A0171: How do incarnations live in the spiritual world? – Part 1

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There are many ways for souls and incarnations to live in the spiritual world. Some will pursue their interests and many will do something for the common good. By this we mean actions that add value to the spiritual world. That there are beings in the spiritual world who mean the common good more than their own benefit is just as much a part of it as, for example, the Wingmaker who make everything out of love for life. The Wingmaker do not have any free time as you call it. The Wingmaker are constantly working and have been for ages. The Wingmaker do it with total dedication and we tell you that we wouldn’t know what else they would do if they weren’t tirelessly creating new life everywhere. Many beings actually have “free time” as you define it. When faction members are not busy with their faction tasks, they travel a lot to gain new impressions or meet other beings to talk about certain things that have nothing to do with their actual tasks. Many meetings happen for one purpose, but not all meetings need such a purpose and we say here and now that spiritual beings maintain social contacts and friendships, just like you people on earth.

Many beings only meet to experience something with one another or simply to communicate with each other. Spiritual beings also have problems, many of these problems are difficult for a person from Earth to understand, but there are also situations that a spiritual being shares with people from Earth. Take, for example, the purpose of existence. Wouldn’t you feel totally uncomfortable if you felt that your existence would not be necessary if none of you noticed. This is also the case for many spiritual beings, so that the beings are looking for a higher task in order not to have this feeling. If you would look at the spiritual world in its entirety, then you will recognize many similarities to you people from Earth. The social forms are somewhat different everywhere, but they are very similar.

Many beings can also be entertained, but the spiritual world has a multitude of possibilities. Beings in the spiritual world can create all forms with their thoughts and a welcome entertainment are beings that create a beautiful sequence of forms and sounds, for a certain time, in the air. The order of the shapes and sounds is very important, so they are able to elicit the human emotions, like the well-known “Ahhhhh” or “Ohhhh” from the audience. Many have specialized in this and they are also organized so that it can happen that several beings perform a “concert”, whereby care is taken to ensure that the synchronization is strictly observed. When these beings come together in one place in the spiritual world to perform their performances, there are really always a lot of beings passing by to watch the spectacle.

When beings watch, they are also in other places at the same time. Spiritual beings have the opportunity to be in several places at the same time. We tried once, no several times to explain to the writer how this is possible and had to find out that this fact is hardly comprehensible to people. But it is quite normal for spiritual beings, like breathing for people, you just do it. The writer had many questions about it, but is still unable to understand it. We say that when we are in two places at the same time, our consciousness does not share, but we perceive both places at the same time. We are with this writer and the other masters and teachers and at the same time each of us is somewhere else. When we entered into a kind of “symbiosis” with the incarnation after the birth of this writer, part of our consciousness was occupied. By that we mean part of consciousness has been claimed for this connection. Like a link on your computer, we hooked ourselves into the aura of the writer and are therefore always able to be with him, but we are also somewhere else. We perceive the beings so that we can “see” with how much consciousness we communicate. If a being were in many places at the same time, the “attention” would be less in each place. As you have to make an effort to do multiple tasks at the same time, it is also harder for spiritual beings to be in many places at the same time. The more powerful a being is, the more they are able to do. This writer was just thinking about the Creator and is right, even if we want to note that we all exist in the Creator and the situation is therefore different.

Many beings also want to do something of their own and so they think a lot about what that could be. These free spirits always cause a sensation, because the beings often come up with completely new ideas that have to be evaluated first. The more radical one of these ideas, the more attention it gets, but like on Earth, there is a kind of “bureaucracy” that ensures that many high councilors have to deal with it. Many innovations on earth and in the spiritual world were invented by free spirits. When the spiritual machinery of incarnation was conceived, the purpose was there, but determining the whole implementation and the rules for it took a lot of time. The Wingmaker are always a highlight with their presentations and nobody wants to miss something like that. Whenever something completely new happens, the spiritual world is agitated. As with you on earth, such a message spreads extremely quickly.

In the spiritual world there is actually a “news ticker” as you know it. A place in the spiritual world deals exclusively with these flash messages. The flash messages are pieces of information that are sent across the universe by the said location. Every spiritual being “feels” these flash messages constantly and they are able to call up the short or the long version of the message. If you are not interested, then do not “record” the flash message or experience the short or long version of the message. Many announcements are made public in this way in the spiritual world. When known beings do something new, it is always worth a message. Many people on earth are such well-known beings and when they incarnate, the entire spiritual world always knows. These lives are constantly called up by the visitors of the Institute of Incarnation to find out how the being does as a person, for example on earth. Many are disappointed when life takes a normal course, but there are also people whose lives are completely different and take dramatic changes again and again. Many lives on earth do not stand alone, but there is always networking of this person with his environment. Spiritual beings would immediately think of tendencies from the available information, which would give them an idea of the following possibilities of the persons. This creates a murmur in the spiritual world and many beings are interested in how life goes on.

If the incarnated being is a celebrity in the spiritual world, the processes on earth with this being are even worth flash messages that are gladly accepted.

You see, you know a lot of it in one way or another. We want to go into more detail about the lives of individual beings next time. The writer is already very excited and subliminally urges us to illuminate this point again and again. We will tell you a lot more about it, look forward to it. This will be a series that will greatly expand your understanding of the spiritual world.

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