A0215: How does a black hole arise?

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A black hole is a union of matter in space and time. We speak of matter, the longer it exists in space, produces waves that slide through space. These waves are generated by matter. The smallest particles will perform a dance that creates these waves in reverse. You do not know the waves, but you have already detected their effects. When suns collapse, waves are created that are similar to those waves, they are just much stronger. If the instruments could measure much finer, then these instruments would be able to measure these waves on all objects. These particle waves would be very weak compared to Earth’s particle waves, but they could be measured. Every object will generate particle waves, humans will also generate such waves. An object will produce this type of wave if it stays in one place for a long time. If it is in motion, these particle waves will disappear in motion. They are present, but the body generates additional energy waves during the movement, which overlay the particle waves. However, when the body is at rest in relation to the forces in its environment, these particle waves are generated. These particle waves depend on the “density” of the body and we believe that the “denser” a body, the stronger the particle waves. These particle waves are very special. The material plays a crucial role here. We would say granite would produce a different kind of particle wave than ordinary sugar. Because sugar has crystalline structures, the waves are generated differently than is the case with granite. With granite, this particle wave can pass almost unhindered. Never use material with crystalline structures to measure, you will not get any reasonable measurements there. The particle waves will leave the body and travel through space.

What else happens to these waves, we ask? These waves bend the spatial structure, making the speed of propagation appear much higher than it actually is. If these waves hit other matter, the particle waves will unite. The following happens here: The incoming wave hits the wave that wants to leave the body. The waves can cancel each other out or a wave is created that has combined the two waves. The wave is either directed inwards or expands outwards. If the wave slides inwards, then it will unite at its core with the particle wave that is being produced there. The wave will multiply and we say it will increase exponentially. The increased wave does not stay in the body, but strives away from the body, so that a strong particle wave leaves the body. This wave hits an incoming wave outside the body again and the process begins again. You on earth don’t notice anything because no incoming waves start this process with you. Only bodies with a high “density” will ensure that this particle wave is exposed. If a body is “heavy” enough to start this process, then these incoming particle waves are exposed again and again. Forces are released that change the so-called gravitation.

Gravitation is not what you think it is, but gravitation is the effort of a body to expose these particle waves. If a body is able to amplify these particle waves, then this body has a strong gravity, if you are able to treat the body in such a way that these particle waves are weakened, then the body appears light. Take a large block of granite, as the Egyptians used to do, and change the particle waves that are generated by this block of granite in a way that the transmitted particle waves of your earth do not get into this block of granite. By this we mean that if you can shield the Earth’s specific particle waves from the granite block, the granite block would lose its “weight” and could be carried easily, which previously seemed impossible. These particle waves are much more complex, but the basic principle should now be clear to those who know.

A black hole exposes these particle waves so enormously that the so-called gravitation appears to increase immeasurably, but this is not the case. The incoming particle waves will no longer leave the body because they are repeatedly exposed in the body. Light is not just a particle, but the wave transports it directly into this body, so that captured light particles are repeatedly exposed as a wave.

A black hole is actually a hole in space and time, so we ask where does the hole lead? The holes always lead, without exception, to a time when the universe was created. We say the following: The universe is a closed system in which the energy is never lost. So that the energy can be divided, these black holes will ensure the energy transfer. With this, the energy flows back from today to the point of origin of the universe. The universe actually came into being with the Big Bang and all scientists are puzzled over where the energy came from. The solution is now obvious, it came from now and from the future because time did not exist before and all time was already available during the Big Bang. What do we mean by that, we ask? Time is only temporary, actually there is no time. The fewer dimensions used for calculations, the more time has to be taken into account. If you have calculations in which you calculate in multiple dimensions, the less influence time seems to have. If you are counting on a large number of dimensions, then time no longer matters and can be excluded. The universe has countless dimensions and we also think that time does not matter.

If we look at the universe from multiple dimensions, everything has always been and the big bang and the present are the same. If time does not exist, then energy can be transferred from the “present” and the “past”. The “future” would be a separate topic that we will not address today. Time is relative and from our multiple dimension perspective it is not even relevant. The energy is not lost and who now thinks of a cycle is not so wrong.

We also say the following: If someone could theoretically travel through a black hole, their goal would be the Big Bang. You would then disappear because you did not exist and you would lack the energy that is yours. You travel into nothing, which was the beginning of everything. Isn’t that a great idea?

We will write about it more often, who has detailed questions about it, knows how to be reached.

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