A0214: What percentage is the “TAO – theory of all order” correct and applicable?

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Not at a single percentage and we also explain why. When someone comes up with a secret, great importance has been attached to ensuring that this secret is well protected. However, if someone finds out the secret anyway, the secret keeper will have taken some precautions to hide the obvious secret anyway. Hiding secrets can be done in a variety of ways, but a common way is to encapsulate the secret in another secret. In doing so, the person will unravel the first secret and think the secret has been revealed, but actually the secret is a wrong track, so the secret keeper will still be hiding his secret as long as the person does not discover that disclosing the secret is not a disclosure, it just seems to be a wrong track. The person now thinks that he has revealed the secret and is working with the discovered “information”, but the secret keeper seems to be the only one who really knows what the information actually is. The person who created the TAO is not on the right track because the person discovered a secret, but neither is it. As long as the person does not question everything and dig deeper, he only follows the track that the secret keeper has provided for such people. When the person returns to the beginning of their search and gathers all the facts, the person will likely see a light. Much should become clear when the person recognizes a pattern that was not recognizable at the time. Many beings are interested in other beings being able to develop, so that would certainly be considered advice. People have a limited understanding, we are spiritual beings and see the bigger picture. If a person could see what we perceive, their eyes would open, but people have a long way to go if they really want to learn. When these realizations fall into the lap of these people, these realizations are not always what they appear to be.

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