A0198: How is a spirit being defined?

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You know what a soul and an incarnation is, that are spiritual beings. You know that you are currently a person because you have temporarily chosen a fixed form as a human being. When you die, you are an incarnation again. You are still the person from Earth, but you get the knowledge of the previous incarnation again. Some of you are created beings. What do we mean by that, we ask? A created being is special. If a soul or an incarnation wants to devote itself to a special task, then the soul or the incarnation can be recreated. By this we mean the following: If someone wants to join the third main faction, in order to stand like the angels and devils for the observance of the valid laws and rules, then a demon incarnation is created from an incarnation. This being receives a lot of power for the tasks and the attributes that make up a demon are given to it. The previous incarnation is still there, but we would say that she now behaves more like a demon and much of what she does from now on is always to keep the universe in order. The created beings are flooded with great power and they draw their energy from the 8th main level. Why do we tell it all? Because created beings are spiritual beings by definition. That surprises the writer now. He himself is such a spirit being by definition, even if he does not know which spirit being he is. A unicorn, a dragon or a patron saint are created beings like the demon. By definition, all of these beings are spirit beings. It would make no sense to list all created beings, but we will always name new spirit beings. Who creates spirit beings, we ask? The soul is unable to create a spirit being. Wingmaker help is always needed to create a spirit being. The Wingmaker have created the blueprint for the spirit beings so that spirit beings can perform special tasks, for this all spirit beings draw their energy from the 8th main level and they are always flooded with a lot of power. We also say the following: Spirit beings do not have it easy, but all spiritual beings who have decided to become a spirit beings were not only extremely courageous but also selfless because they took this sacrificial path. Spirit beings ensure that special tasks are done, for which we are all grateful.

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