you look at your body, then this body is to be interpreted as a vire in this large organism and if there are many human bodies, then in this analogy many viruses also have an effect on the planet. 

When you have a cold, what do you think your body organism will do? Exactly, it will try to fight the effects of the cold. How does your body adjust when you have the flu, we ask? It will develop antibodies to fight the symptoms and the cause. When we tell you that the same thing happens on a planet, some of you will look incredulous, but it does. Imagine the following scenario: The planet is breathing and every time it breathes in, it has to breathe in very polluted air. If this happens for some time, then this polluted air will make the planet feel worse. The planet will automatically show symptoms that reflect the condition of the planet and the organism of the planet will start to fight the cause because a planet also receives forms of energy to support and heal it. Now, when healing energy is delivered to the planet, what do you think that healing energy does first, we ask? Exactly, healing energy has a healing consciousness and this healing consciousness will first examine the organism to search for the cause of the ailment. If the cause is found, the cause is tackled and the symptoms are cured. But if the cause is viruses that are wreaking havoc on the surface of the organism, then the healing energy will see to it that these viruses are decimated so that the organism can recover. Humanity, in this analogy, is the virus and it is being fought. With what will this virus be fought, we ask? With its own means. Why is that, you may ask, and we tell you this: If you are always thinking of your own welfare, then this way of thinking will cause your actions to degenerate to such an extent that you will have too few resources to continue. Natural selection can also be applied on this large scale, so that your inhumane social structure will ensure that you become fewer and fewer on the surface of the planet in order to minimise the damage to the planet and therefore the whole environment. If there were far fewer people on Earth, you would use far fewer resources and therefore do less damage to the planet. 

Now you know the reason why your form of society causes you to be seen as a virus on the planet, and now we will go into detail about what a viral strain is and how it works. We have also only been given permission to do this because official first contact will be made with an intelligent alien species in a few years’ time. Once official first contact has been made, your societies will automatically change and many species are already cleansing the planet’s organism so that the damage caused by humans is gradually minimised. When you have made first contact you will receive medical knowledge that will confirm all that we are reporting. 

What constitutes a viral strain?
What is a viral strain, some people may ask? A viral strain has a task, so the strain can be considered as a total consciousness. If there is an organism that this strain is supposed to represent, what is a vire in this strain, we ask? A vire is to be regarded as a polle of the viral strain and the so-called infection is to be regarded as a pollination. This is how the viral strain spreads. You are already noticing that the infection of a host is a completely natural process, so that viruses in general are also something completely natural. If a vire is like a polle, why do we speak of a viral strain, you may ask? Because the vire carries the blueprint of the strain. This blueprint is stored in the DNA as well as in the energy field around the vire. When the vire receives a potential host, the vire uses the DNA within itself to check whether the right being has been found, because from the information in its DNA, it can determine exactly which being it should pollinate. When the vire meets the right being, it begins its actual task of pollinating the host. The writer is once again surprised at our choice of words, because he knows that we would not choose the verb to pollinate without reason, so that for a resourceful virologist a small clue has already been revealed here, which the virologist certainly interprets differently than a person who has not built up any knowledge about it. For to infest something and to pollinate something are two entirely different processes, so that man was designed to be pollinated by a vire. 

We also say everyone is pollinated and not infested by viruses at the most impossible times and circumstances. If you look at the infection of a person with this in mind, much that is hidden at this time will become clear. If a being can be pollinated, then the being is also the one who gives rise to the pollen. So if flu is created, then at some point a person has sent out this flu virus and your infection rates determine the pollination rate in a population. Humans have always had the virus strain in them and any mutation of a virus always starts from a human. If you can’t believe that, consider how people used to get their flu. 

Natural selection will always ensure that a resource-hungry species is decimated and how that happens is already predetermined in your DNA. The population that needs to be decimated to survive as a species will send out special pollen that is unique to that species and the population will pollinate each other to be decimated by natural selection. Natural selection will always ensure that a proportion of the population is maintained so that the species can survive. Your DNA has the blueprint for all strains of viruses that will start this process, so overpopulation will be affected by your own DNA if it is harmful. Before the overpopulation is harmful to the population, it will always harm the environment first, so at the same time the environment is healed and natural selection causes the population of the species to decline. So what can you do to avoid being decimated, we ask? There is not much you can do, and at the moment you are only accelerating the process because you do not yet understand DNA. 

If the blueprint for the next virus strain is described in the human DNA, then all blueprints for all future virus strains are also contained there. If in one year’s cycle the virus strain has not achieved the effect, then the following blueprint, which is stored next in the DNA, is used, so that the pollination of humans continues until the real problem has been solved. What is the real problem, you may ask? It is not the population numbers, because the planet can hold many more people, but it is the waste of resources and the pollution that comes with it. The planet will ensure that in the area that has been hit hardest by pollution, the species responsible will be decimated so that this area can recover. The viruses are a natural process to start natural selection and these strains of viruses will be started in the population of the polluted area so that they will send out pollen which will spread through the population and cause susceptible individuals of the population to perish so that the species will remain there but will no longer have such a dominant effect on the environment. 

The pollen is the trigger for a virus strain to form in a pollinated body from the DNA sequence so that the pollen produced can pollinate the next body in the overpopulated area. So if you want to prevent the body from creating the viral strain through pollination, you have to stimulate the immune system so that the pollen thinks it is dealing with a healthy organism, because sick organisms produce the viral strain faster than healthy organisms. If you know how the vire tests whether the organism is sick, then you can reduce the symptoms to such an extent that this so-called flu takes the course of a cold. You cannot stop the formation of the viral strain, but you can influence the speed at which the viral strain forms, so that the viral strain forms very slowly and does not put much strain on the actual body. When you discover this, you can mitigate so many serious illnesses that infections arise, but they hardly burden the body. This is the key to your problems today. If you don’t figure it out, by the end of this decade you will be presented with the solution by your new extraterrestrial friends. 

Question: Are the vaccinations helping to reduce the population even faster than the virus strain actually intends?
Yes, each vaccination will ensure that the virus strain cannot achieve its effect, so that after a year, the blueprint of a subsequent virus strain will be developed from the DNA. Every vaccination will also weaken the immune system at the same time, so that you have to develop a new remedy every year, so that you would not only weaken the immune system with the old remedy. The pollen will recognise a sick person and will develop the virus strain very quickly, which will lead to the weakening of the body and the rapid failure of the body’s functions. If you are vaccinated, you are only harming yourself in the first moment because you are ensuring that the virus strain makes its next evolutionary leap every year, which was created in your DNA and it can hardly be changed by you in the near future. All the scary stories you hear about your vaccination changing your DNA are untrue because they will affect the DNA, but they are not capable of permanently changing the DNA of you. 

Question: How many evolutionary stages do these virus strains have?
The stages can be repeated so that they appear more aggressive each year, but it does not always have to end in the extinction of a species. But if the species keeps degenerating, then it will eventually be wiped out because it hasn’t adapted. You have problems at the moment, but you are very far from wiping yourselves out with the virus strains. 

Question: How many deaths must there be for the virus strain to be eradicated?
Not a single death is necessary for this. You always have one year to change something, then the impulse for the next generation of the virus strain is sent out in the area of overpopulation. This impulse cannot be influenced by you, because you then only cure the symptoms, but not the cause itself. Make sure that the environment is better, then the next virus strain will not be formed and you will only receive colds to remind you that you should take better care of your body, because these symptoms always have a purpose that you simply do not want to understand. 

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