A0222: Do certain phases of the moon have special energetic effects?

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No, your moon phases do not have any energetic effects, but they have a different effect on your organism. By this we mean the following: The phases of the moon are only the face of the moon in relation to how the sun and the earth are related to each other. If the phases of the moon change, the moon will change its distance and this has a gravitational influence on you and every being on earth. Gravitation not only attracts things, but also repels things. Nobody on your planet really knows what gravity does and how gravity occurs. The writer is not a physicist, but he does not believe that gravity attracts things, but that something pushes things and the larger the “area / volume” would be, the greater this pressure could be on things. We do not say that this idea is wrong, but neither is it right. If you say goodbye to the current thinking model of gravitation and focus more on external pressure, you will come much closer to the truth. We get off the topic. If the moon affects gravity around you, then the moon also affects you humans. There are many people who can feel something like this and if you can consciously or indirectly perceive the effects of the changes in gravity, then the “moon phase” or rather the moon distance and the acting gravitational force has an impact on all living things on earth. What you usually see are the tides, but we ask you to think about what kind of force must be in order for this to happen. The moon is vital for life on earth and we reveal something else, the moon is not a natural celestial body, but an artificial one, even if you may not want to believe it.

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