A0177: Why are some people visited by creatures at night, what is behind it?

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We tell you the following: If someone is fully aware of a being or a creature at night, it always has something to do with what the incarnation has chosen as a life plan. When a person sees a creature at night, it should remind them of something important. It is impossible for the spirit world to contact a person directly and explain what to think about their life plan. Nothing would be successful if the spiritual world did so. We mean that people get hints to remind them of something. These indications were not chosen arbitrarily, but were determined before incarnation in physical life. If a person experiences such a hint, they have to remember something. This seems like an insurmountable task at first, but we have already said that the masters and teachers of one person create such and other clues for one person every evening on the dream stage. However, since people never attach great importance to their dreams, these tips are quickly forgotten. So if there is such a person among you who receives this kind of clues, we advise you to contact your masters and teachers before going to bed and to express in spirit the request that the master should use the dream stage for these clues so that the person can find out the secret. This person should then write down their dreams every morning to gradually process the information from the dream stage. The masters and teachers will ensure that the clues are placed well and that the person can decipher the actual clue. So have courage and try it, wonderful things await you. We wish you success.

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