A0220: Can a soul / incarnation also incarnate as an animal?

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No, neither an incarnation nor a soul will incarnate as a normal animal on earth. There are planets that seemed very similar to your environment and on these worlds souls or incarnations are allowed to incarnate as animals. It is forbidden on earth. Animals have a different consciousness than people. Animals can develop physically, so can the so-called spirit develop, but what you call consciousness is very different from the spirit of animals. We would say most animals tend to appear individual, but strictly speaking, animals share consciousness. By this we do not mean all animals, there are some very special animal species, which are different, but in principle animals in one form or another have a mass consciousness. People are individuals who do not normally share consciousness, but there are very few exceptions that can never be compared to mass consciousness. Animals share consciousness, so we would rather speak of a ghost in animals. The mind cannot be measured, consciousness can. When animals die, no spirit will rise and return to the spiritual world. If a person dies, this process could be measured. There are some exceptions among animals, including animals that were not originally created on Earth. By this we mean the following: All beings on earth arise from an earthly gene pool that can be detected in every being. Many beings did not come from Earth, yet they have earthly genes, but their origin is not Earth. How is that possible, we ask? Many people travel around the world, wanting to take home animals that are alien in another country. If the animals are present in a certain population, they can reproduce from their own stocks. If there are only a few specimens, they die there or they find related species with which they can mate. The young are a new species that have the genes of the native specimen on one hand and the genes of the foreign specimen on the other. Now imagine this mechanism in a large environment like the universe. Then you now know that almost all species on other worlds are related to each other to a large extent. If a new species now comes to Earth and finds a related specimen, then the new specimen is not one that has developed on Earth. There are these beings on earth and the writer has already prepared a question for this, which we will soon be able to answer.

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