A0213: What option do you recommend to let go of fear?

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We recommend that those who think they have anxiety should face this fear. Fear is always caused differently in a person. Only when the person knows why they are afraid of something can they let go of that fear. Most of the time, if someone is afraid of spiders, it is because the person was taught in childhood, that spiders are scary and the person has never learned that spiders do nothing to you. If the person understands that there is no reason to be afraid, then they must work on it, that their subconscious does not have to be afraid of spiders. The reaction to fear was taken over into the subconscious in childhood because other people have signaled to the child that one has to be afraid of spiders. It is similar with the other fears, there is always something behind a fear that has to do with loss. With the spiders, it was the loss of confidence that someone should have when a spider approaches. Find the reason for your fear and face the fear, then after much thought and practice, the fear process will disappear in your subconscious.

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