A0212: What is a human aura made of?

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The aura is usually the energetic field around a person. We don’t say this label is wrong, but there is something that would better describe this field. Everything around a living organism is electrically charged, so we would rather speak of an electrified field. You humans have a strong electric field around you. This electric field not only generates some electricity, but the voltage around you is strongly enriched with frequencies. These frequencies are not yet properly researched by you, but let us say that the better you can determine these frequencies in an organism, the sooner you will track down the frequency patterns that we always talk about. Therefore, it can also be said that the so-called aura corresponds to the frequency spectrum of a being, whereby it is irrelevant whether the being is ensouled or not. We perceive the frequency spectrum of beings multidimensionally, which leads us to claim that you humans are multidimensional beings. The aura is generated by the body, the frequency patterns come from the spiritual world, so that we can recognize whether a being is ensouled or not. By this we do not mean that non ensouled beings do not have any frequency patterns, but these frequency patterns differ significantly. Many beings on your planet are not ensouled, so their frequency patterns look simple.

Many people can perceive parts of their aura and the writer has spent many hours practicing this possibility. What he saw then did not convince him and he stopped. The hours the writer stared at his hand were not in vain, but he felt the hand extremely clearly, so that he had actually trained the shifting of his mind. This has had wonderful effects in his meditations, but he has never really noticed his aura. We recognize in its aura or what we call, in its frequency spectrum, everything that is beneficial to the well-being of the writer. By this we mean that information about the physical body is also stored in the frequency spectrum and if the writer has a complaint, then we see it in its frequency spectrum. He always suspects us that we are responsible for his tensions and that we often sabotaged his mood earlier, we were often, but not always. But if we were, then we changed the frequencies for the physical body. These frequency changes always have an impact on people’s mood, so that masters and teachers often work with them. The writer knew that we were doing this and he had developed strategies to sabotage our efforts as well, but in the end he always came out stronger, so we proudly say that we have successfully completed our task. You other people will also be trained by your master and we also say that many of these efforts should also teach the person to go on and not to stay where they are. If you are often bored, your masters will try to get you out of this boredom. That is when they start making small changes in your aura so that you can do something.

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