A0223: How many parties from secret societies are currently dominating the earth?

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Not a single secret society is really able to rule over the earth. There are certainly associations that have a certain influence, but nobody in these associations has the power to make decisions that affect all of humanity or even a leading nation. A lot happens in your mind and some actually happens, but it’s never really as drastic as you like to imagine. Why do only movies have a chance to be seen that represent something drastic because you humans want to see something like that. There is nothing to be said against this at first, but if people accept fiction as truth without thinking about it, then it is questionable. If you knew all of these secret societies, you would quickly realize that these are mostly gatherings of people who would like to be powerful but are not. Most of it is wishful thinking of those who would like to be entertained. We do not say that there are no lodges that have no good in mind, but even with these people the desire for changes is greater than the actions of the people. By that we mean many of these people are just talking and they are really happy when others talk about them. This gives them a feeling of power, even if the talk is not based on facts. There is no secret society or association that actually does what they are told to do. Many people seem to be obsessed with it and possessed people are not accountable when it comes to a subject of their obsession. People in love are the best example, they are not accountable when it comes to the object of their desire, so why do you believe the people who are obsessed with the power of secret societies. They are not accountable when they discuss it. This becomes clear whenever their so-called facts are refuted. Very few of these people admit the mistake and question their other facts. So rest assured, your official lobbyists have more influence than these secret societies. To answer the question, almost all secret societies would like to wrestle for the upper hand of the earth, but they only do it in their imaginations, just like the obsessed people who think it is.

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