A0184: What is the general astral plane? – Part 7

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The 8th level
When beings meet and want to discuss something, they meet at a certain level. This level is known for the fact that many beings are there and many big decisions are made there. The order of 12 is a council that includes all councils among themselves. All councils under order 12 must comply with the decisions of the highest council. We call the supreme council the order of the 12th. This level is subordinate to this supreme council. The beings that inhabit this level are spiritual beings who make all decisions that have something to do with the spiritual world as a whole. All decisions made here apply without exception to the entire universe, not only to the spiritual world. When we speak of the spiritual world, we always mean the entire universe and a lot happens on the spiritual level, but of course the physical level is also part of it. You on earth are influenced by decisions as we are on the spiritual level. Many of the flash messages are about these decisions, and if the order of the 12 has made a decision, the entire universe will know shortly thereafter. We don’t think people from earth will notice, but the effects can also affect the planet. If the order of the 12 has to decide something, many councils have been entrusted with the matter and only if the lower councils believe that this decision is too important will they pass the decision on to a superior council until the decision is so important that the order of the 12 has to deal with it. Many important decisions have been made that can still be viewed at the Institute of Incarnations. This so-called Akashic library not only saved the moments of incarnations embodied, but also the moments of spiritual beings. Unlike you, the moments can only be experienced visually and the emotional aspect is not recorded by spiritual beings. This is only done for people because people have inner universes, the spiritual being has something similar, but we would like to address it another time. The spiritual beings can commission advice on the 8th level to decide something. Every spiritual being has the right to do so. Of course, there is a kind of bureaucracy that every applicant must comply with. If clarification appears to be extremely important, it usually takes longer for the decision to be made. The 8th level has something else to offer. A lot of energy is needed there because many beings get their energy from there. All beings, such as demons, dragons, unicorns and many more, who were created as incarnations draw their energy from this level. A dragon incarnation is extremely powerful and we would also say that if a dragon incarnation needs energy, then a tremendous machinery is set in motion to supply the dragon incarnation. The same applies to the other beings. The writer also draws his energy from this level, he is thinking about what kind of spiritual being he is, but he has already heard a lot of what he should be and he does not attach much importance to it. Still, he’s thinking and he knows we won’t tell him. He has his EGO under control, we won’t tell him because one day he will find out for himself. If someone has been blessed, the person not only gets their protection, but also their energy from this level. There are still many beings that are also supplied with energy from this 8th level, but there is still something important to know. All beings that draw their energy from the 8th level always have a task to fulfill. As an embodied being or as a spiritual being, everyone is committed to a task, and the writer is also such a being. However, his task is fundamentally not the task that he fulfills or wanted to fulfill on earth, no, it is always a higher task that has incarnated an incarnation to be recreated. We had already addressed these tasks with the dragons and demons. So the writer only has to find out what this higher task is and he knows what kind of being he is. The dragons have the task of protecting and speaking justice, the unicorn has the task of touching the hearts of beings and the demons are supposed to be an antipole against the unified approach of the main factions. There are other beings, but these three types are currently the most common for you. The energy of the 8th level does not flow through the councils of the 8th level, they have only taken the place on the 8th level for their tasks. For the most part, the councils are always composed of different beings and also usually have 12 members. But why the number 12? Because there are exactly 12 main levels and the last level, i.e. the 13th level, was added later. There are beings on each level who manage the level. From each level, beings are sent to the 8th level for different tasks to sit in one of the many councils. The beings represent the interests of their level in every decision. That is why the number 12 is so common in many councils. When the Wingmaker thought up this level, these councils already existed, but over time new levels were added, so that the councils became larger and larger. Spiritual beings like to talk and they use every opportunity to exchange ideas. Councils are just the right thing, there they can discuss a lot and for a long time until a well- considered decision is ultimately made. Much of it is not of interest to people and if we listed the topics that are discussed there, most people would not understand why such trifles are discussed at all, but every being has a right to be heard and every spiritual being also likes to discuss little things as long as they can only talk. When beings travel through the spiritual levels, they have to make sure beforehand whether they are allowed to enter the level. The lower levels are used by all spiritual beings, but not every being is allowed to enter such levels. It is even more strictly regulated at the higher levels and we also say why. When beings travel on the plains, a thoughtless thought triggers many of the following problems. You will be closely observed during out of body experiences and only people who have the necessary equipment can actually travel astrally. However, we do not mean that every person who thinks he has made at least one out of body experience also has the necessary requirements. Many of your so-called out of body experiences are not actually out of body experiences in the actual sense, but many masters only make your protégé believe that they are going on an out of body experience. A lot is possible on the dream stages, which we have not even started to explain. Who now receives permission to travel on which level is determined by the members of councils that deal with it. These councils not only determine individually, but also according to the origin of a being. Lower level beings have limited access to the higher levels. Beings that have attracted negative attention have mostly received strict conditions as a warning and have to live with limited access to levels for a certain time. You persons have certain privileges that facilitate access to levels, but you will always be accompanied and observed. If you do stupid things on levels, then the fun is quickly over and the writer is one of the beings who have no access to the levels indefinitely, but this is another story that not even the writer knows. He always practiced diligently and actually he would have explored the entire universe, but he has no permission to do so. He does not believe us, of course, but it is so and it has nothing to do with the threat to the creator, but with the origin of the writer. Who now has access to the astral planes as a person and who does not, is also a topic for the next level.

The next level has to do with how spiritual beings are allowed to behave. This is the arena where the main factions let off steam and make sure that all spiritual beings behave and follow the rules and laws. This level is one of the largest of the levels. It is the most busy there and we also say that some of you travel there every now and then. We also explain the rules of conduct for one or the other so-called astral traveler.

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