A0172: How do incarnations live in the spiritual world? – Part 2

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If spiritual beings did nothing, they would literally be bored to death. Nothing is worse than doing nothing. That is why the spiritual beings have taken on tasks that concern them. If you as a person have nothing to do, then you are bored, but you are actually just waiting for something to happen. There is always a lot going on with you on earth and we also think that whoever is bored is particularly easy to manipulate. Bored people gratefully accept any change, no matter how confused the situation may seem, but bored people want to be manipulated. Take a look at your television programs, all programs are only there to entertain you and besides you are totally manipulated. If you had a hobby or a task, you wouldn’t see the need to be manipulated. Anyone who can be manipulated daily by the television program has no task or hobby that fulfills them, otherwise you would not be manipulated voluntarily. It is similar in the spiritual world, with the difference that spiritual beings do not want to be manipulated. They know how the manipulation works, which is why almost all spiritual beings have looked for a task that will not let them fall into the trap of manipulation. Everything you hear or see manipulates you in one way or another. Some manipulators say they’ll train you, but basically they’re just manipulations. If you only allow yourself to be manipulated on one side, then you are on the wrong track. These are the moments of the media or charismatic teachers who “catch” the bored people and manipulate them according to their point of view. Therefore, it is always advisable to allow yourself to be manipulated from all sides, or to look for a task that fulfills you.

These are the moments of the free spirits, which can neither be prescribed by either side. They do not care about generally applicable agreements or regulations, but they have a task that they carry out. Nothing can stop them. All manipulative attempts by others simply bounce off them. They are the ones who create something new and they always share the same motivation, they have a task that they tirelessly pursue. These free spirits exist in the spiritual and worldly world. Every or almost every attempt at manipulation will bounce off them because they are busy anyway and because they are simply not interested in many things. These are always moments when such people stand out because they are neither informed about an apparently important matter or because there is simply no interest. Many people would say about such a person, “How can he stay calm?” If someone says something like this about you, pat yourself on the shoulder, either you haven’t let yourself be manipulated enough or you have a task that seems more important to you.

The spiritual beings do not want to be manipulated, so they have always decided on several tasks that they perform tirelessly. In the spiritual world you don’t drop the hammer after 8 hours and devote yourself to manipulation attempts by others, but the spiritual being is always busy with something that belongs to his self-chosen tasks. Nothing is nicer than your tasks or, as is the case with many people, pursuing your hobby and then marveling at the fruits of your work. This drives the spiritual being and we also confess that we are proud of what we have achieved and would like to let the other beings participate. Every being, no matter whether spiritual or embodied, needs a certain confirmation and we like to show what we have created. As with humans, there are spiritual beings that need more confirmation than other beings. But we also think that this is completely normal and is part of every development.

Some spiritual beings actually live together in communities. How can you imagine that? We answer our own question with the fact that we mention again that most spiritual beings have taken a form and thus the spiritual world consists partly of forms. We mean that the spiritual planes house landscapes and buildings that are used by the spiritual beings. Many spiritual beings have taken on the human form, although most beings have not yet dared to incarnate on earth, but it is “chic” to appear in a human form. Everyone does not believe that every being with a human form was also incarnated on earth, but like on earth, one likes to do so and actually only be blinded by beings who do not know better yet. If spiritual beings are constantly doing something, there is actually a rest phase that a being needs in order to get other thoughts. For this, many beings look around on new worlds and marvel at the hustle and bustle there.

If you were on a “discovery tour” alone or in groups, you would also like to tell others about it. When the same members of an “exploration tour” are on the road again and again, it is natural for the beings to be closer together. Then they select special locations for such meetings from which they start their “exploration tour”. Many groups create or have a building built where they spend more time together. There are no partnerships as you know it on Earth, but many beings suffer very well and we would compare it to the best friends you know on Earth. It is not at all important that the beings belong to the same category or have the same power potential, but they always have something special in common, either they have the same task or, as in this case, they travel to strange places together.

A lot can be imagined by a person because a lot has been transferred from the spiritual world to the worldly world, but the reverse is also often the case, so that the spiritual world takes something as a “model” that was devised by a free spirit on a planet. Let’s take paper, for example. Paper has been used on earth for a long time, and there is a reason for this to this day. The spiritual world has actually taken it over, although there is no reason for it at all, but spiritual beings do not have to take any form either, but they do and it just happened over time. The paper turned out that way. At some point someone started to write or draw a drawing on an imaginary sheet and this will probably have been the start of using the paper from a planet. The paper is not as compact as yours on Earth and we would rather describe it somewhat between paper and computer screen today, but it was actually used as a “piece of paper” at first. A lot of things then develop rapidly in the spiritual world, so that the planets from which the idea came are quickly overtaken because the spiritual beings have completely different opportunities to develop something further.

Many beings live together in domestic communities because they would like to continue their embodied lives after incarnation. Most spiritual beings have no need for a house in which to collect items. This is actually something we would call a big difference if we compared the spiritual and worldly worlds. People need a permanent dwelling to protect themselves from the external conditions, this is not the case with a spiritual being and we also believe that the need for collected things does not exist.

If a spiritual being needs something, it creates things. if a spiritual being wants to marvel at or experience something, one thought is enough and the being can marvel at the “original”. This difference should be understood by you and you will quickly notice that you do not need most things. This writer belongs to those people who collect little and do not value so much about most things, only his workplace must always be designed in such a way that it appears beautiful and functional, otherwise the writer can let go easily. Letting go is something that needs to be learned. If you master letting go, you can develop much faster. Many spiritual beings don’t often feel the need to let go of something because most of the time they have nothing to hold onto. If people were similar, they would have developed considerably. But we are getting off the subject and the writer would have another question that he might ask us one day.

Many beings in the spiritual world also take time out from their tasks to embark on an adventure. They could incarnate on Earth, which would really be one of their greatest adventurers for all beings, or they would like to do another task. In the second choice, the beings test a different or higher task. If the being and the superordinate beings decide that the being should make this change, the being changes its task or tries again later. Nobody forces a being to take on a task, they always decide for themselves and are always happy when they cannot be manipulated. Therefore do not allow yourself to be manipulated so much or only one-sidedly and look for a task. Many will recognize that life is more than just work and the media, become sovereign, you always have been, but if you let yourself be manipulated voluntarily, there is not much left of the sovereign being. In the next part, we will examine the journeys of spiritual beings so that you get an idea of what many spiritual beings are interested in. We already say that we are not so dissimilar and spiritual beings can admire something extensively.

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