A0178: What is the general astral plane? – Part 1

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The general astral plane cannot be limited to one level and we also think that the levels are very extensive so that we cannot give the explanation in a single answer. We will need several parts to give people an overview. We start with a person’s inner universes that are connected to the general astral planes, then we will continue to work our way up to then describe the comprehensive levels.

The 1st level 

We have addressed the inner universes several times. These inner universes of one person are also intertwined with the inner universes of other people who were also present at an experienced moment. This entanglement can also be defined as networking if some people do not yet know the word “entangled”. From now on we will always speak of networking. The inner universes of one person are then networked with the inner universes of another person when the moments arrive in the Akasha library. This is where the networking takes place, so we have to say that the connection to the Akashic Chronicle always takes place in both directions, from the inner universes of a person to the Akashic Chronicle and from the Akasha Chronicle to the inner universes of a person. This also explains the networking of people with each other. If many inner universes are used together, many energies are exchanged with one another. Many people can suffer well, this has not only something to do with the general chemistry of the beings, but also always with the networking of the inner universes, so we mean that if two people do a lot, this inner networking is largely responsible for that these people are connected for years to come. When two people come together for a partnership, many inner universes are networked, so that many have the feeling that they can feel how far away their partner is. A mother – child relationship is very similar to this, but in its structure it is once again worthy of a topic of its own that this writer can add to his list. The inner universes of a person are also networked with the general astral planes, so that there is a connection here. This connection also explains why all moments of a person are stored in the Akashic Chronicle and can be viewed by others. The inner universes were conceived by the Wingmaker in such a way that an incarnated being can learn from its moments when it has died. By this we mean not only the incarnation, but also the soul and other beings who not only look at these moments for studies of an embodied being, but they can experience the moments as the embodied being had experienced, visually and emotionally. These moments are used for training purposes or also viewed to quench the curiosity of these uncarnated beings. The person will relive all moments shortly after their death and will also experience the perspectives of the other people who were also present at these moments. This will allow the incarnation to grow enormously, because this will result in a multitude of insights that will further develop the incarnation. By this we mean that when you experience the moments from the perspective of the other people, a lot of things become clearer to you that were previously hidden. These new moments that you generate when you gain knowledge will in turn make you grow. The inner universes were conceived by the Wingmaker for this very reason and help every being, whether the being is incarnated itself does not matter. Many beings refuse to incarnate, and certainly not to live a life on earth. But all beings can still grow by looking at the lives of others and thus being able to experience “up close” how this moment went in a person’s life. But we get off the topic, the writer wants to get more information about the levels. We start with the next level.

The 2nd level 

This level borders on the levels of the inner universes and we think it is not yet an astral level as you might think. The purpose of this level is to transfer all information from the inner universes. This level of energy is also known as the great network of the universe. We have already given the writer an answer and would now like to deepen the knowledge about it. This network consists of large energy flows that run through the entire universe, at all levels of existence. These energy flows are not yet fully known to your scientists, but they always detect unusual energy outbreaks that they cannot explain. Many of these outbreaks have to do with a “download” of this network. We now explain what a so-called download is:

When embodied beings generate new inner universes through moments, they ultimately arrive in the large library called the Akashic Chronicle. This transfer of information, by which we mean the moments in the inner universes, takes a certain amount of time. Imagine you have to upload a lot of large files to a server or a computer, wouldn’t it take some time for the file to be uploaded? If many people upload their files to the server or computer at the same time, it will take even longer. This is where a certain intelligence of the server comes in. If the server knows that many people want to upload their files, the server takes over the task of downloading the files from the people. This is how he can use the time most effectively. The server is the institute of incarnation in the spiritual world. This institute has countless field offices in which the information of the moments of the inner universes is temporarily stored by embodied beings. The Institute of Incarnation then starts downloading the cached information over the network. These so-called downloads are occasionally discovered by your scientists without knowing what exactly that is. A so-called download is the transfer of information or large amounts of energy that are also used for other purposes. We have already said that all larger celestial bodies are connected to this network. All stars, including your sun, have a direct connection to this network. Since the network can transfer large amounts of energy, energy salvos for the connected celestial bodies are also absorbed. By that we mean, in order to create celestial bodies, general celestial mechanics will take care of it, but the spiritual world continuously supports these processes by supplying the connected celestial bodies with energy. Celestial bodies give off a little energy, which in total then supply other celestial objects that need support with energy.

You see, it’s not that complicated at all. The writer just said “keep it simple” and that’s exactly how it is done. Everything repeats itself in one way or another everywhere in the universe, as in the small as well as in the large. Let yourself be surprised what we will tell about it. Some parts will still come that will give you a completely new view of things.

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